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Daniel Craig ditches the tux and gives off tatted up leather daddy vibes

Daniel Craig in the Belvedere vodka advert
Daniel Craig in the Belvedere vodka advert

James Bond star Daniel Craig is trending after the debut of his new commercial.

The 54-year-old British actor shot the promo for Belvedere vodka. Acclaimed director and actor Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, JoJo Rabbit) directed the short.

According to the credits, Daniel Craig plays “himself.” If that’s the case, then he’s showing off a more playful, less serious side to his typically stoic personality.

He’s seen dancing through a hotel suite in Paris, first in a leather jacket. This is swapped for a tank top that shows off tattoos on his arms. The whole thing gives off rather funky, leather-daddy vibes.

Besides Bond, Craig is also now known for playing detective Benoit Blanc in Knives Out. Recently, the director of those movies, Rian Johnson, said Blanc was queer, even if it’s not explicitly stated.

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The Belvedere vodka commercial certainly shows a slightly more flamboyant and lighthearted side to Craig, which we love to see.

Online, some compared the advert to Christopher Walken’s turn in the Fatboy Slim video for “Weapon of Choice.” One viral tweet said Craig was giving off “divorced dad energy.”

In Variety, Owen Gleiberman wrote a lengthy analysis of the commercial, saying it showed a star breaking free from his James Bond image and showcasing his versatility.

“The commercial is Craig’s way of announcing who he is, or might be, now that he’s done with the role of James Bond.”

“It was just about having fun”

Waititi told GC, “There was sort of the fun of playing with [what] people expect, like ‘Oh, we’re going to make some high-class thing in Paris and it’s in black and white, very pretentious, like the beginning of a French noir film’ or something. It was just about having fun with the form, and making sure that we never really took any of it too seriously.”

GQ also reveals that Craig’s moves were coordinated by Beyoncé’s acclaimed choreographer, JaQuel Knight.

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