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  • ewe

    That was great. Unfortunately he will be butching it up even more now until this blows over. Just watch how it unfolds. And that is the ironic antithesis of this video message.

  • Red Meat

    Can’t wait for the next bond movie, one of the few action films good nowadays.

  • Ian

    @Red Meat: I just ordered both movies on DVD, I’ve seen Casino Royale on USA network like a million times and got tired of waiting for Quantum to make it onto regular tv. Can’t wait for the 3rd installment.

    Also my gaydar goes ‘ping’ w/Daniel. Not sure if he’s a professionally bearded Gay or Bi but I love to watch whatever he’s in!

  • OrchidIslander

    @ewe: I don’t follow your logic. He wouldn’t have to “butch it up” if he hadn’t participated in this public message in the first place. He could have avoided any innuendo or backlash by simply not doing it. On the contrary, I think he is making a bold and important statement. The irony of a well-known, testosterone-laden man/character placing himself in women’s shoes, so to speak. He comes across as secure within himself enough to don female clothing to make a case for the plight of women. I don’t think he gives a fig about those too dense to get distracted by his garb and not the message being sent.

  • Alex

    I like Craig, in general, and I like the message of this video. I love the voiceover. But the crossdressing is unnecessary and, frankly, offensive. That’s like dressing in blackface to promote racial equality. Also, it encourages summaries like “Daniel Craig puts on women’s clothing for women” or “Daniel Craig crossdresses” etc, focusing on his transvestitism rather than the message of gender inequity.

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