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Daniel Hauff’s Gay Bashers Found Innocent Because He Couldn’t Recall What He Did the Day After

Benjamin Eder, Kevin McAndrew, and Sean Little (pictured, L-R) were found not guilty of aggravated battery nor a hate crime. Or as we like to call it, beating the crap out of Daniel Hauff on the train.

Even thought the bashing was caught on a cell phone camera, a Cook County judge questioned Hauff’s credibility after he was cross-examined for seven hours. “The victim is not to be believed,” Judge Diane Cannon concluded. “His inability to recall who did what is understandable. His inability to recall what he did the day after this incident is not understandable.”

Hauff’s attorney was shocked to hear the verdict. Even though it was a uphill battle trying to prove this was a hate crime, the fact that there was a photo should have been enough irrefutable evidence of aggravated battery. Unfortunately, the photo was taken by a convicted drug dealer.

As for Hauff, well he sure as hell doesn’t take the train anymore.