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  • afrolito

    Never heard of this magazine, and I’m already sick of hearing about this dude. He did a good thing, but some people are acting like he saved the life of the President.

    And yes, I’m sick of hearing about her too. I don’t need a daily update on which eyelid she twitched today.

  • HM

    They say you can shut up the opposing team’s shit talk up simply by pointing to the scoreboard.

    I’m still listening to louts prattle on about how gays have no business defending America. And I can just smile and point to Daniel.

  • Tofer David

    For real. I am tired of hearing about this. It’s the media trying to bring some twisted attention to something that in the grand scheme of our problems today is not that important. Do we need all these updates and could someone buy the guy anew suit, he keeps wearing the same one to every event he attends.

    Enough already. Go finish college and earn a degree.

    Lime he himself has said, he is no more a hero than those that died.

  • den

    @Tofer – snob much? Most people don’t own multiple suits. If you are tired of hearing about this kid and Giffords then stop clicking on the links and making comments.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Tofer David: Jeez. A twenty one year old risks his own life to save a Congress woman and you chime in about his suit. You’re a class act.

    And ewe kneed to lern to ewes the spel chek on yer compewter.

  • Tony

    Hey Afro….bitter much??….WTF have you done to better society lately ? An act of bravery is an act of bravery and very refreshing to hear about. You don’t want to hear about ? change the channel and get a life. You sound like you need one. it’s the insecure jealous types who are unhappy with their own lives who are the loudest… seem to fit the bill.

  • ganymeade

    He has been amazing, humble, gracious and yes–brave. He is the bugaboo nemesis to the right wing: Hispanic, gay, liberal and an articulate activist.

    Hurray for our side! Go Danny Hernandez, Jr. We are useless in combat?- huh, McCain?–not– it has been disproved in your back yard.

  • afrolito

    @Tony: Oh Puhleeze. What have you done to better society lately? My life is great, and the idea that I would be jealous of this fat fucker is laughable. If you had a life, you would have just skipped over my post, and gotten on with it.:)

    Yes, he did a great, and brave thing, but he’s not a symbol of gay pride, and is not gays in combat. Such a ridiculous, and desperate leap of logic. He’s one man, and not the symbol for a movement.

  • weirdleisure

    @afrolito: Fat fucker? Jesus, you are a bitter asshole who only finds pleasure in putting down others who make you feel insecure. Go back and crawl under whatever rock you came out from under. The gay movement doesn’t want you.

  • Leroy Laflamme

    @afrolito: Fat fucker? If you had a life, you wouldn’t have posted your cruel & antisocial comments in the first place. So what have you done to better society lately? And as for the ‘same suit’ remark by tofer david (lower case intentional) – can you say SHAME ON YOU? (Yes, I know I’m shouting). You have to wonder what motivates people whose lives are ‘great’ to click on links & anonymously spew vitriol. Anonymity – there’s a clue …

  • justiceontherocks

    @afrolito: You are what Archie Bunker used to call a meathead – dead from the neck up.

  • weirdleisure

    @Leroy Laflamme: Preach it!

  • divkid


    I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness!

    looooves it!

  • weirdleisure

    @afrolito: Hey, Asshole-ito, about your “great life”: People who feel it necessary to declare their life is “great” usually don’t have one. More importantly, people who lives ARE great – meaning they’re centered, healthy, compassionate and respectful – don’t post such vitriol in comment sections. Quit embarrassing yourself and grow up.

  • TheInsider

    Daniel is a real hero. And Afrolito, a true LOSER.

  • afrolito

    Wow, all the fat people travel in packs to protect their own. LMAO!

  • weirdleisure

    Really, that’s the best you can come up with? Just some schoolyard name-calling?

    Are you 12? Or perhaps Republican? Both?

    Well, that does it for me. In good conscience, I cannot have a battle of wits with someone who is so clearly unarmed. Good luck in life, Asshole-ito, you’re obviously going to need it.

  • Adam

    @weirdleisure: Afrolito is a troll, an angry little black dude. If you’ll notice his comments on other stories, he usually doesn’t post anything to contribute to the story, just whines about his blackness. And here, he just put fat people down. Wow.

  • Jeffree

    Some of Afrolito’s snarky comments have made it into a book! Well, at least one comment. Book is “Dangers of the E-Personality” pub. 2011, by WW Norton. See Amazon for the 411.

  • afrolito

    @Adam: Oh really Adam? You know nothing about me or my alleged angry black dude posts. Major FAIL. You on the other hand, never cease to contribute to the racism of this place…and you’re fat. LMAO:))

  • Adam

    @afrolito: Oh dear, playing the race card, as expected.

    Just keep posting and I’ll keep flagging. It’s a win-win situation :).

  • afrolito

    @Adam: Flagging what exactly? Yourself?…since you were the one who injected “the race card” into this topic. You’re not exactly a beacon of brightness.:))

  • divkid

    @afrolito: im only fat where i needs to be ;-P
    if you wanna help me on a work out plan then holla back.

    give em’ hell bitch.
    we both know this salad dodger deserves it for his eeevil ant-gay lifestyle.

    i think you believe the only heroic act he coulda performed at the supermarket was passing by the cake aisle.

    i think your being entirely reasonable. really i do. oh yes.

    that carnage and murder shizz was, like, sooo worth it,
    just so you could transform it into your comedy gold.
    big TICK.

    you make my world a fetter place.

  • Adam


    You really are quite dim, and predictable, too.

    The only reason race was brought in was because you made it a point to criticize someone else based on the way they look, when you yourself always want to cry like a little brat whenever someone mentions anything about black people. Would you like it if someone called you a “black fucker” just because they have anonymity? If not, then maybe you should be quiet about others, mmmmK? Thanks ;).

  • DR


    Would you rather Queerty only post daily updates of murders, assaults, and attacks on the gay community?

    Yes, the media, especially the gay media, is milking this for all it’s worth, while Mr. Hernandez wants to live his life. But the fact of the matter is that he remained calm, cool, and collected in the face of extreme violence and saved the life of an elected official.

    If you don’t want to read the articles, don’t click on them.

  • justiceontherocks

    @afrolito: I’m betting you are 5’6″, weigh about 270, and your pubes are longer than your cock.

  • afrolito

    @Adam: Not only are you a racist, but you’re quite stupid. Of course you’ve already proven that in quite a few topics already. Only in your twisted logic does calling someone a fat fucker open the door for racism. I wonder how you get through the day in the real world.:))

  • afrolito

    @justiceontherocks: Wrong. Typical armchair internet psychology tho.:))

  • divkid

    @justiceontherocks: shit! thought for a moment there i thought you’d hacked into *my* photo profile. :-/

    and,haha, as for this bitch, she be running scared.
    the exercise will do her good.
    she might get to see her dick again.

  • justiceontherocks

    @divkid: Since you have an elephant cock, i can overlook a few small imperfections in your case.
    @afrolito: OK. I’ll take your word for it. You’re simply an unhappy uninteresting person who needs to tear down others to build himself up. That’s even worse.

  • afrolito

    @justiceontherocks: Pot meet the kettle…..and talk about uninteresting. My 6 year old niece has more clever comebacks.:))

  • justiceontherocks

    @afrolito: You think that because what a six year old says doesn’t go over your head – at least not every time.

  • hater's hater

    He’s 21 years old? I look at that picture and think that he’s 45.

  • FuckUAll

    Fuck all you soft faggots!!

  • afrolito

    @hater’s hater: Obesity really ages people.:)

  • weirdleisure

    @justiceontherocks: Exactly – I was going to make that point myself. Upon rereading all of the comments, it appears Asshole-ito is only capable of relating to a 9-year old girl. In essence, he is a Mean Girl and can only express himself as such. It completely explains why he is unable to converse like an adult and insults about people’s physiques he has never even seen. He also starts playing the victim when it is apparent that everyone thinks he’s an idiot.

    More importantly, though, it appears our dear friend suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is unable to feel empathy or compassion for others and is incapable to see past his own wants and needs. His desire for attention is constantly needing to be feed and is threatened by the attention others receive. Take the real hero of this article, Daniel Hernandez, for instance. I live in Tucson and Gabby is my congresswoman – Daniel is a true hero in our community and our country. Asshole-ito obviously does not find Daniel attractive and is pained by all of the attention Daniel is receiving (would he have written such garbage had Daniel been a high-cheekboned gym queen with a six-pack? I doubt it). By attacking Daniel’s appearance, he was trying sadly and desperately to make himself feel better about his own shortcomings. And in his pathetic attempts to defend his immature and disrespectful posts, he continues to dig himself deeper and deeper in his own dark hole.

    The best way to deal with Mean Girls and other Narcissistic sociopaths is to ignore them. Any attention they receive – whether positive or negative – only feeds their fragile egos. You can’t convince him of his own flaws as he is incapable of recognizing such things in himself. If you simply stop replying and referring to his posts, he’ll eventually give up and go away.

  • Adam

    @justiceontherocks: LOL @ #32!

    @weirdleisure: Or, we could just say it’s a troll, and ignore it for the sake of the article :).

  • weirdleisure

    @Adam: Agreed!

  • Roz

    Jesus was gay!

  • Joe Blow


    Go screw yourself, you heartless coward.

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