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Daniel James Rick Suspected of Raping Another Man. Oh, and Transmitting HIV To a Slew of Others

It’s a week of disgusting men who infect other people with HIV, isn’t it? First that Tony Perkins fella and those hundred women, and now Minneapolis’ Daniel James Rick stands accused of having sex with at least two other men — one during a date rape — without telling them he’s HIV-positive.

Investigators say Rick used Facebook and other sites, as well as local bars, to meet guys to have sex with without ever telling them of his status. Which is illegal, yo.

In an encounter earlier this month that has Rick facing rape charges, a man says Rick raped him while he was intoxicated.

Now a second man has come forward, saying he and his boyfriend (yes) met Rick online. Robert O’Riley says just weeks after their sexual encounter, he came down with flu-like symptoms, and after testing positive for HIV his doctor told him he likely contracted it in the past few weeks. But it took a television report, with Rick’s photo on screen, for O’Riley to learn his alleged infector’s true identity. (Meanwhile, there are separate charges involving Rick and a 15-year-old boy whom snuck out of his house to have sex with Rick.)

And police say they suspect there are more unknowing victims out there. Rick, meanwhile, faces criminal charges of knowingly transmitting HIV/AIDS to someone without informing them. And being a complete and utter asshole.

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  • Qjersey

    The laws vary from state to state, but why should a guy have to tell if he’s not barebacking?

  • sal(the original)

    wrap it up kiddies!!respect yourself AND ya partner

  • terrwill

    What a fcuking dumbass, he is a good looking guy. He probably went into the “woe is me” mode upon learning of HIV status. Instead of looking into his situation and researching how to protect himself and others he went the way wrong route. He could have been honest and upfront with guys and with proper precautions could have had sex, instead now he can look forward to being someones bitch……..

  • seriously

    What I don’t understand is why none of those guys asked (the date rape excluded) him to use a condom. Does that mean that HIV negative guys get to be as stupid as we want to be and have no responsibility whatsoever? We all know how HIV is transmitted. How many people out there don’t know their HIV status? If we treated every partner like they have HIV we wouldn’t be putting ourselves at risk. It’s terrible that they might have HIV but they are just as responsible as he is.

  • DR


    People have to be responsible for their own actions. Especially guys who decide to have “open relationships” and screw other men. Now O’Reiley has put his boyfriend at risk, too.

    But HIV folks also have an obligation to be honest about their status. That’s the law. And they sure as hell ought to be held accountable when they transmit the disease to an unwilling victim.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    To Seriously: That’s not now the law works. You’re free to judge the victims’ behavior as stupid, but it’s not illegal to be stupid or to make errors in judgment or to be fooled. This isn’t a case where he wasn’t sure or didn’t know his status, he knew it—he deliberately got off on exposing others to it. How is that equal in any way to someone naively or foolishly believing they could have unprotected sex? It’s not. Seriously.

  • Ricky

    He SHOULD tell a guy even if they ARE NOT barebacking because condoms only offer so much protection… meaning they are not 100% effective!

  • JR

    Wouldn’t it just be easier for the government to release the cure for this, since we all know they and the pharmaceutical companies have been refusing to release a cure to the public because of the huge amounts of $$$ they will no longer be able to rape from an HIV/AIDS infected public?

    Also, I would like to know if counseling is a part of finding out if you have HIV or if they say, ‘sucks to be you’ and toss you back into the street… if the latter is the case, then I am not at all shocked that guys are not disclosing!!! Mental trauma will make a reasonably sane person do some very strange things…

    & I have no sympathy for those guys who went ahead and barebacked with a stranger & didn’t think they would catch anything!!! How stupid could you be?!?!?

    I’m more disgusted by the rape and child abuse accusations in the story… UGH

  • ML

    @Ricky: Fair enough but people lie all the time especially when their dick is doing the talking. Everyone needs to accept some responsibility. PLEASE use condoms and demand your partners do!

    Why are we still having this conversation in 2010?! Ugh!

  • JR

    @ Ricky… condoms are not 100% effective… but the percentage of failure is mostly due to user error and accidental ripping or tampering. Aside from accidents and user error, condoms are about as effective a precaution we have. I have read the stats and the incidence of infection using condoms is extremely low… so please stop fear-mongering. There is plenty of that being rammed down our throats from the christian right already.

    Let adults make adult decisions. If you think someone may have it and you want to have sex with them, then tell them what your status is and then that allows them to either disclose the truth or lie. Either way, knowledge is everyone’s first line of defense and to just assume things without doing the research is ignorant.

  • Ricky

    I’d like to know where it says O’Reily had unprotected sex with the guy. Is there another story that I have yet to read (that is more detailed) or is everyone jumping to the conclusion that protection was not used?

  • Cam

    No. 4 · seriously said…
    What I don’t understand is why none of those guys asked (the date rape excluded) him to use a condom. Does that mean that HIV negative guys get to be as stupid as we want to be and have no responsibility whatsoever?

    I get what you’re saying and yes, the other guys were stupid. but it’s kind of like a woman walking in a really dangerous area of town, drunk with a large purse. Was she stupid? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that the guys who mugged and robbed her shouldn’t be held responsible.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for those
    poor saps who got infected. This case shows
    that AIDS can come to you in all forms! It can be delivered
    in the form of intravenous drug use, or a VERY NICE LOOKING
    young Man who appears healthy.

    The pint is; PROTECT yourself at all times, and treat strangers
    like they can possible infect you. It’s up to you to protect
    yourself, NOT your partner!

  • scott ny'er

    @Ricky: If you go to the linked story, there is a video of O’Reilley where he says he had unprotected sex.

    I can see having unprotected sex with a partner you’re in a relationship with but with a trick, it is advisable to have safer sex.

  • Ricky

    @ Scott NY’ER, thanks.
    and I agree, though I am not shocked… as unprotected sex is on the rise.

  • john

    Robert O’Riley and his boyfriend had unprotected sex with the stranger probably got HIV from some other encounter. It usually takes more than 3 months, and sometimes even up to 6 months for your antibodies to seroconvert in order to detect the signs of infection.
    Why would they practice unsafe sex outside of the relationship?
    Lots of blame to share here.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Rape is rape and rapists belong locked away in prison to rot. Someone who is HIV+ and commits rape, should also be criminally liable for attempted manslaughter/careless disregard for life. Put him away for life as far as I am concerned [assuming that he is guilty of the rape charges].

    Everyone, gay and straight, male and female and trans, poz and neg, are responsible to themselves whether to practice safe sex. I don’t have sympathy, empathy yes, for Robert O’Riley and his boyfriend. They freely engaged in unsafe sex; what the fuck did they expect to happen; that for some reason HIV virus wasn’t poisonous to them? [Certainly I have empathy; I’ve been HIV+ going on 3 decades, I know the hell, and it is a hell I only wish on homophobic bigots.]

    O’Riley, where is his responsibility? Did he spread the virus to his boyfriend? There is absolutely no way that O’Riley or his doctor can know whether or not O’Riley wasn’t already HIV+ when he had sex with Rick. It takes typically a few weeks after exposure for the body to start producing HIV antibodies; it takes years before the virus has sufficient blood concentrations for the virus to cause detrimental immunity side effects that lead to incapacitation then death. Even should O’Riley share the same strain of HIV as Rick, what we know is that O’Riley is a willing participant of unsafe sex with strangers, so it is certainly feasible that O’Riley was infected prior to meeting Rick [even perhaps infected by someone who had been infected by Rick].

    Lastly, In no way whatsoever do I condone sex between adults and minors (I see nothing wrong with teens engaging in sex with each other). Because 15 year-olds are horny teens, of course, gay kids would jump to engage with a guy like Rick; I certainly would have. But that makes Rick an even bigger douchebag; recklessly endangering a kid, so horny that you’re dumb.

  • Daniel

    If the public airwaves are truly supposed to be for the public good, the government should require a year long campaign where all broadcast tv and radio stations have to include regular commercials explaining how hiv/aids is transmitted and how to help prevent the spread. The USA federal government is completely lame on public health education.

  • EdWoody

    I’m glad to see lots of other people here saying what I wanted to say, Re: always use a condom anyway, people should be educated on the causes and precautions, take responsibility for your own health. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one out there with any common sense – nice to see I’m not alone.

    But the only victims here are the rapee and the 15-yr-old. The guy with the boyfriend is old enough to know the risks and take care of himself. He chose not to, and the consequences are his own to deal with. He doesn’t get my sympathy.

  • Chad

    @seriously: @john:

    John, you’re misinformed. HIV antibodies for most people develop within the first thirty days. A small percentage of individuals start producing antibodies by three months out. Regardless, flu-like symptoms are a sign of acute infection and can be confirmed via an RNA test, which looks for the virus, not antibodies. I’m pretty sure, given the circumstances, that their doctor ran RNA tests. 1) Known HIV+ partner, 2) Unprotected sex, 3) Flu like symptoms a couple weeks after the encounter.

  • Mike

    I have absolutely no sympathy for the guy in the news video. The guy in the mugshot is a worthless tool, yes. But Robert O’Rielly is a grown man who made his own decisions.

    My only hope is that tax dollars don’t have to go to him to help pay for his mistake. He made this bed, now lay in it. Our community is killing itself.

  • alan brickman

    they should use condoms…

  • tjr101

    OMG, what is wrong with people? Use a condom. I admit he is a cute guy but still put a rubber on it. I’m sorry for the guy who was date raped and for the 15 year old, but for the others there’s no excuse for being irresponsible.

  • delurker

    cute? i guess if you’re into wiggers…

  • El Brucio

    A bitter unfortunate pill indeed for those who think “bah, he’s too healthy to have HIV” or “he wouldn’t lie about his HIV status, he’s too hot”. Hopefully others will take heed and better protect themselves.

    And for those of you who have no sympathy – grow a heart, would you? They didn’t deserve this. No one does. When someone bad does something, they’re the villain. That woman who dressed sexy didn’t deserve to get raped, that guy who didn’t wear his seat belt didn’t deserve to be killed by a drunk driver, and no one deserves to be stabbed if they walk through what they know to be a bad neighbourhood.

    It is good that you always use protection. The people who don’t, who get HIV? They are people to have pity for and sympathize. Sometimes it’s a broken condom, sometimes it’s drug addiction interfering with their judgment, and sometimes they’re so desperately unhappy that they’re slowly killing themselves for the possibility of feeling close to another human being.

    A lot of this isn’t going to change much until gays everywhere grow up with equal rights and proper sex education.

  • ossurworld

    No one seems to care he had sex with a minor…apart from the HIV issue.

  • Totakikay

    Every person needs to wear a condom before having sex. In this day and age, people also need to be tested/vaccinated for sexual-infections. Don’t want an abortion to begin with? Have a condom. Seeking to have sex for pleasure or having a baby? Get tested first and/or have a condom. Teens and young adults in America need to be taught to have awareness about human sexuality and to bring a few condoms with them everywhere they go in public. Through scientific medical breakthroughs over the years we know that condoms are effective and vaccines will (hopefully) become more better.

  • Unfortunate Encounter

    Yikes. This one hits a little close to home. I actually met this guy about 4 years ago in Minneapolis. He was a strange guy, but very cute. As a closeted guy at the time, it was kind of nice to hang out with another cute gay dude for a couple days one weekend. We did have sex, presumably before he was HIV+ because I have been tested several times since then and I’m negative, plus I topped him. Despite all of that I feel like a bad person for ever even associating with him. I remember that he had teeth issues when I hung out with him and I remember a couple years later I saw him and he had brand new teeth. It was weird. I also remember him telling me that he had been a product of a rape and I don’t know if it’s true but he was clearly troubled. I never spent time with him after that weekend. Thank god.

  • DrJRobinson

    People who engage in casual sex should always assume their partner is not disease free and act accordingly. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, which includes not going to a bar, getting smashed, then going home with a stranger and making poor choices.

  • ousslander

    How can O’Reilly claim it was from him. This peprobably was not the first time they tricked with someone. He’ll have to live with his dumb assery the rest of his life

    Even though the 15 yr old was willing that doesn’t making it excusable. He should rot just for that alone. Adult men should not be having sex with teenagers.

  • Andrew

    I agree that one has personal responsibillity when it comes to safe sex BUT to knowingly have HIV and not tell your partner is moral bankruptcy. Especially taking advantage of a 15 year old is truly dreadful.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No.8 JR

    JR, where are you getting your information?

    You state with outright authority that the government and pharmaceutical companies are/have been sitting on a cure for HIV/AIDS. Then you ask naively whether counseling is a part of the testing process.

    Is it possible that the government has a cure being kept secret? Sure. Is that likely? Not very. Mass conspiracies require every single participant to maintain their silence for, now going on 30 years. It also requires that they have been able to conduct massive research and testing, including applying the “cure” to patients and yet then none of the patients going public that they, as an individual, has been cured? As for the pharmaceutical companies, the day that an entire industry can conspire to improve the lot of the whole industry is gone. Far too many doctors and researchers have personal connections to HIV/AIDS patients and the Internet is easy to post about what is happening. Sure back 20-30 years ago oil and auto industry conspired to make America more dependent on autos and oil instead of mass transit and alternate fuels. But even those industries have now been forced to change as parts of the industry have succeeded in bringing their new technologies forward. In the case of medical research, the value of the cure is so significant, the economic motive is that the first company to successfully develop a cure will win the day. It is a race to the cure where winner takes all.

    To answer your question, and admittedly I do not know how every single public health jurisdiction works, but generally, public health jurisdiction include counseling to ALL tested, poz and neg, so that the tested understand what it is that has happened, and for the poz, the treatment options and mental health counseling.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 30 Ousslander

    Check the comments @No. 8 JR, @No. 17 Mine, @No. 19 Ed Woody, @No. 23 TJR101, and, though after your post, @No. 31 Andrew.

    We are not the only one commenting on the statutory rape of a 15 year-old, irrespective of the kid’s willingness to engage in sex with the adult.

  • Ousslander

    Mike in ashevill i think you are confusing me with someone else.

  • a hooker

    hell i get paid extra for breeding guys all the time…and i have learned not to believe stories like this one on face value

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 34 Ousslander

    Oops, oh that fucking lysdexia (truly, when at college I learned I had dyslexia, I then informed my dad what I had found out. “Yeah, the doctor said its a pretty severe case of lysdexia.” “You mean dyslexia?” my dad asked. “Yeah, thats what I said.” My dad laughed and explained what I had said).

    It was @No. 26 Ossurworld.

    Apologies, Ousslander.

  • Eric

    a 15 year old boy WHO (not “whom”)…

  • A Neg Guy

    It seems to me people are getting all this issues wrapped together.

    Rapist = Scum

    Fucking a 15 year-old = Scum

    Not offering up HIV status = Not Scum

    Being HIV positive doesn’t make it your duty to tell people about it. From the report, it doesn’t even sound like this O’Riley dude asked, so it’s not like he lied about it. He just didn’t offer it up… and he has no obligation to do so.

    Look, we’re all adults here. I’ve fucked a few guys unsafely when I knew I shouldn’t and I’m the one responsible if I get something because of it. The rest of the time, I’ve protected myself. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to protect you from HIV. It’s yours. This guy’s a fuckhead for a lot of reasons, but not offering up his status isn’t one of them.

  • A Neg Guy

    One more thing: if you ever leave your house when you’re sick and don’t tell every single person you come in contact with, you’re worse than this guy and every other HIV positive person who doesn’t disclose. Colds and Flu kill three times as many people in the US every year as AIDS does. And you’re unleashing that disease on people who haven’t even given consent. At least with HIV, the other person has to knowingly put themself at risk.

  • Adam

    @A Neg Guy: Yes, it’s so much worse suffering from a week long flu than it is suffering from an incurable disease for the rest of your life. How retarded can you possibly be?

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 38 A Neg Guy

    Sorry Neg Guy, but men and women have a moral responsibility to the general health and care of humanity to provide honest information about the potential for spreading this and other diseases. Most states have laws making it illegal to carelessly disregard the lives of fellow citizens.

    I posted earlier that Rick is a douchebag regarding the rape and statutory rape allegations. I also posted that regardless of Rick’s behavior, O’Riley and boyfriend are ultimately responsible for their own choices, ie., to engage in unsafe sex with a stranger about whom they knew nothing. But he is also a douchebag for not making the very simple statement: “If you need to protect yourselves, then protect yourselves.”

    I took the HIV antibody test when it first became available in 1986, at 26. I have dealt with the stigma, at the time when even gay roommates were kicking fellow gays into the streets with their ignorant fears about this disease.

    Nonetheless, in the couple thousand of situations where I was pursued (and the couple hundred situations as the pursuer, my HIV status did make me more shy about approaching other men), I would inform my potential partners they would need to protect themselves. In the early days, about half passed while the other half and I had a great time. Later, as the stigma became tempered, it was just easier to seek other poz guys, and that too requires honest disclosure.

    Bottom line though, while each of us have a responsibility to your own selves for responsible behavior, we also have a responsibility to our fellow man to protect them: “Do unto others as you have them do unto you”.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I think that Bare-backing is still playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun! This is an argument to remove the stigma of HIV but Facebook is one of the most poz-isolating social sites because all of your business can be Googled or discovered by a friend of a friend of a friend of your boss!

    The rape charge could have been manufactured because drunk guys are often guilty about their real behavior during sex when caution is thrown to the wind, especially when your trick is on the 6 0’Clock news and you’ve received the modern day Scarlet Letter.

    Too bad for all concerned but this requires more in-depth reporting. The interesting aspect is that no-one will hardly click on this link but Queerty’s real money maker: Morning Goods will get all manner of low self-esteemed gay guys who will do anything for self-gratification because the guy looks hot where internet fantasy redefines logic.

    Your comment is awaiting our crystal-infused moderation. Our system might have erroneously auto-flagged your comment as pam’s house blend; if so, we’ll fix it quickly…but first we have to snort coke. Or maybe you previously abused your commenting privileges by speaking truth to liars, violated our Comments Policy, included a link to a known SAPM/harm-reducation site, posted comments that detracted from the conversation, or have been repeatedly fagged by other users for being a reasonable jerk — in which case we won’t publish your comment.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I think that Bare-backing is still playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun! This is an argument to remove the stigma of HIV but Facebook is one of the most poz-isolating social sites because all of your business can be Googled or discovered by a friend of a friend of a friend of your boss!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    The rape charge could have been manufactured because drunk guys are often guilty about their real behavior during sex when caution is thrown to the wind, especially when your trick is on the 6 0’Clock news and you’ve received the modern day Scarlet Letter.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Too bad for all concerned but this requires more in-depth reporting. The interesting aspect is that no-one will hardly click on this link but Queerty’s real money maker: Morning Goods will get all manner of low self-esteemed gay guys who will do anything for self-gratification because the guy looks hot where internet fantasy redefines logic.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I split up my comments because I keep getting this!

    “Your comment is awaiting our crystal-infused moderation. Our system might have erroneously auto-flagged your comment as pam’s house blend; if so, we’ll fix it quickly…but first we have to snort coke. Or maybe you previously abused your commenting privileges by speaking truth to liars, violated our Comments Policy, included a link to a known SAPM/harm-reduction site, posted comments that detracted from the conversation, or have been repeatedly f(l)agged by other users for being a reasonable jerk — in which case we won’t publish your comment.”

  • Know your FACTS!

    The man he allegedly “rapped” is in the MN national Guard. He was arrested by cops that night for indecient sexual acts in the bathroom to unwilling people. The cops took him around the corner and let him go. He also gave the police a false name, that should say something about the “rape victums” character. I also know for a fact that he tells everyone he meets that he’s + and that he’s done extensive research into his disease. He has never hidden the fact that he’s + and everyone who knows him knows that he’s a carrier. Last I check in rare cases HIV can be detected in 6 weeks but usually takes at least 6 months. There’s no way that this O’Riley guy caught it from D.J. in a matter of a few weeks. This O’Riley guy just wants his 15 mins of fame. There hasn’t been anyone else who has come forward saying D.J. never told them, tha should say something! I also know for a fact that D.J. has more condoms than any gay man on this planet for the simple fact he always uses them. Before you all judge someone you don’t know, get all the facts first! And the case with the 15 y/o, there is no evidence supporting his claim. Only that the kid said it happened. I know for a fact that it’s impossible cause I live where the kid said it happened and I would of heard everything. GET YOUR FACTS PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MAKE JUDGMENTS!!!

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 46 Know Your Facts

    Do you know what a fact is?

    1) No one accused anyone about being “rapped”; there were, of course, accusations about someone being raped. (Yeah a small point, but you are the one who put the word in quotes).

    2) You claim that the victim was himself arrested and not arrested. Can’t be both. And, unless you were personally there observing the activity, you can’t possibly know, for a fact, what was said and done.

    3) How can you know, for a fact, that Rick tells every single person me meets for sex that he tells his status? Are you there every time? Or are you Rick?

    4) In this case, at least a few weeks passed between the sexual encounter. There is no way that it can be proven or disproven whether Rick infected O’Riley.

    5) So you know every single person on the planet who uses condoms? So you know that Rick has more condoms than any other person on the planet? And, you are present during Rick’s sexual encounters so that you personally witnessed Rick using a condom each and every time? You are either Rick or a peeping tom?

    6) You know, for a fact, that the 15 year-old involved, could not have had sex, even consensual sex, with Rick because you hang out at the sex location 24/7 listening to every grunt and groan?


    Fine, you support your friend. But you are offering opinions, not facts. And for my mea copa, I should have used the word allegedly for the accusations; certainly Rick is innocent until proven guilty.

    Of course, you too, make accusations about the rape accuser, O’Riley and the 15 year-old. If they acted as you alleged, they deserve prosecution for false charges.

  • Lee

    Let me first start off with this…I am not Mr. Rick, but someone who has known him for the past several years-before he was even HIV positive. I am not at all a part of the gay community, simply a married person with a family in the suburbs with a white picket fence. DJ came to me with his HIV news about 4 years ago-a seemingly very broken soul with obvious reason-truth be told, I was terrified that he even set foot through my door with this dreaded disease-a knee jerk reaction. Of course I did much research on it, and decided that since I don’t do intravenous drugs with him, and will never have sex with him, I was likely safe. While I have never been fond of DJ’s lifestyle, I am not here to judge. DJ and I have definitely had our ins and outs over the years, but he remains someone that I truly care about. Last week, he came to me again, a very broken soul, with the news of this rape allegation. I also knew about the 15 year old case too. Though I don’t think that DJ is necessarily innocent in the grand scheme of life with some of the predicaments he gets himself into, I don’t believe-in my heart of hearts-that he assualted either one of these people. I don’t rush to defend anyone who I don’t believe deserves it. As for the man that came forward to say that DJ never told…I really have a hard time believing that he didn’t, and even if he didn’t, as rampant as HIV is in the gay community, why wouldn’t one protect themself if they are going to be involved in such an act with a complete stranger?

  • @"In Brooklyn"

    No I am not DJ himself…I know him very very very very well though. Better than I’d say most on this planet. I know what the reports in all accusations. Privilage of knowing him and being able to read them. And yes, I am pretty much there at the alleged place where the 15 y/o boy said DJ had sex with him, expecially around the time it allegedly happen I was for sure there. No, I don’t sit and listen to the grunts and groans, but I know for sure I would of heard something if anything had gone down. The alleged other rape victum…he wasn’t “arrested” aresseted. The cop put cuffs on him and put him in the back of the vehicle and then went a couple blocks away and let him go…MPLS police department for you! If you actually went and talked to people that know DJ they well all tell you that he has told them and tells his sexual partners that he is + The point of the matter is this, you are all on here making judgments, good or bad about someone you don’t know and about cases you don’t know! I know the facts about this cases, I know what was said by each party, because I’ve read the reports! So yes, I KNOW THE FACTS!

  • MissSenile

    His hot.

  • Enron

    I think DJ is absolutely handsome! But what he did was just wrong and should pay the price for the crime. As for 15 year old, its possible he looked like a 25 year old and DJ made a mistake. American kids tend to look older than their age. I can also understand from the 15 year old view why he snuck out to be with DJ, even at his age I had fantasies about being with way older guys (but I never acted out on it) and DJ being handsome just made things worse – probably has a big tool too, really nice abs and pecs and biceps. Its so sad though that 4 people choose to have their lives destroyed like this.

  • Jaroslaw

    As usual, there a quite a few comments about how good looking this guy is. Maybe if we weren’t so hung up on looks this stuff wouldn’t happen nearly as much….

  • Jaroslaw

    #14 Scott Ny’er – I went to the link “it took a television report” – I didn’t see any video.

    Can you provide the link please? Thanks.

  • scott ny'er

    @Jaroslaw: The video is on the right hand side, right next to the article.

  • JR

    @ Mike in Asheville, nee “in Brooklyn”

    So Mike, since you seem overly protective of the status quo and lack the vision to see what’s is happening in the here and now and the not-so-distant future, I have added this link to inspire hope in others…

    You seem so entrenched in the beliefs you write about; beliefs that are systematically created and disseminated by governments, media and multi-national conglomerates that tell us that things cannot be done and that they cannot be changed – so instead you have lost hope that things will get better and that this will be a non-issue 10 years from now. But maybe deep down you don’t want change either… How sad.

    You call people out on not doing their homework, but it seems like you only dare to believe what you are told to believe!!!!

    So yeah, maybe this bastard is rotten, but you are delusional if you think that there were the proper channels out there to have evaluated this person’s mental capacities in order to have curbed his behavior before all this. The mental health system in this country is notorious broken and I am not shocked at all that he slipped through the cracks and acted out like this!!!!

  • Ousslander

    So it was the govrment’s respondibility to control hz behaviour. Getting bad news or sick is not an excuse to acting out people have self control and he should have exhibited such. Too many peoples bad deed are excused away because they were abused years ago, daddy didn’t love me, i was high or some such rot. He’s a man not animal although he allegedly acted like one

  • SomeoneWhoKnows

    I will flat out tell you that I am related to Mr. Rick but I am NOT him. In fact I live in the house the ALLEGED 15 year old was “raped” in. I have READ the report and this 15 year old is lying. He bragged at a bus stop and word got around, then he told police it didn’t happen. It wasn’t until the police kept brow-beating him that he “admitted” to it. Well, his story is so full of holes I can’t believe charges were ever brought. But let me tell you, the police didn’t do ONE THING to validate his story before bringing charges. All they needed was his “word” – scary world when all it takes is someone making a claim. When this is resolved and it is PROVEN that this 15 year old is LYING, I will scream as loudly as I can to have this 15 year old prosecuted. He MUST be held resposible for his own actions. I can tell you for a FACT that at the time this 15 year old says this happened, there were 3 people awake and up in my house and Mr. Rick was 45 miles away. Oh, and Mr. Rick doesn’t live at this residence so there would have been no reason for him to have been there at all.

    As to the “date rape” well, once I again, I have read the report. This person is in the military, gave Mr. Rick a false name (and they’ve known each other for 4 YEARS!) and was forcibly removed from the bar for inappropriate sexual encounter in the bathroom. And that WAS NOT with Mr. Rick – he was home sleeping when that happened. Oh, and the bar security had to beat him up to subdue him! The police were called and this person was put in their car. The police drove away, turned the corner and let him out. If he was so drunk, don’t you think the police would have kept him for his own safety? My God, he could have gotten into a car and killed someone with how drunk he states he was! But, instead the POLICE let him go. This person then calls Mr. Rick for a ride. Now, apparently he “woke up” and kicked Mr. Rick off him. Don’t you think if he was being RAPED he’d have done a whole lot more than that? Like beat the living crap out of him? I mean he is in the MILITARY and outweighs Mr. Rick by quite a bit. Plus, Mr. Rick drove him home later that day!! And I can tell you that since they have known each other for 4 YEARS, that this person knew his status. Just about everyone at that bar knows his status – he does not hide it.

    As for revealing his status, I can’t tell you that I know for a fact that he reveals it to everyone – I simply don’t know. What I do know is his character and what he is doing. He is working to help end HIV and to educate others. He wants to make a career out of helping those infected with the virus and is working towards a degree to do just that. Does this sound like someone who would go around and knowingly infect others?

    Oh, and to all of you have already made your minds up, what about innocent until proven guilty? You only know what was written by a news media and you MUST take into account their reasons for the story. VIEWERS and READERS!!! It is very frustrating to read/see what they are saying and to KNOW it is untrue. To all of you, I hope and pray that noone walks into a police station and makes a complaint about you!

  • scott ny'er

    @SomeoneWhoKnows: well, re: the 15 year old, good point about lying. Tawana Brawley always comes to my mind when I think of liars and how she deceived millions with a false accusation.

  • Enron

    @SomeoneWhoKnows: Is Rick just as hot in person?

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 56 JR

    Being snarky usually does not change minds rather closes them; I was snarky in my post about your post, and, obviously, my point was lost by my rudeness — sorry.

    I read the link you provided and that news was news to me. However, I must ask if you read the entire article? The doctor not only explains the medical analysis as to “functionally cure” HIV rather than the procedure being a cure. Importantly, the doctor states that the procedure involved, stem cell bone marrow transplant, has a fatality rate of 1 in 3. The doctor did not provide guidance as to effectiveness rates and informs us that the procedure in very expensive. Also, and very importantly, less than 1% of the population has the stem cells that might be effective and that 1% is subject to being compatible to the recipient (compatibility rates within the same family are less than 30-40%, outside the family it appears less than 5%). So, compatibility and the right kind of cells are, within a family 1% x 40% or .4% or 1 in 250 cases; outside the family, 1% x 5% or 0.05% or 1 in 2000 cases.

    The doctor did point out that while the procedure is not practical for application, it will provide new insight and avenue for potential cures.

    Thank you for posting it; very informative.

    My husband and I got tested in 1986, me: poz, he: neg (and remains neg). The information about the 1% of people with a natural immunity to the HIV virus has been known for many years. The rate is low, 1%, because the individual must inherit the “abnormal” DNA structure from all 4 grandparents, and they have traced this immunity to family ties to survivors of the Black Plague, hence the doctor’s reference to Northern European heritage. My husband is one of those in the 1%; he has donated blood samples for research. Unfortunately for me, though, we have incompatible blood types so even if a procedure is developed that is less fatal and less expensive, his stem cells wouldn’t work for me.

    You comment that in 10 years, this, HIV/AIDS, will be a non-issue. I certainly hope that you are correct. However, in your earlier post, the one a commented on, you stated that the government and pharmaceutical companies already have a cure and have been withholding it. That is what got me going.

    As a long longterm survivor (based on my low T-cell count in 1987 and the number of sex buddies who died between 1985-95, and other medical issues, my doctor and I estimated that I was exposed to the virus around 1980), I have been on an almost 3 decade long roller-coaster of dread and doom, new medicines and procedures. There have been quacks out there denying the link between HIV and AIDS, to quack cures, and all sorts of shit that makes my blood boil as resources and energy are wasted by these various idiots.

    To point to a singular case that will require much additional research and testing, and call out a cure is not the same thing as having a cure in a bottle ready for distribution. Keeping my fingers crossed that that day is coming.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 46 Know Your Facts
    @No. 49 Lee
    @No. 58 Someone Who Knows

    Thank you all for posting; your collective support for Mr. Rick, your kinds words, and your defense of him as a person, show that there is much more to the story. For my part, I did include “assuming that he is guilty of the rape charges” and later apologized for not including “allegedly” as appropriate.

    I do stand by my opinion that those of us who are HIV+ have a moral duty to our fellow man to honestly inform potential sex partners of our status AND that each individual has a responsibility to themselves to prevent exposure to the virus.

    As Shakespeare wrote, “Let those who are guilty, be punished.”

  • Jaroslaw

    Thanks Scott I found the video. It wasn’t there at all when I was on WCCO’s site before…. (??)

    Anyway, I re-read all these comments again – I think our stupid puritanical society has a lot to do with stuff like this. Of course I’m not absolving anyone of responsibility from the gov’t to the cops to the individuals.

    But it is a well known fact of human nature that prohibition be it “15 y/o aren’t supposed to do that” to “group sex” or just sex in general, makes any activity more desirable. “Nice people” aren’t supposed to have sexual desires and so people are in constant conflict with their projected persona and their internal one.

  • Joe Blow

    No, I am not Mr. Rick either however I find it odd that anyone would think such an accused person would be commenting any where on the net, at the risk of it being used against him.

    I find it very disturbing on how head lines are easily accepted as full truth, and how this community doesn’t find this alarming for many reasons. The number one reason being I can walk into the MPLS police department knowing Joe Blow has HIV, claim I had a relationship with that person and even though I know who gave me HIV, claim it was Joe Blow who failed to tell me he had HIV and off to jail Joe Blow goes. Society is no longer to prove him guilty, it’s now becomes prove he’s innocent. Now I could maaaaybe understand all these negative comments had any knew more of the facts other than what some news reported decided to air but it is alarming to read all these comments which are based on little known facts, judging some one they do not know personally and not realizing this could easily be you.

    One also has to wonder about the motivation of the MPLS police department, and due to recent controversy within them, it looks to me as they found a way and a scapegoat to show that the police actually does their jobs. I’m also truly questioning who is being paid here. Think about it, you need more evidence than me just saying “I have HIV, I got it from Joe Blow” and if you read these reporters, there is no evidence. All they have is a sensational headline targeting the behavior of the gay community and I am quite sure if this is the MPLS polices agenda, you all need to watch your backs and who you date and who you’re around.

    On a final note, try not to judge other’s less you be judged yourself’s. A mans life is hanging in the balance and could be ruined due to lies. You of the gay community should be standing together and supporting this man, not condemning him of things none of you have no idea if it’s true or not and you should all demand fair news reporting!

  • Rob Moore

    There is so much crap in the comments for these posts. First, an accusation even criminal charges do not mean guilt by any means. I remember the Tawanna Brawley case and the Duke Lacrosse team’s case. I could easily envision a 15 year old who was afraid of being outed as queer accusing an innocent man to get people to look away from him. How many gay men and women have gone along with homophobic events in their teenage years and later to throw others off the scent. My own sister, who was 13 at the time, tried the same tactic when rumours of her sexual activities got back to our mother. Then again, I already knew she was a lying, conniving bitch.

    The laws that make a positive person criminally liable for another person becoming positive are immoral in themselves. If someone did it on purpose and with intent, then it falls under attempted murder. I think that is sufficient. In order to convict someone of these HIV charges, the prosecution should be required to prove the “victim” has the same strain of virus and that the virus could only have come from the accused. Instead, it appears most of these laws merely require that the accused tests positive.

    I am generally open about my status especially with potential partners, but I learned in a most shocking manner that I cannot trust someone who says he is also positive. I connected with a man once who said he was positive, but when I pulled out a condom, he tried to convince me it wasn’t necessary. I explained I did it to prevent secondary infections with other strains which complicates the cocktail regimen. He still insisted at which point I began to dress to leave. He begged me to fuck him and infect him. It turns out he was negative and a bug chaser. That is very screwed up.

    All you sanctimonious negative men think we positive men have the sole responsibility to protect you. Protect yourselves. If you contemplate barebacking just because he seems healthy, you are bigger fools than I already think you are. I never have and never will blame the man who infected me. I was the one who went ahead with sex even though I was out of condoms. Even committed couples should not take this chance lightly. Trust is a very fragile thing. I use to enjoy one of the weekend sex clubs here. In the dark, I unknowingly fucked a close friend’s partner. I realised it when someone lit a cigarette, and I could actually see who was in the sling. Even as I type, I can just hear some of you church ladies sniffing your disapproval. If you’re a gay virgin, then get your dicks bronzed since you aren’t using it.


    @Enron: WTF is wrong with you?! This man’s life is being ruined by lies and everybody’s judgements against him and all you want to know is, “Is Rick just as hot in person?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What the hell happened to innocent until proven guilty? Did anybody get Mr. Rick’s story? I heard that the supposed “rape” victim was passed out when this supposed “rape” happened. How can he say that Mr. Rick did this to him? Where is the proof? You people with all your accusations piss me off! You have no idea anything about Mr. Rick other than what is being thrown out there which is not true! I do know him and have for a very long time. I also know how much this is hurting him. I hope to hell that once these false charges have been dropped that each and everyone of you no good gossipers come back on here to apologize for talking all this shit when you don’t know the truth! As for you, ENRON, a man’s life is at stake and you want to know, “Is he just as hot in person?” Why, yes, he is, but you know what? He wouldn’t touch any of you losers on this site! Get a freaking life!!!!!


    @Rob Moore: Amen to you, Rob, for your post! You brought up a lot of good points!

  • you are kidding me

    How people can justify being HIV positive and withholding it from a sexual partner is beyond me. Someone KNOWINGLY INFECTS others with HIV and the focus is on the victims. The ability for people to comment on ‘news’ stories on the internet is revealing. Commentators grade victims as innocent, responsible, deserving, etc.

  • Rob Moore

    @you are kidding me: You are so full of shit. You want to pretend that all the responsibility is on the positive person to take care of you. I for one always tell partners although lately I’ve stopped having sex with other men because so many think that when I tell them I am suddenly a threat not a person and show all the couth of an amoeba. What I resent is the ongoing fiction that so many negative men have that they have no responsibility to take care of themselves and will bareback anyone who doesn’t explicitly tell them. Then there are the sick fucks who try to trick people like me into infecting them.

    From an ethical point of view, I actually agree with you, but you are placing the entire onus on your sexual partner or partners. My viral load is undetectable, which means that my chances of infecting another is only a slightly higher than someone who is negative. Do you still want to rely on your undetectable partner to tell you? Not all men will and some won’t even know they are positive, and they are the ones who create the highest risk.

    Ask yourself this question then give yourself an honest answer. What if it was you who was positive?

  • MNFarmstud

    @Know your FACTS!: well, if you say DJ uses condoms everytime, then YOU ARE WRONG! I know DJ very well, have infact had sex with him and even asked him numerous times about his status. His response every time was – NEGATIVE! The last time we had sex was in 2008. I have known DJ for about 8 years and just found out he is POS a week ago. I am very lucky to be negative today – tested a few days ago. I feel bad for the guy that was raped and for the 15 year old. DJ is not the most honest person, but who is? We are all not perfect. But it is Minnesota state law, that if you are HIV+, you MUST inform any sex partners your status. And DJ, did indeed break the law. As I have recently reported him to the Minnesota Department of Health. So, to all that think you know him, I really don’t think you do!

  • MNFarmstud

    if you want to see a good news report, go to or These two have good news and updates. wcco doesn’t have shit…….

  • Rob Moore

    @MNFarmstud: Does your statement imply that you were having bareback sex with him?

    I do wonder if these laws will stand up if challenged on Constitutional grounds. From a practical standpoint, they are useless since so many men are no longer getting tested and a negative test is only good for a single moment in time. In fact, I think it adds incentive not to test since as long as one doesn’t know, one cannot be held accountable under these laws. Then there is the matter of adding charges if one claims he or she was infected by the person accused of not telling. I think most people jump to the conclusion that if A is positive and B tests positive after sex with A, then it must be A that was the source of the infection. I know how dishonest people will be if asked directly if they have had higher risk sex.

  • MNFarmstud

    @Rob Moore: Yes, I did have bareback sex with him. But that was stupid on my part… the time, i was a drug/alcoholic addict, so you really don’t think too much about those sort of things, so being sober now, it make me think more about what i put myself through… But, with the states that have the law, they are pretty serious about it. I heard a man from Texas just got 40+ years for infecting others with HIV. But, I do agree with you, it is hard to tell where the source can come from, especially when a person has many sexual partners….

  • Rob Moore

    There is a way to eliminate someone. The viral RNA can be tested just like DNA. If the people who are tested do not have the same strain of HIV, then they cannot be the source of the infection. There are many strains of HIV. I am pretty certain when I was infected. It was the only time during a two year period that I had sex without a condom and tested negative about six weeks prior after nearly a year without sex at all plus I experienced what I thought was the worse case of flu I ever had about six to eight weeks after the slip.

    Even if Mr. Ricks had unsafe sex with the person he is accused of infecting, the virus is not as easy to transmit as one might assume. If he is on a drug regimen that keeps his viral load undetectable, the risk of him infecting someone else is only a little higher than it would be if a condom was used. My concern with this case and others like it is that there seems to be a rush to judge him guilty of harming someone with insufficient evidence. As for the rape charge, I am leery of someone who claims rape after being passed out from alcohol. According to my sister she has been raped dozens of times, but since she has had a problem with truth as long as I’ve known her, I tend to distrust such claims. Then again, she claims with a straight face that she isn’t a drunk and an addict.

    I am glad you did not become infected. It is sort of a second chance not to make the same mistake.

  • MNFarmstud

    @Rob Moore: the rape victim was drugged – GHP. thanks, i was very lucky and hope to not make that mistake again!

  • Rob Moore

    Unless the claiming GHP is tested within a couple of days, there will be no trace in his blood. As I understand it, this man was not tested for GHP. If my understanding is correct, then it cannot be included or even brought up in a trial. I am just saying that if I was on the jury, I would have a hard time convicting Mr. Ricks unless some direct link can be demonstrated showing he was the likely source of infection. I would also have a hard time voting to convict on any charges related to the 15 year old if all we have is the accusation.

  • scottiemsp

    Well NO. 46 dj oh i know him as dan with the bad teeth, DAN DOES NOT USE CONDOMS EVERY TIME> YOU LIAR, I used to work in a gay coffee shop he went to alot and OH GUESS WHAT while i was working there my partner and i had unsafe sex with him he swallowed me and did my partner and HE DID NOT ASK IF WE WERE +. AND ANOTHER THING DAN TOLD ME HIMSELF HE WAS + DONT EVEN TRY AND LIE HERE YOU PROBABLY KNOW ME I WAS ALSO A BOUNCER AT THE GAY BAR HE PICKED MEN UP AT! look at my screen name i use it for everthing gmail face book ou name it so if ou want to find me and tr and lie to my face, man up and do it i live in minneapolis ,bryn mwar to be exact, im not hard to find, oh and m name is scott smith come and lie to my face, I DARE YOU, people like you are just as guilty as he is for premeditated murder and i believe you are quilt after the fact for spreading lies to protect him, he even told me about the bo , he thinks i am his tpe of puck that puke wipe off his feet so guess what, he confided all this to me thinking i was his bretheren, guess what, im not SHAME ON YOU AND DAN

  • DrScoot


    Cases of rape aside, it takes two people making conscious decisions not to use protection for one to become infected with HIV. Period. If protecting yourself is important to you, you should be demanding that condoms be used. Part of me also wonders, if this couple was cruising the internet for sex, is this the only guy they hooked up with? I don’t know but my hunch is no. And if they chose to have unsafe sex with this guy, there is a significant likelihood that they would have also chosen to have unsafe sex with others. So how can they be so certain that it’s this guy’s HIV that this O’Riley guy got infected with?

    Also, I find this article to be horribly biased in favor of this O’Riley guy without really presenting the complete story. Right off the bat in the first sentence – “It’s another week of disgusting men…”. No wonder the author didn’t have the guts to attach his or her name to it.

  • Rob Moore

    @scottiemsp: Let me see if I understand this. Dan (DJ) told you he was HIV+, but did not ask you and your partner if you were HIV+, which implies that you did not offer information about your status voluntarily. Then he “swallowed” you and your partner, which seems to say he swallowed your semen during oral sex. Did I just about cover it?

    If the answer to my question is yes then here are some points to consider.

    1.) He fulfilled his responsibility if he told you beforehand. If not then under Minnesota’s law, he would be liable for criminal prosecution.

    2.) If either you or your partner are HIV+ and knew it beforehand but did not tell him, you are also liable.

    3.) Oral sex while not without risk is certainly much lower risk for the person receiving the blow job since saliva is not a good medium for the virus. Saliva actually starts breaking down carbohydrates before they reach the stomach which is quite acidic and destroys the virus on contact.

    4.) You and your partner apparently don’t take precautions to protect yourselves. Would you go out in a blizzard without wearing something to keep you warm or just take your chances?

    5.) As you become more agitated and hysterical your ability to make coherent sentences declines dramatically.

    Perhaps, you simply failed to mention some facts, but if a halfway competent defense attorney cross-examined you on a witness stand, I bet you would be harmful to the prosecution’s case. In addition, how you know Dan might not be the same way someone else knows him. When my father died, there were so many who came to me to tell me what a good-hearted, generous man he was. I knew him as the man who dropped me off with his parents when I was 4 for a two week visit that lasted 17 years, I knew him as a man who gave his parents $50 per month to cover all my costs and bitched about it even though he made a lot of money and had quite a few investments. So, others knew him one way, and I knew him in another way.

    The moral of my story is that one person’s truth can be another person’s lie.

  • scottiemsp

    Well No.79 robb moore, 1 was way before he was supposably posite
    2 at the time my partner wasnt +, and to this day i sill am not positive 3 if you have bad oral hygene you can contract hiv because it goes dircl to the blood. and not thru the stomace 4 my partner and i made decisions based on him saying he was negative, atleast he wasnt that we knew of 5 look at your own response you make less sense and coherency dumb a**, that was a childish scoolgirl jab that makes our point MOOT
    who cares about your child hood that has nothing to do with the subject, another point is m key board doesnt type y’s or t’s some times if thats wha ou call hystercal and coherent , well then look at your self your sentance struckture is horrible, hippocrate. and dan told me about his hiv status years later, and he told me about he 15 year old boy in confidence, and if i went o court i would be good for the prosicutor since i can pass the lie detector tes so stick your opinion where you talk out of (figure that out yet moron?)

  • scottiemsp

    oh and p.s. DJ has also been charged previously for rape, wich he skipped court and was wanted to appeare, and is still pendin …hhhmmmm previous charges and a pattern of behaviour…still wanna stand by your man?


    @scottiemsp: Did you spend any time in school? Did you graduate? If not, please go to school. Your spelling sucks ass and it’s giving me a freaking headache trying to read through it! Apparently, your keyboard doesn’t type a few other letters needed to make your words complete. I think your “B” is a bit sticky…you spelled Rob’s name with 2 of them! Also, the letters e, h, i, u, and v are not working. You are missing too many of them. Or, maybe, you are just a dumb ass? I also noticed that your space bar isn’t working properly, as you are missing a few spaces between your words. Or, maybe, you are a dumb ass? Maybe, instead of being a dumb ass you could start being smart and go buy yourself a new working keyboard? Or are you still just a dumb ass?

    I don’t know who you are, nor do I want to know who you are. You’re a dumb ass. Nothing more needs to be said on that, but because I am who I am I will say it one more time. DUMB ASS! Dan was not convicted or accused of rape before. If he was, don’t you think THAT would have been all over the news as well? Wait…DUMB ASS!

    You are also a very rude mother fucker! Rob was making a point. No, dumb ass, it had nothing to do with Dan, but it was a point. It was also a very good point. How does a dumb ass like yourself find a man to stay with you?! Ok, that was kind of mean, but some dumb asses, like yourself, deserve it.

    Rob Moore, I would like to thank you for your input. You, clearly, are NOT a dumb ass.

  • Joe Blow

    I had come back here to see new comments, and had a very long one ready to go and spent a great deal of time on it. Had to refresh the page, read a new comment and realized I need say nothing more than @scottiemsp: You are a dumb ass. Strange how one word describes you best.


    @Rob Moore: I think you are an intelligent person who has a lot of good points. You seem to have an open mind and are not judging Dan 100% until you get all the facts. Those of us who know, love and believe in Dan appreciate people like you who listen to all sides before judging.

    I appreciated your story about your dad. I am sorry for what he put you through. That must have been very sad for you at only 4 years of age. I did appreciate the moral of your story. Unfortunately, not everybody is smart enough to see what you were trying to say. I do not know a lot about HIV and Dan is the only person I know that has it. I am glad that you are on here making statements that make sense to me and give me something to look into. I do believe that all parties of the relationship should be protecting themselves. We all make mistakes and do something stupid, now and then, but we have to learn from them and just do better the next time around. It is essentially no different than a couple where the man didn’t use a condom and the woman didn’t take the pill, or whatever contraceptive method, and she gets pregnant. They are both responsible.

    Thank you, again, Rob, for putting all this HIV info out there for others to see and think about. If it does nothing else, but make others think before they act, whether gay or straight, than you have done a great thing.

  • Rob Moore

    @scottiemsp: Alright, let’s review this once more.

    1. You stated your hook-up with him was way before he was positive. If true, then he had no responsibility to tell you anything.

    2. I am sorry about your partner. I’ve been positive for 16 years, and I know what a bitch it is with the pills and the money. I’m glad you are still not positive, and I urge you to keep it that way.

    3. I have no knowledge of your oral health or Mr. Ricks’s oral health since I’ve never met either of you. To your point, you are partly right, but it requires open wounds or infected areas in your mouth to give the virus a pathway to your bloodstream. Simple cavities and bad breath won’t do it. In any event, there are very few cases that are attributed to oral sex and those that are, have been questioned in recent years. More cases are firmly connected to a deranged HIV+ dentist in Florida who deliberately infected some of his patients in the 1980s while performing dental procedures on them.

    4. I am tempted to be really snarky about this one, but anyone who makes a life or death decision based on someone simply saying he is negative might as well not bother asking. It could be he was negative; or it could be he didn’t know; or it could be as you imply that he lied. The best practise any sexually active human should follow is always to use a condom if any fucking is about to occur. I would suggest a firm rule that says “No condom, No tapping of the arse”.

    5. If you say so. Whether it was a schoolboy jab or not, the other points stand on their own. Keyboards are very easy to replace and quite inexpensive. I’ve seen keyboards priced as low as $15.

    The point of sharing a very small amount of information about my childhood was to illustrate that how you perceive Mr. Ricks does not negate how others perceive him.

    As to your second post, previous rape allegations were not mentioned in any of the reports I read about this case so I can not really say much other than to say that a great many allegations of rape turn out to be anything but rape. As an illustration of this, several years ago here in Atlanta, a young married woman was having an affair. Her husband confronted her when she returned home from a tryst with her lover. She claimed she had been raped at the local shopping mall by a young man in a yellow pick-up truck in a certain part of the car park. Her husband accepted her story. He went directly to the mall and found a young man in a yellow pick up truck. He shot and killed this 17 year old boy. As it turned out, she was lying and had never met this boy. She and her husband went to prison for many years. It is most likely that an allegation without a conviction would not be permitted to be entered into testimony in court. If it was, a competent defense attorney would have a fairly easy win on appeal.

    To make this clear for you, I do not know Mr. Ricks or anyone else associated with this case. My entire argument has been that based only on the meager evidence provided in this article, a conviction would be unlikely and that none of us should be assuming his guilt. Unless something changed between the time my parents brought me to America as a toddler and now, the American judicial system, thanks to traditions from my mother’s and my country of birth, puts the burden of proof on the prosecution to prove guilt. Until guilt is proven, innocence is assumed.

  • MNFarmstud

    @MAD AS HELL: Hey, you must be so proud of yourself! Making fun of someone who can not spell or their keyboard is a mess. You sure as hell do tell other people what kind of piece of shit you really are! You comment has absolutely nothing to do with this post! I really hope you do read this! Because, YES, YOU ARE A DEGRADING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

  • Joe Blow

    If someone’s key board is a mess, they are a dumb ass to even attempt to post a comment, but besides that nothing he said makes sense and anyone can say they know anyone. Mr. Rick told this gut what in confidence?? No one even knows if this joker actually knows him or is only here for his own attention. If you believe any of what he said maybe you’ll believe some one told me something about scottiemsp in confidence… he is a dumb ass. MNFarmstud, maybe you’re here only for attention as well.

  • Someone Who Knows

    @scottiemsp: As I stated before I am related to Mr. Rick. Scottiemsp – you are truly an idiot. I did exactly as you said. Mr. Rick went to your facebook account. YOU ARE 41 YEARS OLD!!! That makes you 13 years older than Mr. Rick. When you knew Mr. Rick he was SEVENTEEN years old. So, when you had this sexual encounter with him, he was underage. Wow, you just ADMITTED to STATUTORY RAPE!!! Too bad the statute of limitations has run out. Oh, and he was NOT + when he was 17. And as for being a bouncer, well he didn’t hang out there then. You haven’t seen him for many years. So, how many more lies you want to spread? Mr. Rick has NOT been charged previously for rape. Go look it up, I dare you! No charges. If it was still pending and he skipped out on the court date as you state, one would think he’d be in jail right now, huh? Well, he isn’t. You cannot prove a lie – TRY to keep that in mind before you post any more of your drivel

  • Joe Blow

    Maybe the MSP police should take a closer look at dumb ass scottiemsp. I looked his screen name up as well. What a true dumb ass. Looks to me like there’s a pattern of behavior with scottiemsp having relationships with under age boys and making up stories about gay men. You all better watch out for him.


    @MNFarmstud: I’m degrading? Did I hit a nerve with you? I’m sorry, but my post has everything to do with this. I have been following what everyone is writing and I’m sorry, but if I can’t read something that dumb ass scottiemsp has posted then that tells me he is just spouting out of his mouth a bunch of bullshit, with nothing to back it up with. If you are going to post something wouldn’t you at least proof read it before the posting? And then dumb ass scottiemsp tries to make a joke about his fucked up keyboard which DEFINATELY has nothing to do with this topic and makes him look like that much more of a dumb ass! Yep…I said it again…DUMB ASS! Maybe, someone should focus on dumb asses history of STATUTORY RAPE and plaster that shit all over the news, the web and sites like these! How dumb does a dumb ass have to be when they post openly on the web that they committed a crime themselves?! Am I offending you? Are there any crimes that you would like to tell the web? It’ll be our little secret.

  • scottiemsp

    well joe blow can you count? ” dumb ass ” is 2 words get a life those of us of who have known daniel and know what he did and are telling the truth so this kind of shit stops, also people like him need to stop spreading hiv , if they did what they say they have done , hiv would not be on the rise And as for a patern of underage boys how could you tell that from a profile? oh and you missed typed “Mr. Rick told this gut what in confidence??” i copied and pasted that from your comment so knock off the bad spelling comments, it makes you look as stupid as your arguments, oh yes im 41, but what month was i born and when did i have sex with dan oh lets see it was 2000 so dan was 17 in 2000? i think not, and when i worked at the bar was 2001-2006 so dan wasnt there? hmmm, GET OUR facts right and i made a JOKE about my key board? any one who reads the comments here clearly see that was in response to the insults made by someone, Go AWAY GET A real life and stop trying to defend scum, oh and distract people from the truth people say by posting negative comments about them stick to the subject.

  • scottiemsp

    OH and p.s. i wont be responding to anything you say any more, i belive in truth, and wont be giving your comments any more free rides in my head,blah blah blah blah blah keep up the insults and distractions, people will see yo for what you are and daniel is, and i belive in a higher power, and he sees the truth, go ahead lie some more and seal our fate.

  • scottiemsp

    opps YOU and YOUR

  • scottiemsp

    oh btw dont forget to go to my face book page and see the truth for your self

  • Joe Blow

    @scottiemsp: Higher power? What a joke. You’re judging a one sided story, and we’re to believe you’re telling the truth? Once you revealed your age, you were cooked. I had one typo, big deal. At least the T sits right next to the Y, unfortunately we cant say the same for your typing! I see your typo’s and key board have recovered, or maybe you’re no longer under the influence? Besides any of all of that, anything you’ve said was just stupid and you attack anyone who actually is out to know the truth or does know the truth or believes in innocent until proven guilty. What, the young one got away, leaving you old sitting alone?? Must suck to be you going after young boys when they find some one their own age! I’m glad you’re not going to respond any more, you are a dumb ass, liar and goes after young boys. YOU are the scum and have some nerve coming here to comment at all, less you be judged yourself, dumb ass. You asked for it! It isn’t negative comments, it’s lies and that isn’t the topic you dumb ass. The truth is the topic and you have no clue what the truth is. You come here and other places like it just to spread hate, and you seem to enjoy it. It surprising you’re surviving the gay community at all and thanks to giving so much info about yourself, dumb ass, people now have a face to go with the dumb ass so we can recognize a dumb ass when we see one. I think your dates/ one night stands are soon to be over.

  • Someone Who Knows

    I find it interesting that scottiemsp responded to Joe Blow and not me. I AM THE ONE WHO OUTED HIM but yet he can’t address me! I guess I hit home. Well, scottiemsp you encountered Mr. Rick when he was 17. He remembers you very well! Wow, someone is saying something about you and you say you didn’t do it. Kind of like what is happening to Mr. Rick, right? Oh, but in YOUR case we are to believe YOU, the rapist. I think not. Since I have known Mr. Rick his entire life I know him a lot better than someone who RAPED him when he was 17. Stop lying. You should be careful scottiemsp. What you post on the internet is NOT free speech and if you post lies, Mr. Rick has civil options against you and even criminal ones. I think I may just look up the statute of limitations on rape and inform his mother of this and see if she is willing to press charges since Mr. Rick was a minor. I bet she would…..thanks for your info the police should have no trouble tracking you down! And to everyone else – do you see how scottiemsp has abandoned the “he’s been previously charged” route? He can’t prove it and he knows it. And for the rest of his drivel, he has no proof. All he has is his mouth. To all of you in the Minneapolis area, you need to watch out for him. If he can spew these lies about someone he barely knew, what is he capable of doing to you? If nothing else, scottiemsp, you have truly shown your true colors and you know it. You made some freudian slips in your posts early this morning. Did everyone catch them?

  • Joe Blow

    Oh yea, while scottie hon was working at a cafe, he and his adult partner solicited “unsafe sex with him he swallowed me and did my partner” from minor, under aged Mr. Rick! What a dumb ass! Looks to me like scottie was the one who didn’t tell any one if he was + you think?? And scotties partner is dead by the way, died of what? AIDS. Aint hard to figure. And lookee there, he has 3-somes! OOOOOH, and scottie believes in a higher power?? The higher power of what, age? He is old! Soliciting under aged boys to give him and his partner a blow job?? How sick is that!! Nothing like finding victims while you’re working!! Oh and get this, this is the funniest of all! from 2006 to present, scottie is a self-employed writer!! He’s unemployed!!! Wait, I wonder if that Social Security Disability knows he’s self-employed?? GET A JOB YOU DUMB ASS! The Government shouldn’t be paying you while you pick up under-age boys and write lies about your fellow gay man! There’s a higher power alright, and it’s going to find you! You made it easy, dumb ass!

  • Joe Blow

    And let’s not forget, scottie was an addict for 30 years! Lets see, he is 41 right now….. 30 years of being an addict…. which means he’s had 11 years some where of being clean, and my guess is he started at age 11, leaving him still an addict and an addict while he met all those young boys at a cafe! Higher power!

  • scottiemsp

    blah blah blah blah blah hi daniel blah blah blah blah

  • scottiemsp

    hmmm mat skills still bad- he was 18 and soliceted my partner Dumb ass (2 words not one)28 in 2010 ten – 10years ago = 0h 18 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh hi daniel, who are ou kidding DANIEL or should i sa dj who has a known history of lying put your proof where your mouth is DANIEL

  • scottiemsp

    Well here are the current laws in MN
    2006 Minnesota Statutes
    To view the section currently in effect, visit the current version.

    Subdivision 1. Definitions. As used in this section, the following terms have the meanings
    (a) “Communicable disease” means a disease or condition that causes serious illness, serious
    disability, or death; the infectious agent of which may pass or be carried from the body of one
    person to the body of another through direct transmission.
    (b) “Direct transmission” means predominately sexual or bloodborne transmission.
    (c) “A person who knowingly harbors an infectious agent” refers to a person who receives
    from a physician or other health professional:
    (1) advice that the person harbors an infectious agent for a communicable disease;
    (2) educational information about behavior which might transmit the infectious agent; and
    (3) instruction of practical means of preventing such transmission.
    (d) “Transfer” means to engage in behavior that has been demonstrated epidemiologically to
    be a mode of direct transmission of an infectious agent which causes the communicable disease.
    (e) “Sexual penetration” means any of the acts listed in section 609.341, subdivision 12,
    when the acts described are committed without the use of a latex or other effective barrier.
    Subd. 2. Crime. It is a crime, which may be prosecuted under section 609.17, 609.185,
    609.19, 609.221, 609.222, 609.223, 609.2231, or 609.224, for a person who knowingly harbors an
    infectious agent to transfer, if the crime involved:
    (1) sexual penetration with another person without having first informed the other person
    that the person has a communicable disease;
    (2) transfer of blood, sperm, organs, or tissue, except as deemed necessary for medical
    research or if disclosed on donor screening forms; or
    (3) sharing of nonsterile syringes or needles for the purpose of injecting drugs.
    Subd. 3. Affirmative defense. It is an affirmative defense to prosecution, if it is proven by a
    preponderance of the evidence, that:
    (1) the person who knowingly harbors an infectious agent for a communicable disease took
    practical means to prevent transmission as advised by a physician or other health professional; or
    (2) the person who knowingly harbors an infectious agent for a communicable disease is a
    health care provider who was following professionally accepted infection control procedures.
    Nothing in this section shall be construed to be a defense to a criminal prosecution that
    does not allege a violation of subdivision 2.
    Subd. 4. Health Department data. Data protected by section 13.3805, subdivision 1, and
    information collected as part of a Health Department investigation under sections 144.4171 to
    144.4186 may not be accessed or subpoenaed by law enforcement authorities or prosecutors
    without the consent of the subject of the data.
    History: 1995 c 226 art 2 s 17; 1999 c 227 s 22
    .Copyright © 2006 by the Office of the Revisor of Statutes, State of Minnesota. All rights reserved

  • Joe Blow

    scottiemsp liar again. You promised to go away. For a 41 year old writer on SSI, you really show how mature and intelligent you are. You behave here much more like a teeny bopper yourself. Maybe that’s why you go after 17 year olds? And thanks to you, you gave everyone here reading access to read ALL about you! Then you think it’s Mr. Rick? What a dumb ass!! Oh and you’d think a writer would know copyright laws enough not to include them in a copy and paste from the State of Minnesota. What a dumb ass! Oh, and I more believe #97, much more credible than a dumb ass who makes a lot of claims to fame only for attention.
    Hope you’re enjoying that attention you were here seeking cuz I surely know yu’re not here to pick any of us up!

  • scottiemsp

    hahahahahahaahahhahahaahaaaahhahahahaahha it public info just like your case DANIEL

  • scottiemsp

    and i find it hilarious that ou are still trying to discredit any one who says they were with you lets see i count 4-5 on here, kind of funny how you bash any one thats says different then you,guity concious daniel?

  • scottiemsp

    oh and it seems all of your accounts were deleted the day the story went public, something to hide daniel, unlike I,who has nothing to hide, of course i invite any one to see about me, I live out in the open about everything . How about you, i dare ou to put info about you up here, dont for get your info can be checked to see you are not lying DANIEL

  • scottiemsp

    isnt 97 related to you daniel or is that you too

  • scottiemsp

    well daniel you actually should pitied , for you are a very sick person and i actually feel sorry for you, having to sneak around these last few years, feeling the need to have bare back sex knowingly infecting innocent people, the pain you feel must be just horrible, oh and now our sex life must be over to wow that must suck, you poor poor poor simple minded,misguided child. feeling all the hate you do must be very painfull, i had a late friend that was once like you, i really feel sorry for him but at least he manned up to what he did and when he saw how horrible his actions were he hung himself, if he would have just done his time for his crime he would have been rehabilitated, but i guess he had a concious and couldnt take how horrid what he did was. knock it off daniel and man up

  • scottiemsp

    and the one thing i dont seem to understand is why would lets see a 15 year old, a couple and two other people (one that was with his bf at the time the sex was done) so thats six people who were with you , now why are they all LIARS daniel, and et he never met, HHHMMMNN i wonder who the liar is here, i leave that judgement to the masses and the courts and btw numerous people that have read this exchange thing both of you are daniel and so do i

  • Someone Who Knows

    WOW so much hate scottiemsp. Must come from a guilty conscience. In 2000, Mr. Rick was 19 – do your own math. And “dumbass” is one word when it is used as a noun. Here’s a link to a dictionary definition: But I have never called you that, just wanted to clarify because I am so sick of the argument. What I know is that Mr. Rick says it happened in 1998 and not 2000. You are a self-proclaimed addict and in reading your profiles you are one sick person. Why would I believe you over someone I’ve known for his entire life? I believe Mr. Rick before I would believe someone with your “resume” – oh and you worked at the cafe 1997 – 2000 according to you so you can’t deny that Mr. Rick’s version has merit. YOU want it to be 2000. And yes, I am related to Mr. Rick and I am VERY PROUD of it! He is a GREAT person! Here’s some more bad math from you – there are TWO claims against Mr. Rick. The 15 year old case is about to be dismissed due to lack of probable cause. Once again YOU CANNOT PROVE A LIE! Then the 15 year old will be prosecuted for making a false police statement. So, that leaves just one deranged, sick person. That case will never lead to a conviction. Your post of the statue is informative but I’ve already been there. The problem is that THEY DID NOT HAVE SEX!!!!!! When the reports come back that no penetration took place, that charge will be dropped. Oh, and when his toxicology report comes back, I believe the rest of the case will crumble as well – he wasn’t drunk or drugged. Anyway, this discussion line is getting way off topic and is becoming a place for scottiemsp to spew his hate and lies. We should all ignore him!

  • Joe Blow

    scottiemsp Liar again! You’re back! You’re not a good judge reading, wonder if that makes you also a poor writer. I look, you wrote some more for every one to see! I have had only 6 comments here, and all comments I posted are still here and 5 of the 6 are only comment to you, not any one else. You’re actually the only dumb ass here claiming over and over you’ve been with Mr. Rick and your many MORE comments than mine shows you’re only here for attention. So attention is what you get! You should be loving it!
    I did read all about you, you suggested people do. You probably shouldn’t be so public. From on the web- you’re on SSI, unemployed, obviously have nothing better to do than stay up late, you’re an addict, took advantage of some man name John who supported you… you’re a leach. I got that all off the net as you suggested.
    I doubt Mr. Rick has posted to any blog on the net, let alone here. You’re the dumb ass. A guy wouldn’t waste time on the likes of you. Let your so called friends know I am not Mr. Rick, I am a gal you dumb ass! Let me clarify better, I was born a female and still am a female. And who really cares how dumb ass is spelled? A dumb ass is a dumb ass no matter how anyone spells it but if you REALLY want it spelled right when describing you, OK. You’re a DUMB-ASS. Feel better?

  • scottiemsp

    Sill not putting any info about yourself up here ic, and for ou info i quit cafe zev from 1998-2000 and was asked to come back in 200 once again public record i know when i was wth dan because of a registered domestic partnership filed in oh 1999, a hat ime i wasnt wrking at zev but in late 2000 i was so i did the math..are You keeping up here…and oh dan was 18 so know oyu say was with him at 19…moot poin by now but you first accused me of spreading lies about being with yes you daniel and denying it but then you admit it and try to say i was with a minor wow i didnt work there at that time so how is it i brought him in after hours when i wasnt working there…liar liiar liar liar liar liaryou can even keep your stories straight you are now caugh liarliarliarliarliarliar….LIAR daniel oh and “a gal”
    named joe blow

  • scottiemsp

    well i c mnfarmstud has been with daniel and the couple (oriely and his partner )and i was when i was a couple oh and NO28 unforunae encounter all bare back there goes your argument BA BYE NOW…your insipid bashing is falling apart and i dont care what you say about who you are i havent seen the proof…DANIEL


    I would just like to say that scottiemsp, your spelling still sucks ass. I happen to know Joe Blow and yes, she is a woman! She happens to be my sister!!! I am not posting any of my personal information on here, either. Why would I? Do you think there is that many people on here that would be dumb enough to post there real name? Joe Blow IS NOT Daniel! I am not Daniel and I, too am a woman. You want to start yelling at me and call me a liar? Maybe, you would like to call me Daniel? I haven’t looked you up, nor do I care to. I know Daniel and have for a very long time and I believe him. I know what kind of person Daniel is and NONE of this makes any sense for him to do. Who cares how many people he has been with? Does that really matter?! I am sure there are a ton more people who have been with more partners than how many Daniel has been with. And not one fucking person would care how many people Daniel has been with if these two jackasses didn’t make up shit to tell the police! They are the ones who are going to be in deep shit, not Daniel! I hope they get it good for telling lies about someone and ruining their life!

  • scottiemsp

    my whole point is , yes daniel bare backs and lied about his status, mabey not to me but people i know, yes we (my partner and I) barbacked with him before he was positve, my best friend did and asked daniel was asked if he was positive and he said no even tho daniel knew he himself was positive and continued to expose my friend, that my friend is illeagal in he state of mn, and another thing i could care less how many people daniel has been with i just am stating fact tha six people on here have stated tha daniel has bare back sex and has also exposed other to the hiv virus with out telling the truth, you venomately denied it, and attaced anyone who said different,i personally know 4 people that say different than you, they have no reason to lie and are mad as hell at daniel, for exposing the hiv virus to them and so many people. if this was my best friend or famil doing this i would turn him in. spreading hiv knowingly and denying you have it is worse than rape or murder considering its a slow painfull death. and i remind you is a crime that is abominable. so if you want to continue our retorick may i remind you people are watching you and reading your post


    Whether your escapade with Daniel happened in 1998 or 2000 does not matter. Daniel was NOT HIV positive then. And all of these people on here, or that you may know, that are saying they were with Daniel and he exposed them to the disease…well let’s just say they exposed themselves to the disease, IF Daniel had it when they were together. I would NEVER trust somebody telling me “No, I don’t have any diseases” until I saw it in writing from the doctor’s office that did the freaking test! There are all kinds of people that will lie for just about anything, but Daniel is NOT a liar. Besides, the ONLY way to protect yourself from the unknown is to put on a condom! If all these other people had asked Daniel and he said no, then he didn’t have it at that time. They should of put a condom on themselves, as well as having a spare for the person they were planning on doing it with. Then there would be no mistaking the issue. People are such idiots! Making such a huge deal over someone that hasn’t even been proven guilty! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? All you people on here are condemning a man and making his life miserable and a lot of you DON’T know who he is or have never had an encounter with him. Besides, you got to get HIV from somewhere, right? If Daniel got it from a partner, a dentist, a blood transfusion or whatever, maybe he should go and report them to the police. Shit! Maybe, HE was drugged and had some dirty old used needle put into his arm. My point is that you can get HIV from many sources, and Daniel knows what HIS life will be like before he dies from this horrible disease. He has excepted what is in store for him and he DOES NOT want this for anyone else. He is a very caring, gentle person. He is not angry and hell bent about having HIV, therefore, he is not going around spreading it to others. If he was, why on earth would he go to school to learn how to help others with this disease? Makes absolutely no sense. How many others do you think are out there not knowing they have HIV and barebacking with someone? I could have it! I’ve slept with less than a handful of people. I could have HIV. Do I? I don’t know. I’ve never been tested. Never had a reason to, but I suppose, if you think about it, any one of my partners could have contracted it through one of their partners and passed it on to me. What if the condom broke? Is it then the person’s fault who is HIV positive and should they go to jail for that, too? C’mon people! The world and knowledge of HIV has changed since the initial outbreak when people basically knew nothing about it! People are educated. People take the necessary precautions, so there loved ones, significant others or one night stands don’t come back to spread lies about them and ruin their lives by sending them to jail! Think about it!


    @scottiemsp: You just contradicted yourself and I would like to point this out so you can correct it. You said,

    “yes daniel bare backs and lied about his status, mabey not to me but people i know, yes we (my partner and I) barbacked with him before he was positve, my best friend did and asked daniel was asked if he was positive and he said no even tho daniel knew he himself was positive and continued to expose my friend, that my friend is illeagal in he state of mn”

    Ok, so let’s put this in typing so that people will be able to read it easier.

    1-You are saying that yes Daniel barebacks.
    2-He lies about his status (maybe, not to you, but to people you know)
    3-Yes, you and your partner barebacked with Daniel “BEFORE HE WAS POSITIVE”
    4-Your friend asked Daniel if he was positive
    5-Daniel said “no,” even though he knew he was positive.
    6-Daniel continued to expose your friend to HIV

    This whole paragraph tells me that you and your friend were barebacking with Daniel. Your friend asked if Daniel was positive and Daniel said no, BEFORE he was positive, and he continued to expose your friend to HIV. #1, your friend is an idiot for barebacking in this day and age with all the diseases in the world, not just HIV. #2, how can you say “before he was positive” and “continued to expose your friend” in the same paragraph? Either he was positive or he wasn’t. You can’t have it both ways. Does your friend have HIV today? Do you have HIV? I am not, by any means, trying to get into you or your friend’s personal business, but I find it interesting that you are on here posting this stuff and contradicting your statements like that.

    Yes, I am very upset that Daniel is being blamed for something that he didn’t do. EXTREMELY UPSET! I find it interesting that this 15 year old boy is lying through his teeth. Daniel does not have relationships with little boys. This little boy is more than likely trying to find a way to tell his parents that he is gay and this would be easier to say someone took advantage of him because it would be more acceptible than, OMG! MY SON IS GAY! WHAT DO I DO NOW? HOW DO I LET MY FAMILY MEMBERS KNOW? Not to mention Dad would probably disown him for being gay! What a sad world that we cannot accept our children for who GOD made them to be. Our children, our parents, our brothers and sister, our aunts and uncles and our friends should not be shunned because they are gay. People are people and we are what GOD has made us. Nothing anybody can do about that, so why can’t we love people for who they are? It should not matter what our sexual preferance is! And as for the the other guy…how pathetic! Does this guy have a significant other and he has been cheating on him with other men and found out that HE is HIV positive and doesn’t want to be caught cheating so he blames Daniel? Hell, I ‘d do that too, if I could guaranty that I wouldn’t go to jail for lying! Then my secrets would be safe. Seriously, people, before you go accusing someone for a crime and verbally bashing them, why don’t you take a different approach and let each story be told and hear the truth before you put someone’s life on the line?

    scottiemsp, you said something earlier that really bothers me. Here is what I pulled off of one of your posts:

    “i had a late friend that was once like you, i really feel sorry for him but at least he manned up to what he did and when he saw how horrible his actions were he hung himself, if he would have just done his time for his crime he would have been rehabilitated, but i guess he had a concious and couldnt take how horrid what he did was.”

    How could you say something like that about someone you called a friend?! Maybe, your friend did a bad thing, but he was no man about it! He hung himself because he wanted to take the easy way out! People don’t man up by killing themselves! They take responsibility and pay the price for their actions! Your friend was a coward! He didn’t own up to anything he did. He took the easy way out. Your friend din’t want to spend time in jail so he left this world. He will have to answer to God for his actions, including his suicide. He would have been rehabilitated by going to jail? Are you kidding me?! How many people have been on the news that have been in jail for raping women, men or children and they get out just to continue to do it? Just because you are locked up does NOT mean you won’t do it anymore. And are you sure your “friend” was even guilty? Maybe, his life was being ruined by lies and he could no longer stand up to them.

    Are you trying to tell Daniel to do what your friend did? To “man” up and kill himself? I suffer from depression myself. You have no idea what mental condition this has put Daniel through, but I tell you what…if Daniel does kill himself over this, I know where to send the police. People who suffer from depression can be very vulnerable to suggestions. And may God help you if Daniel is reading all the crap you have posted on here. If he becomes so depressed and distraught over this whole ordeal and kills himself, I will suggest to the police that you told him to do it. “You had a late friend like Daniel. You felt sorry for him. But hey, he manned up and hung himself.” That was a HORRIBLE thing to post on here! You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that!

    I hope you understand where i am coming from and I hope you choose better suggestions to post on here. By the way, I think you owe my sister an apology for not believing her for being a woman. Your quote:

    “liarliarliarliarliarliar….LIAR daniel oh and “a gal”

  • MNFarmstud

    @MAD AS HELL: I’ve been reading all the posts on here. I can’t believe this is still going on? But, I just wanted to put this out there: I have known Daniel for some time, we have had sex, which was unprotected. I have infact asked Daniel before hooking up, about his HIV status. Everytime, he has told me that he was Negative. The last time I had sex with him was in October 2008. He came to my place and we had sex. The only way I found out he was HIV Positive, was from the news stories and the internet. I went and got tested right away! I am glad to say, I am HIV Negative! Finding out that Daniel has been HIV POS for about 4 years, I might have done things more differently. But, I guess we all make mistakes in life. I do feel bad about those people out there, who are suffering from such a disease. Maybe, someday, in the future, there may be a cure for this. Scientists have found ways to cure different kinds of cancers and diseases, and I know, they are working on ways to cure HIV. I really hope Daniel learns about this as much as I am learning more about it everyday! I have alot of great friends, who are, and have been HIV+ for many years now, thanks to the medications there are for them to keep them living a better life.

  • scottiemsp

    @mad as hell here is what i said AND what i left out

    “i had a late friend that was once like you, i really feel sorry for him but at least he manned up to what he did and when he saw how horrible his actions were he hung himself, if he would have just done his time for his crime he would have been rehabilitated, but i guess he had a concious and couldnt take how horrid what he did was. knock it off daniel and man up”

    and your sort of right i should haveused a comma after “what he did” and before”and when he saw”
    now here is what i left out of that post. My friend was messed up on drugs and alcohol, he raped a 10 year old boy, he was caught 1 hour later , he admitted to his crime, and plead guilty to what he did aganst legal advice he also was charged for spreading hiv, and he even volentered names of those he infected with out there knowledge (the infecting)but lets see he MANNED up to his crimes with out lying and trying to make those that pressed charges against him for infecting them, seem like they are liars and to bash them with any kind of crap that seems to come from the mouths of people that have done this same thing, not saying tha is you , but it has happenned in the past, and still seems to be happening(my friend knew he was positive while infecting people) so after a few weeks, he couldnt accept what he did, and hung himself, a tradgedy, he could have been rahabilitated, and should not have hung himself , or did you leave that out on purpose and say ” OH YOU ARE TELLING DANIEL TO KILL HIMSELF” GET A LIFE GET A CLUE AND GET OFF YOUR BOX did you ever think daniel is the one that is lying, nope, but everone else is. SHUT UP oh and the boy who says he was molested by daniel, he has every right as daniel to be believed he is not lying street goes but was, and i never said daniel was guilty , i just said he has unsafe sexand you jum[ped all over it and called me and ever one a liar, but es about the boy i did say he was guilty, too bad i cant prove it but i bet the state will, gonna watch this close and if and when he is found guilty. i will laugh at you and spread it everywhere, thats my right, freedom of speech

  • scottiemsp

    opps i am a bad typer, oh my what shall i do…oh my god i must be a …….DUMB ASS(LOL) MOOT POINT AND DISTRACTING

    (and here is one of my many typos from above comment #119)

    “oh and the boy who says he was molested by daniel, he has every right as daniel to be believed he is not lying street goes but was”

    here is a correction

    last part should have been “street goes both ways”.

    PS i love the word DUMB ASS and just LOOOOVVVEEE to see it used so use it some more I LIKE THAT =)

  • Rob Moore

    @MNFarmstud: I am surprised also this thread is still going on, but it seems to have collapsed down to two or three people arguing.

    I’m glad you test negative, but keep getting tested every six months at a minimum. It only takes a short time to get the test, and if you should somehow become infected, the earlier treatment starts the less the problems it causes. If the virus is kept to undetectable levels, it makes it much less likely to be transmitted to others and does less damage to your body’s systems. The virus does more than destroy the immune system. It affects the endocrine system which makes a person more susceptible to diabetes and to abnormally low testosterone levels. If a man wants to experience the unpleasant emotional swings menstruating women experience, just let your testosterone levels get too low. The low testosterone levels also lead to muscle loss so big biceps fade away and body hair disappears.

    You have been both lucky and smart. Lucky not to get infected and smart to get tested. Keep up the smart part.

    @scottieMSP rather than use this forum to work through your emotional needs, I suggest you do what I finally did. Find a good, GAY male therapist (mine is a psychiatrist) and talk. It has really helped me to understand my triggers and allowed me to stop blaming and start coping.

  • scottiemsp

    Blaming not blaming any 1 for any thing just wanted to say i once had unsafe sex with daniel, and i knew of others that have in recent history, got blasted b either daniel or his relatives and thought i say something back that was the jist of my part, i saw an untruth and had to point it out so knock it off

  • Oprah

    Rick will go to jail for a long time. Third degree sexual assault is a serious count. I have no mercy for a looser like him. He is cute though, he will make a good bottom in prison. :)

  • Eileen Dover

    A sad story for sure but we must look at all the info. The fact that 2 guys have accused him of rape lends credibility to the real possibility he is indeed a rapist. I do have an issue with calling a 15 year old a “child”. I was actively having sex and looking for it at 15. Yes, many 15 year olds like sex and actively pursue it but if he was raped then he was indeed a victim. Our sex obsessed society has sexualized young people at younger and younger ages. I disagree that when you are 18 you are an adult but at 17 years and 364 days you are a naive child – bullshit. Depends on the person. Now for the couple who met this guy on the Internet, who they new NOTHING about, had him over for unprotected bareback ass banging sex and now thinks of himself as a victim? I dunno about that. Adults are not victims unless they are mentally challenged or raped. These two guys made a decision and have some culpability for their actions – Michael Jackson, Tiger the Tool and Anna Nicole included – bad choices. Sometimes there are consequences for our behavior. I think most guys who have bb sex in the ass and don’t ask questions assume you are poz and/or don’t care. Guys have asked me to bb them but I do not to protect them. Some do not care about my HIV status or have HIV and don’t care but even if both parties are poz bb-ing is still a bad idea. and let’s not forget about other STD’s. Wrap those wieners up boys.

  • Brandon_

    HIV and other diseases are no more “what you got coming” by engaging in unprotected sex any more than getting raped is what you should expect when hooking up with a stranger. The logic people use to justify their need to feel superior, righteous or find that easily identifiable bogeyman, is breathtaking. I suppose if I were to engage in the gay socially approved behavior of casually sucking on the penises of HIV-positive men and then acquire the virus, I will gain “victim” status then.

  • B

    “If we treated every partner like they have HIV we wouldn’t be putting ourselves at risk”.

    If this were true, then why are so few people abstaining from sex?

    “They freely engaged in unsafe sex; what the fuck did they expect to happen; that for some reason HIV virus wasn’t poisonous to them”?

    and other diseases are
    no more “what one has coming”
    by engaging in condomless sex any more than getting raped is what one should expect when
    hooking up with a stranger.
    The logic people use to
    justify their need to feel
    superior, righteous or find that
    easily identifiable bogeyman, is breathtaking.
    I suppose if I were to engage in the gay approved behavior of casually sucking on the penises of HIV+ men and then acquire the virus, I’ll have earned “victim” status then?
    The boyfriends may not be innocent, but they don’t require any false sanctimony either.—

  • Brandon

    “If we treated every partner like they have HIV we wouldn’t be putting ourselves at risk”.

    If this were true, then why are so few people abstaining from sex?

  • Brandon

    “They freely engaged in unsafe sex; what the fuck did they expect to happen; that for some reason HIV virus wasn’t poisonous to them”?

    HIV and other diseases are no more “what you got coming” by engaging in unprotected sex any more than getting raped is what you should expect when hooking up with a stranger. The logic people use to justify their need to feel superior, righteous or find that easily identifiable bogeyman, is breathtaking. I suppose if I were to engage in the gay socially approved behavior of casually sucking on the penises of HIV+ men and then acquire the virus, I’ll have earned “victim” status then?
    The boyfriends may not be innocent, but they don’t require any false sanctimony either.

  • Brandon

    “They freely engaged in unsafe sex; what the fuck did they expect to happen; that for some reason HIV virus wasn’t poisonous to them”?

    HIV and other disease are no more “what you got coming” by engaging in unprotected sex any more than getting raped is what you should expect if hooking up with a stranger. The rationale people use to justify their need to feel superior righteous or find some easily identifiable bogeyman, is simply unreal. I guess if I were to engage in the gay approved behavior of casually performing oral sex on HIV+ men and then acquire the virus, I’ll have earned the “victim” status? The boyfriends may not be innocent, but they don’t require any false sanctimony either.

  • Eileen Dover

    Brandon, are you high? what the hell are you trying to say? you make no sense.

  • Henrietta Buttbamger


    If you treated everyone as if they are HIV+ you would engage in safe sex. Brandon, you are a dork.

  • oilburner

    So he allegedly infected some 15 yr old slut big deal tell that stupid kid to stay his ass home and close his ass cheeks and legs and use a damn condom

  • John

    HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS:[email protected]

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