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Daniel James Rick Suspected of Raping Another Man. Oh, and Transmitting HIV To a Slew of Others

It’s a week of disgusting men who infect other people with HIV, isn’t it? First that Tony Perkins fella and those hundred women, and now Minneapolis’ Daniel James Rick stands accused of having sex with at least two other men — one during a date rape — without telling them he’s HIV-positive.

Investigators say Rick used Facebook and other sites, as well as local bars, to meet guys to have sex with without ever telling them of his status. Which is illegal, yo.

In an encounter earlier this month that has Rick facing rape charges, a man says Rick raped him while he was intoxicated.

Now a second man has come forward, saying he and his boyfriend (yes) met Rick online. Robert O’Riley says just weeks after their sexual encounter, he came down with flu-like symptoms, and after testing positive for HIV his doctor told him he likely contracted it in the past few weeks. But it took a television report, with Rick’s photo on screen, for O’Riley to learn his alleged infector’s true identity. (Meanwhile, there are separate charges involving Rick and a 15-year-old boy whom snuck out of his house to have sex with Rick.)

And police say they suspect there are more unknowing victims out there. Rick, meanwhile, faces criminal charges of knowingly transmitting HIV/AIDS to someone without informing them. And being a complete and utter asshole.