Daniel Pintauro, Tupperware Rep, Will Bring The Dip To Your Next Container Party

Danny Pintauro, the gay Who’s The Boss child star (a term I’m sure he hates), has found a new line of work: schilling for Tupperware.

The fictional Jonathan Bower announces to visitors of Tupperware’s website, “My name is Daniel and I am a brand new Tupperware Consultant I’m here to party with you and show you that Tupperware is sexy, hip and not just in your grandmother’s kitchen! Look out America! Here we come!”

And that’s where he invites you to join him for his next plastics soiree: “If you live in Southern California, I’d love to come to your house and have a party…If you DON’T live in Southern California, I’d love to throw you a party too… but that’s a bit trickier (care to fly me there?).”

Curiously absent from Danny — sorry, Daniel — Pintauro’s bio page? Any mention of his past life: “Hello! My name is Daniel… I know I know.. first thing your asking yourself is ‘What is a GUY doing selling Tupperware? Aren’t they Tupperware LADIES?’ The answer is ‘Why the heck not!?(Oh, and I AM a lady…and a gentleman).’ I love to cook, I love to throw parties (my friends call me Martha when I plan a party), and I LOVE to save money. I have three dogs, I live in Los Angeles, and I’m excited to come to your home and throw a party! I’ll bring the dip if you bring the wine?”

I’m not sure if that’s a sales pitch or a dating profile.