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Daniel Radcliffe reveals why he’s so jacked in the Weird Al biopic, and the photo doesn’t lie

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Okay, okay, we’ll admit it: We’re thirsty for Weird Al now. And it’s all Daniel Radcliffe’s fault.

The former child star of The Franchise That Shall Not Be Named will play the accordion-wielding king of parody songs in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a satirical biopic out this fall on The Roku Channel.

If you’ve watched the trailers—which feature Radcliffe’s abs prominently on display—you might be saying to yourself: “Wait, I don’t remember Weird Al ever being this jacked!” (well, outside of that Rambo scene in UHF ). And that’s because he wasn’t.

Screenshot: ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’

The tongue-in-cheek parody movie is using Radcliffe’s fit physique to its advantage, painting Yankovic as the kind of sexy, bad-boy rock-n-roller these music biopics are usually about. In conversation with ET Online, the actor revealed that he “was shirtless more as Al than I’ve been in anything else.” And you’ll hear no complaints from us!

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His “Buff Al” has certainly captured the attention of the internet, with folks drooling over what he’s got underneath those Hawaiian shirts. But Radcliffe wants to set one thing straight after all this newfound thirst:

“An article about the film came out saying that I got in shape for this role, which I didn’t”—oh, we know girl! We saw you in Equus! We watched your sexy burlesque rendition of “She’ll be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes” on Miracle Workers! The actor’s been keeping it tight for years; we’re glad everyone’s starting to notice.

So where does Radcliffe find his fitness inspiration—his “fitspo,” if you will? As he revealed to ET , it’s actually his parents!

“My parents do CrossFit. They’re in their sixties and they’re insanely fit people, so I’ve just got them to keep up with,” the actor admits. “They’re just setting a crazy bar,” he added. “We don’t do CrossFit together. CrossFit is their thing. I’m not fit enough, probably, for CrossFit. They are phenoms.”

Well dang, Mrs. and Mrs. Radcliffe! Way to go! And thank you for raising a talented son who’s not afraid to show off all of his hard work.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story makes its streaming debut November 4 on The Roku Channel.

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