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Daniel Tosh Makes Fun of a Transgender Model and Everyone Gets Upset. Hello, Double Standards!

Daniel Tosh, the host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, a show about videos uploaded to YouTube, sometimes has funny things to say. Other times he is offending the entire transgender community one fell swoop. Guess which one he pulled off this week?

In a segment on a (quite tall) trans model, Tosh effortlessly squeezed about a dozen one-liners into the brief clip. That has GLAAD upset. And The Blogs too.

But because queers upset with queer representation in the media really have no pull, this is what the campaign to right a wrong amounts to: Tweeting the comic to apologize (that’s Bil Browning’s idea) and monitoring Tosh.0 for future examples of anti-LGBT comedy (that’s GLAAD’s idea). The goal? Get some sort mea culpa out of Mr. Tosh, and make sure he doesn’t do it again.

Which might put a cramp in Tosh’s comedic stylings, given he’s one of these make fun of everybody types. Just like Lisa Lampanelli, a comedian whom we … celebrate. And who knows why gay men love her: “Gay people hate themselves as much as I hate myself — since we’re both abominations against God and man — so I insult them and they give me money. It’s the circle of life. Plus, I’m a living fulfillment of gay’s men’s fantasies: I get paid to say whatever I want, I bang black men and my clothes look fantastic.”

If only you had a better wardrobe, Tosh.

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