Danish Prime Minister Denies That Her Husband Is Gay…Again

Poor Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Not only is it tough being Denmark’s first female prime minister, but she also has to deal with persistent rumors that her husband, Stephen Kinnock, is a homosexual.

Why not let that sleeping dog sashay awway? Sure, they live in separate cities — he lives and works in Geneva as a director of the World Economic Forum, she is naturally bound to Copenhagen. Sure, a newspaper claimed that Kinnock was gay last year during Thorning-Schmidt’s election. And sure, the couple’s accountant told a tax inspector that Kinnock is “bisexual/homoseuxal.” That doesn’t mean a — wait, what?

Pink News reports:

Stephen Kinnock and his wife were audited by government tax inspectors in 2010 after reports they were claiming excessive tax allowances based on where Mr Kinnock was living.

For some reason, Ms Thorning-Schmidt and Mr Kinnock’s accountant told tax inspectors that the latter was “bisexual/homosexual”, according to an e-mail quoted by the respected Danish daily newspaper Politiken.

Auditors were investigating the weekends Kinnock spent at the family home in Copenhagen, trying to determine if he had low-balled his time in Denmark to pay lower taxes in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the couple was eventually cleared.

Thorning-Schmidt has since denied the rumors, telling the Politiken that they are “not true at all” and that she has “no idea” why the accountant would say that Kinnock was bi and/or gay. Especially when queer would just as  easily have summed it up.