Danny Bonaduce Made Jodie Foster Gay, Says Danny Bonaduce

Since the dawn of time, scientists, philosophers, students and activists have struggled with the eternal question, “nature or nurture”. Now, in a feat of scientific wonder, the child star and adult side show Danny Bonaduce may have put an end to the debate: “Two girls I kissed turned out to be gay. I kissed Jodie Foster. She played my girl on The Partridge Family, and look what happened.” [NY Post]

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  • Mouse

    Finally, proof!

  • mozzer13

    I feel fairly certain Danny Bonaduce could make me strayt or at least bi-curious.

  • Bob R

    The only thing Danny Bonaduce makes me is sick to my stomach. What a creep.

  • M Shane

    He’d probably turn a gay guy into a heterosexual too. He doesn’t get it: it’s him not his sexuallity. What an ego?

  • ralph smith

    DANNY BONERDUCEBAG is the biggest asshole in show biz I wish he’s just disappear!

  • thatguyfromboston

    I think he’d probably make me celibate.

  • dvlaries

    We’re not actually taking him seriously, right? Every half-dozen years or so he has to say something provocative to get his name in public so we’ll remember he once was on some TV show in the 70s but hasn’t done anything of note since. It’s called desparate.

  • M Shane

    Then the disgusting people are the press. It is just one symptom that enough Americans will jump at a claim that terribly and entirely stupid. That he’s despirate and crazed are beside the point.

  • P.Radtke

    That explains it. Too bad, she is hot.

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