Danny Boy Does ‘Details’

Daniel Radcliffe‘s Harry Potter tour took him to the pages of closeted fag rag Details.

We haven’t yet had to chance to fully dissect the Simon Garfield-penned piece – we’re too captivated by these gorgeous shots snapped by Steven Klein.
From what we understand of the aforementioned article, Garfield spills some ink examining Radcliffe’s evolution from four-eyed nerd warrior to dramatic – and comedic – wunderkind:

Ricky Gervais and his colleague Stephen Merchant, the team behind the original version of The Office, cast Radcliffe in an episode of Extras, putting him in a Boy Scout uniform for a role in a film about elves and investing his backstage character with a desperate quest for adulthood. “I’ve done it with a girl, intercourse-wise,” he tells a fellow actor, before flapping a huge condom in the air and saying, “Let’s hope it’s big enough!”

We’d say we feel bad lusting after an 18-year old guppy, but we don’t. We do, however, feel bad about not feeling bad. That counts for something, right?