Danny From “Real World: New Orleans” On That Time He Hooked Up With A Straight, Married Castmate

danny-roberts-dtlaYou remember Danny from The Real World: New Orleans, right? The cute, shy gay with a predilection for awful facial hair and a closeted boyfriend who — because of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — only appeared on camera with his face blurred? Yeah, that Danny. Danny Roberts, to be exact.

Well, he, along with some of his fellow MTV reality stars, sat down with the Queen of Late Night TV, Andy Cohen, to discuss the finer points of The Challenge. You know, that show where former Real Worlders and Road Rulers chase after money and what’s left of their fame while getting naked, greased up and rubbing against each other? Yeah, Dustin Zito, to be exact.

When Andy went around the room to ask the Challengers with whom they had gotten naked, greased up and rubbed against off camera, some played coy while Danny Roberts played everybody: “Can’t say because he’s straight and married now.”

Cue the chorus of gasps and “ooohs.”

Based purely on speculation, NewNowNext first posited that Danny’s mystery man may have been current WWE superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, only to further deduce that his heterosexual paramour was one Adam Larson. Whoever that is. Meanwhile, it’s a pity that The Miz wasn’t Danny’s secret lovah — the WWE would’ve totes been cool with it.

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