Danny Pintauro, The Gay Kid From “Who’s The Boss,” Is Getting Married

dannyp3882That cute little kid from Who’s the Boss is getting hitched! Dan Pintauro got engaged to his boyfriend Will Tabares last year, and now they’ve got a wedding website set up and announced a date (April 3). Let’s forgo the jokes about which one is the boss, because we’ve had literally decades for that kind of thing, and just say congratulations.

Dan, as you know, was a kid star in the ’80s, then sold Tupperware in Los Angeles. These days he’s doing what he loves, which is working in the restaurant industry and working on starting a B&B. Will’s in hospitality as well, and also runs a karaoke show. They live in Las Vegas and have been together about two years. Will proposed with a homemade ring (a nice one, not like something he made out of twisty-ties) in Palm Springs on their first anniversary. These boys move fast!

Unfortunately Nevada doesn’t allow marriage — at least, not yet. A court ruled that the state’s marriage ban is indeed constitutional, but then another court ruled that LGBTs are entitled to a stronger level of scrutiny, so the appeal of that first ruling is likely to go in our favor. But the case is on hold right now, for reasons unknown. The 9th Circuit might be waiting for a ruling from the 10th Circuit before they make their move. Who knows?

So instead, they’re planning to move to California. They’ve expressed interest in getting registered at a 99 Cent store, which is maybe not a thing you can do, but very thrifty nonetheless. And they’re looking in to having a webcam for the ceremony, so if you can’t make it, you can at least watch. Just like a television show!