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  • Jason Burns

    I had always supported the Knights of Columbus in the past, helping them host events and such. I had never thought that a “charity” organization could be so blatantly biased – that is with the exception of the Red Cross. Most often the K of C are recognized here (in West Virginia) as the old men who hand out tootsie rolls at grocery stores when you put a dollar in their bucket. I thought they were harmless – boy was I wrong!

    However, you can be sure that they are now on my ever-growing list of so-called charities that I will no longer support! Let those old bastards plan their own events! This is one gay man who has had enough!

    And it’s not going to be pretty when I run into them at the supermarket, either! Tootsie Rolls, indeed!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Please, donate to AMFAR even if you don’t care about AIDS causes as it affects ALL gays. Don’t give clothing to church charities who discriminate against gays in employment and DO give directly to liberal candidates who support Gays 100%. Beware of non-profits who don’t help Gays, the seasonal bell-ringers and canvassers on the street who don’t spread the wealth to that poor child in Sudan. I even catch the New York subway and know that most people don’t know that panhandlers make more income than a School teacher and are taken care of well in the lucrative Day Program welfare system which is hostile to poor Gays. Think of your money as Pink rather than Green and you won’t waste it on right-wing shadowy groups like the Knights of Columbus for a damn Tootsie Roll!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Finally, complain about any religious and charity canvassers as blocking commerce in your Mall or Supermarket which is the last thing that the collapsing retail industry wants to hear.

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