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Darren Criss Finds Performing In Drag To Be Empowering

041715_darrencrisshedwigvidfeat-250x2502I don’t know if it’s a “liberation,” so much as it is an “empowering.” The cool thing about drag culture is empowering a certain caricature within [of] who you are, depending on who you are. A lot of drag characters are caricatures of a certain [quality] about somebody, and it brings out a lot of things for a lot of men…and women, so for me, it does bring out this very sassy — I won’t say composed because Hedwig obvious has a lot of hurt and a lot of turmoil within her — but it brings out this rock ‘n’ roll energy that can’t be messed with, so that’s super fun to play with.”


Darren Criss, who just took over as the lead in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, in a recent interview with Playbill

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