Darren Criss Thinks It Was ‘Really Awesome’ His Gay Character Got To Try Bi

So remember when Darren Criss’ Blaine went explored bisexuality on Glee only to discover that, yep, he’s completely gay? Criss loved it! (Criss loves all his story lines.) “A lot of my gay friends were so upset, they were like, ‘No he can’t be bi or straight!’ At first you think it almost undermines everything we’ve set up, but on the contrary I think it was really, really awesome that they embodied that conflict, because, if you are different in any way shape or form — whether it be mentally, spiritually, your sexual orientation, whatever — if there is ever a glimmer of a chance that you might be like everybody else or the status quo, you hang on to that as long as you can because maybe all your problems would dissolve. And that is a really interesting idea.”

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  • Max the Communist

    I think it’s “really awesome” that I tried bi–and am still that way 27 years later!

  • UniversityOf420

    What can ya say — the guy is absolutley right, especially when it comes to teenagers.

  • Oprah

    Bisexuality is a comfortable label, in many confused souls, i am Bi- is better than ‘i am gay’.I think Criss is gave a very apt, insightful informed answer. Gee, one wonders whether he is really

  • Roy G. Biv

    Queerty, do you have a personal issue with this guy? Jesus. Every story about Criss, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry has a negative slant. Some objectivity would be nice.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    I’ve had a couple of moments where I thought I might be Bi (when I know I’m totally not), so I can see how this’d be totally accurate.

    Queerty needs to get the fuck over itself.

  • Paul R

    @Roy G. Biv: Agree and the list grows. I guess it allows the 3 or 4 old queerty regulars to ponder, pontificate and spew as if their opinions are actually relevant.

  • Jeffree

    The story seems true to life, well, at least in terms of this character! High school is all about experimentation & self discovery, blah blah blah, so it makes sense to try new stuff: like kiss a girl, run for VP, write for the yearbook, become a nun, etc.

    Maybe the nun thing would be a little too much though?

  • Steve

    To be honest, you probably won’t meet a single gay person who can honestly say they never considered they were bisexual. So, the fact that he was “confused” is very realistic, and at the same time, it never undermiend the more pivotal Kurt, who we’ve seen has been confident with his sexuality from the get-go.

  • Grey

    Kurt has not always been ‘confident with his sexuality’. What about the episode where he made out with Brittany?

  • jason

    Male sexuality can be a very complex thing. There are shades, grades, variations and situational influences through the entire concept of male sexuality. Over-riding all this is the male-male stigma, which was designed to keep male-male promiscuity at bay.

    Most men are bisexual in orientation but choose to hook up with women only for reasons related to how our society has integrated the male-male stigma into its teachings.

  • WewaBoi

    I know many gay men who have had experiences with women, especially during their adolescent years. Though many gay men (including myself) have never had any experience at all with a woman, I can understand how some gay men would, given the feedback these men receive from society regarding the propriety of gay relationships. Having served as a mentor for a gay teenager recently, I also think that (straight) young men’s views on sexuality and experimentation is so much more healthy than when I was growing up. It seems that young men, generally, today have far fewer problems saying, “I’m Bi” or “Don’t label me” than men had in the past. I see this as being nothing but positive for all of society.

  • carsen tyler

    @Jeffree: Haha…actually I did try to become a nun in high school, I really didn’t want to tell my parents I was gay when I was a teen.

  • Jeffree

    @Carsen Tyler: Although I was being funny, it goes to show that almost everything I make up on the fly has really happened or been considered.

    I for one am glad you didn’t become one. Ever since most nuns stopped wearing a Habit, it’s not as appealing as it once was !

  • Charles

    If I still watched GLEE or cared about it I would have been upset at this story line. But now, eh.

  • meego

    @Roy G. Biv: Queerty is not here to inform but to provoke. Period.

  • j dawg

    Personally thinking u might be gay str8 or bi is just part of high school for a lot of queers….It’s hard for some of us to find out what label is best for us.

  • Riker

    @pdt01: How about a spoiler warning? Not everybody is able to watch Glee on a Tuesday night.

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Dahling. How glamorous to be interviewed in front of ugly lockers.

  • Aaron

    Load of shit. What would have been awesome (and original) is if Finn, Puck or Mike Chang thought they were bisexual.
    Kids, by default, are “straight” so the whole experimenting with bisexuality is pointless.
    One of my aunt’s thought they made such a “cute couple”. This story line just further perpetuated the myth that gays (boys in this case) just need to find the right girl. Rachel was almost the right girl…he was half way there, he just needs to keep looking.

  • kuy

    Yes, it maybe true that gays may perceive coming out as bi as easier and safer than gay, but that’s pretty much until you realize that by coming out as bi you not only make enemies with straight women who consider you perpetually unfaithful, untrustworthy and an AIDS carrier, but also makes you the target of scorn of gays who consider you a traitor, a gay trying to ride the easy train to gay sex, and also perpetually unfaithful. At first it seems like being bi is the best of both worlds, until you start feeling like you’re being attacked from all sides. Eventually this will make you hostile and bitter, and unfortunately you might begin to envy bi women who will more than likely be your only support.

    It seems like you’re being like “everyone else” at first, until you realize you’ve made yourself a pariah.

  • allie

    baby i’m bi, and i’m proud of that. i am who i am, if others have a problem then so be it. also its not easier to come out as bi because its soo damn taboo. i don’t know what he meant when he said he’s glad he tried it. but to me, you are either gay straight or bi, you don’t change, you don’t go from bi to gay or gay to bi, if that happens, its usually because the person already was bi to begin with when he said he was gay because he was forced to make a choice, to fit into society’s nice little comfortable black and white boxes! same thing if a person says their bi then comes out as gay, they were gay to begin with they were not truly bi. i’m 24 years old, i’ve felt bisexual feelings since i was 12, if this was a phase i really hope it will end soon! i love cock and pussy, and yes i’m monogamous, i am not a stereotype. you can’t force your views on others and tell them to make a choice when you yourself don’t want that either. yes i’m not stupid there are some people who do come out as bi first who are truly gay, but that does not mean that every person who comes out as bi is not really bi. we are who we are, we can’t choose who we love, or what we are attracted to, it just happens!

  • allie

    i’m with you and i’m a bisexual woman. i would date a bisexual man, bisexuality is a true orientation. sexual orientation is not black and white, gay or straight. i get the stereotype that i’m a greedy attention seeking slut, not fun when i’m the most boring monogamous person out there! its not fun being bi, sometimes i just want to go back in the closet because the haters hurt you so much, but i won’t do that because then i would not be true to me! people need to educate themselves instead of turning into their own worst enemy and judging people for who they truly are. if you say being gay is not a choice, then neither is being bi, it isn’t for me anyway. i know what i like, i know who i am, if others can’t understand that, screw them! i also think Blaine is not bisexual because well, he knows who he was before he kissed Rachel didn’t he, i mean being confused is one thing, but being bisexual is another. i’m not confused, others are!

  • hipstaaa!!11!!~

    Really awesome?
    avpm reference holla ~*~*

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