Darren Criss Thinks It Was ‘Really Awesome’ His Gay Character Got To Try Bi

So remember when Darren Criss’ Blaine went explored bisexuality on Glee only to discover that, yep, he’s completely gay? Criss loved it! (Criss loves all his story lines.) “A lot of my gay friends were so upset, they were like, ‘No he can’t be bi or straight!’ At first you think it almost undermines everything we’ve set up, but on the contrary I think it was really, really awesome that they embodied that conflict, because, if you are different in any way shape or form — whether it be mentally, spiritually, your sexual orientation, whatever — if there is ever a glimmer of a chance that you might be like everybody else or the status quo, you hang on to that as long as you can because maybe all your problems would dissolve. And that is a really interesting idea.”