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Darren Hayes has the perfect response to hater who says he’s “too old” and “too gay”

Darren Hayes & Scott Evans in the video for “Let’s Try Being In Love”

Queer singer Darren Hayes ran afoul with a critical fan for acting too young and gay for his age over the weekend. In short order, the crooner read the fan for filth.

Hayes, 49, first hit the big time as half of the singing duo Savage Garden in the 1990s. Originally from Australia, the group managed to find success in the United States with their songs “I Want You,” “Truly Madly Deeply,” and “To the Moon and Back.”

The group split in 2002; in 2005, Hayes launched a successful solo venture. He continued to release singles and perform until 2013 when he left the music scene in favor of a stand-up comedy career.

2022 has seen Hayes return to music after his long hiatus, with the release of his song “Let’s Try Being in Love” and its accompanying video starring actor Scott Evans. The singer, who is openly gay, also used the release of the single to unveil a more flamboyant and sexualized image. His most recent song, “Do You Remember,” furthered that mission. Unfortunately, not all his fans appear to be on board.

One alleged fan, who goes by the name “Ray Marsh” on message boards, voiced his disapproval of Hayes’ new stage persona.

“Darren is like Madonna,” the hater wrote on social media. “He has a lot of fans, but he has to remember that when you are getting older gyrating your hips sexually is not libertine, it is just a bit gross. If you look at Gay adult films, people over 40 don’t ever get any great sales. Being too sexual after 40 does not make you fashionable – it just puts you in the Harvey Weinstein category.”

How being flamboyant, sexual, and unapologetically gay somehow equates to being anything like being a convicted serial rapist is beyond us. We fail to see the parallel. Moving on…

“He is not going to make any money out of this song. He should have tried to get a younger singer to do it, and then produce it himself so that he would have a higher chance of making money. I am a Gay male and I find his dress and mannerisms are too camp – It won’t appeal to Gay men, and he is too old to appeal to teen girls.”

Several weeks after the post appeared on social media, Hayes addressed it. He took to Twitter on April 17 to offer a harsh rebuttal to his critic.

“I’ve got bad news for this guy and anyone else who doesn’t like my ‘mannerisms,'” Hayes tweeted. “I’m only going to get MORE F*CKING GAY. Happy Easter btw! Gay gay gay gay gay.”

“To be fair,” Hayes then added in a subsequent tweet, “did he not get it when I was twirling around singing Tears of Pearls?” He also later added a gif of Channing Tatum from the film Hail Ceasar holding a man upside down with his face in the man’s bottom.

Fans of Hayes, predictably, have rushed to Twitter to defend their beloved singer. Have a look at some of our favorite responses, along with his video for “Let’s Try Being in Love.”

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