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Darryl Stephens Explains Why It’s Difficult For Black Gay Actors To Break Through To The Mainstream

DarrylI’ve been given the blessing to play many gay stories, but I wouldn’t say I’m playing the same character, which is what I see typecasting as… There’s the assumption that black folks are more homophobic than other folks. I don’t think that’s true, but I think we are aware of limits this culture places on us as black men. We have 15 seconds to get our foot in the door and if we don’t, we’re in the dark forever. Black actors are very aware that they have to work hard at remaining commercially viable. It’s a matter of our own cultural hang-ups [both black culture and American culture] as well as lack of access to varied roles that keeps us locked in this fear of presenting anything that is not hyper-masculine. That’s what this culture requires of us in real life. We’ve already seen it happen with the white actors [like Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer]. I think it’s a question of when will the black faces be invited to that party.”


Darryl Stephens, who starred in the popular queer-themed series Noah’s Arc and is considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, in an interview with Los Angeles Times