Darryl Stephens Loves His Job

Darryl Stephen shirtless

We only wish that there was a Darryl Stephens for every Tom Cruise in Hollywood. Stephens is out of the closet and seems to be everywhere at once: in gay television on the Logo original series Noah’s Arc, and now as the star of two new films. Not Quite Right, his latest, premiered last Saturday at the NewFest in New York, and Boy Culture, based on the novel by Matthew Rettenmund, is currently in theaters.

For those who only know and love Darryl from Noah’s Arc, his role in Boy Culture is quite a departure, and this is what you can expect:

Noah’s Arc fans will probably be a little shocked. This character isn’t campy or soft or fashionable at all. He’s quiet, introspective and kind of simple. Noah is almost a gay superhero next to this guy.

Our pal Rod sat down and talked with Darryl about his career and the responsibility of being the star of the world’s first black, gay television series. Read the whole interview at Rod 2.0.

A Conversation with Darryl Stephens [Rod 2.0]