Actor Joins Other Televised Gays For 'Out' 100

Darryl Stephens Makes A “Gay” Debut

The Out 100 blog continues to leak anticipatory details of the gay glossy’s annual celebration of gay movers and shakers.

As we mentioned, the year-end issue marks Darryl Stephens‘ first official foray into the out and proud world.

Mr. Stephens joins other television titans such as Tim Gunn, Queer As Folk writer Russell T. Davies and uber-gay judge David Young. Taken together, the gay group – and others – are “The Serialists & The Channelers”. Though he readily appears in the issue, Stephens remains mum on the sex part of his sexuality.

…We can also offer one long-anticipated quiet confirmation: [François Rousseau photographed] Darryl Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles. He doesn’t exactly talk about it, but he proudly joins the other queer honorees in our pages.

Well, it’s a step in the right direction…