Actor Joins Other Televised Gays For 'Out' 100

Darryl Stephens Makes A “Gay” Debut

The Out 100 blog continues to leak anticipatory details of the gay glossy’s annual celebration of gay movers and shakers.

As we mentioned, the year-end issue marks Darryl Stephens‘ first official foray into the out and proud world.

Mr. Stephens joins other television titans such as Tim Gunn, Queer As Folk writer Russell T. Davies and uber-gay judge David Young. Taken together, the gay group – and others – are “The Serialists & The Channelers”. Though he readily appears in the issue, Stephens remains mum on the sex part of his sexuality.

…We can also offer one long-anticipated quiet confirmation: [François Rousseau photographed] Darryl Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles. He doesn’t exactly talk about it, but he proudly joins the other queer honorees in our pages.

Well, it’s a step in the right direction…

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  • hisurfer

    I’m all for discretion … but if you choose that path I think you forfeit the right to be among the “Out” 100.

  • thatguyfromboston

    “nuanced gay roles” really? seriously?

  • Leland Frances

    “Darryl Stephens, who has declined to discuss his sexuality while playing a series of nuanced gay roles.” Nuanced?

    Jeez Louise! He drowned his “Noah’s Arc” cast mates in tidal waves of ssssssss’s, twirled his wrists like windmills, and generally displayed more mince than a holiday pie! Will someone please send the OUT typists [“writers” would be inaccurate] a dictionary?

    PS: That shrieking you heard last night wasn’t because of Halloween. It was just another paid-to-flame, lavender minstrel show performance by Ross the Capon on NBC’s unphenomenal “Phenomenon.” The most stunning magic act is how he gets so many otherwise intelligent gays to put up with his making us all look like epicene clowns.

  • Toby

    Ouch, that Leland is sure one unhappy guy. What happened to make him so pissy? All he does is bitch and moan.

  • Ash

    This doesn’t make any sense. The magazine is called “Out.”

    “He doesn’t exactly talk about it, but he proudly joins the other queer honorees in our pages.”

    What??? If he doesn’t talk about “it” how can he be proud? What an asshole, and a terrible actor. I checked out a couple episodes of Noah’s Arc once and it’s absolutely atrocious. No one on the show has a damn clue about acting, least of all this prick.

  • Leland Frances

    Actually, Toby, I’m quite happy. But I am an iconoclast, and take very seriously [I guess you’d say “pissy”] the need to challenge some of the ever flowing river of crap that passes for “gay culture.”

    Not just because I can’t stand the smell, but because I’m convinced the “bread and circus [circuit party]” mentality has played a MAJOR role in often rendering impotent the movement for gay equality.

    In addition to never having our own national version of a Martin Luther King, unlike the African-American community we haven’t had a long tradition of respected gay newspapers and magazines. “The Advocate” is almost as irrelevant today as it was when it was just a local paper primarily devoted to bar culture. In June they published an obituary for movement grandfather Frank Kameny though he’s quite alive, and their “40 Years/40 Heroes” issue was a joke. “Christopher Street” aspired to be the “gay ‘New Yorker'” but expired after a few years, never reaching the national circulation it sought. “OUT,” “Genre,” “In Touch” remain, with rare exception, apolitical organs devoted to perpetuating a white gay male Peter Pan syndrome; indistinguisable from each other with their covers torn off. The softcore “jerk” magazines need no comment.

    Though frequently critical of this and that, I actually admire Queerty for not being packaged in legions of meat puppets like most gay Net creations. It’s one thing periodically post pictures of those they think hot men and another to inescapably brand the site’s shell with them.

    Call me old-fashioned but the power and accuracy of words is very important to me. I certainly make my own typos and mistakes such as “who” for “whom” and vice versa. But even paid, “professional” writers for a glossy rag like “OUT” are not above being called on their mistakes in usage or fact.

    I stand by my challenge of their blanket description of Stephens’ roles as “nuanced,” and reminder that those like Ross who make a living off of doing gay minstrel shows contribute to nongays not taking us and our inequality seriously enough.

  • kevin1217

    He is hot. I would do him.

  • matt123

    hot gay.

    gay on

  • ProfessorVP

    Just his expression set off my gaydar. I keep it on top of the television like some people keep a statue of the Virgin Mary. It fell off. I mean the gaydar, not the Virgin.

  • Qjersey

    Harvey Milk might have become our national gay leader if he wasn’t assassinated.

  • jaye

    what is this obsession with feeling like people have to live their lives in the manner in which you think they should.

    he has done more for gay folks in the media via his choice of roles and support of aids awareness etc than most

    it is his life and his sex life so if he chooses to or chooses not to speak about it, thats his business.


  • Gregg

    “Iconoclast”??? Really Leland??? LOL

    Keep on shilling for Hillary and then claim to be an iconoclast. Sad.

    (Let me save you the trouble of replying Leland. Here’s what you would type:
    “Gregg Gregg Gregg… Sad is what you are with your blah blah blah for 16 paragraphs of self important babble blah blah blah. Signed, Leland”)

  • Ash

    “it is his life and his sex life so if he chooses to or chooses not to speak about it, thats his business.”

    Indeed, Jaye, it is his life and his decision, and no one would begrudge him this if he weren’t appearing in the Out 100. It’s contradictory and pathetic.

  • me987456

    Gregg is funny. Darryl is hot. I don’t care which way he swings his bat the boy is fiiiiiiiiiiine (and intelligent – Not that anyone ever gives any weight to that). And what about Boy Culture… a much better portrayal of his acting skills.

  • Juan

    You people kill me. There is a big difference between being “closeted” and being publicly out. Just because an actor chooses not to discuss his private life in public does not mean they’re closeted or “trying to fool anyone”! Stephens has always supported gay causes, frequented gay establishments, played gay roles. So he chose not to talk about his private life! Big deal. Closeted is denying that you’re gay in print and interviews (like we’ve seen many actors do- Queen Latifah, Wentworth Miller, etc…). So now you have the confirmation you’ve so desperately been wanting. He’s gay. He still doesn’t have to talk about it. He still doesn’t have to let all of you vultures into his private bedroom. He still doesn’t have to let you know who he’s seeing. It’s his business. And now he’s “officially” an openly gay actor. One more for the ranks. And that is a cause celebre. Especially considering the miniscule number of black actors and celebs who’ve come out.

  • Devyn

    Thank you me987456. I rarely hear anyone speak to how intelligent and real Darryl is. And I agree with Jaye, gay is just part of who he is. Just as he is black, male, single, etc. He does a lot to support his communities and I dont feel he has to go around announcing to the world that he is gay. It doesn’t matter either way. YES, he is hot as hell, but what stands out more is that he is smart and witty to the point of being intimidating at times. I wish him the best of luck in whatever his next move is.

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