Darryl Stephens’ Really Gay Arc


With both Sex and the City and Queer as Folk off the air, there’s a void in gay shows with high drama-loving ensemble casts (Desperate Housewives just isn’t doing it for us this season). But we think we’ve found the perfect substitute with Logo’s new all-gay, all-black show, Noah’s Arc.

We were curious about Noah himself, Darryl Stephens. What has he been in? We went to IMDB for a peak at his body of work and could barely find a movie or TV show that wasn’t teeming with gays, gays, and more gays. Circuit? Um, it’s about circuit parties. Boy Culture is a gay hustler movie. Natch. Stephens was also in the original Noah’s Arc movie. And what’s up next? The aptly titled Another Gay Movie, a film about four guys who lose their anal virginity.

Typecast much?

Not that we mind, you see. We just want it written into his contract that he appear shirtless in all of his future fag roles.