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Dating app under fire for encouraging men to alter their appearances to look more “manly”

A new app is under fire for encouraging men to “meet the manly version of yourselves” by offering them “red-hot perfect body editing.”

Manly is a British app being marketed primarily to gay men. It allows users to upload photos of themselves and then edit their physical features to look more appealing to other guys on dating apps.

“So easy to be hot muscle men,” the app’s page reads. “Try #manly now!”

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For £4.99, users can completely change their appearances, adding facial hair, fake tattoos, and definition, changing their skin tone, and exaggerating their muscles.

Once the photo has been successfully doctored, they can upload it to their Grindr profiles, and–voilà!–they’re officially “manly.”

Of course, not everyone is a fan of the message the app is sending.

Instinct writes:

Not only is Manly promoting unhealthy, and now completely unrealistic, ideas of “the perfect male body,” but its encouraging users to participate in that lie. On top of that, this adds all kinds of problems in terms of dating and hooking up. People already get put off when you look different than you do in your profile picture, and now you can change it so you look like a totally different person?

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Here’s a video that shows how the “red-hot perfect body editing” process works.