Dating Site All About The Gays
It’s hard finding a date. That’s why millions upon millions of people turn to the internet to find their next honey. And we’re not talking Manhunt here. Believe it or not, gay men and women actually find longterm lovers via the world wide web. One of the biggest site, eHarmony, refuses to help them.

Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren claims that since eHarmony’s a “marriage” based-site, they can’t cater to the homos. Homos, of course, can’t legally marry and eHarmony goes by the book. What he doesn’t mention, however, is that his law book goes by another name: The Bible. The popular site got its start under the Focus on The Family wing. Warren’s great chums with that old homo-hater, James Dobson and Dobson used to promote the site on his radio show. The men severed their business ties back in 2005, when eHarmony became a publicly traded company. Their homophobic legacy lives on, however, thus ensuring no gay will ever find love on their cultish site.

Now another dating site’s looking to fill that gaping hole. – an offshoot of gay loving – has launched an aggressive ad campaign highlighting eHarmony’s discriminatory logic. Here’s their queer commercial. It’s sweet, to the point and, we hope, effective…