Dave Franco And Zac Efron Confirmed To Be Dating, James Franco Offers Congratulations


James Franco is the first to officially congratulate his brother Dave and hunky heartthrob Zac Efron on their newly-public relationship, posting a screenshot of an article confirming the new Hollywood power couple on Instagram.

“Effron [sic] and My brother, dating!!!!!!”, he writes. “Congrats, boys! I’m so happy for you!!!”

We knew it. We called it the day they admitted giving each other blowjobs on the set of this film.

The news of Efron’s brand new relationship with his Neighbors costar comes less than a month after reports linked him to openly bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez. It is also, unfortunately, totally fake.

The screenshot, described as “pretty convincing” by someone at E! who is obviously blind, was reposted by Franco from the fan account @davefrancock. It was apparently Photoshopped by the 17-year-old girl who runs the account using tabloid headlines and photos pulled from this April Hollywood Life article linking Zac to someone named Halston Sage.

If you look closely, the doctored article includes the byline “davefrancock” and an author photo of James Franco.

It was fun while it lasted, boys. And sorry for the false alarm; you can go back to looking at pictures of Tom Daley now.

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  • cformusic

    poor Zac Efron..yall are gonna berate this guy into going gay

  • jwrappaport

    Doesn’t James have a third Ivy League dissertation to finish and a graduate seminar to teach?

  • Desert Boy

    Zac Efron is flawless. Dave Franco is one lucky guy.

  • vive

    James Franco’s gay-baiting is becoming creepier by the day. Just admit to being gay or bi or just stop it once and for all.

  • michael mellor

    Why can’t two men be close physical friends without the lame-stream media trying to invent a sexual relationship out of it?

  • gymmuscleboy

    The mainstream article in question is finding humour in the idea of a gay relationship. We should not encourage this.

  • Cagnazzo82

    That would actually be a hot pairing… if it existed outside of fantasy land.

  • Lvng1tor

    Anyone else get idea that this pairing just feels right…They just seem perfect for each other. I don’t know I could see it.

  • danlaffoon

    Please publish with integrity and publish truthful headlines!

  • spiffy

    @Lvng1tor: The only person that is perfect for Dave Franco (aside from Chris Mintz-Plasse) is Dave Franco himself.

  • NoCagada

    @cformusic: That doesn’t work on humans. Evidently, it worked on you.

  • Greg Garavani

    You guys can have Zac, I want both Dave and James.

  • mydude

    Boy, some of you need to learn to TAKE A FUCKING JOKE.

    While it may not have been funny to you, it was essentially harmless.

    Do you actually think Efron or Dave took this seriously and lost sleep over it? Will it cost them their careers? NO! So what’s the problem?

    Take a chill pill.

  • Dxley

    James Franco needed some attention since people got bored of his selfies and there weren’t so many likes and comments on his page anymore!

  • jd2222248

    this is not funny! :-)

  • kel777

    Zac looks a lot better now that he’s a little older. He looked like an airbrushed mannequin when he was 18.

  • rickhfx

    Is this laughing at gays or with gays?

  • Mack

    They would make a hot looking couple, however, Zac is more into Daddies then twinks so Dave wouldn’t be his type. The older Italian he was with a couple of weeks ago is more his style.

  • Meb

    This is not credible, at all. Dave is too hot and cute for Zac.

  • D P

    @Desert Boy: – I ditto your comment! I wish I were a fly on that wall, even though its an imaginary wall.

  • DjARD


    At. And we should stop kidding ourselves it’s anything but.

    Seriously, people?

    THIS IS HOMOPHOBIA. It’s only in the guise of an “inclusive” attitude. The things the Francos has been doing, along with this – it’s a trivialization of sexuality. It’s saying “your identity is so unimportant, I can adopt it for a bit of good fun”. Which is ignoring the fact that, unless James is actually gay/bi, all three of these men have privileges we will never have. The world is nowhere near being equal, no matter how close we are to marriage equality. To assume otherwise is ludicrous.

    The only thing these guys are doing is reinforcing their own position of privilege and power as straight man, while belittling the lack of such amongst LGBT individuals.

    And yet sites like Queerty continue to court them. Disgusting.

  • James Hart

    James Franco’s continuing need to propagate these silly stories is starting to make me think that he isn’t as pro-gay as he professes, but he really is, in a under handed way, trivializing gay relationships, which is a not so subtle form of homophobia.

    • mydude

      @James Hart:

      Now James Franco is a homophobe?????

    • Cagnazzo82

      @James Hart: I would say it’s probably more like slightly odd that James Franco is spreading (albeit obviously false) rumors about his brother dating another hot guy he starred in movie with.

      I don’t know of any other Hollywood siblings that behave in a similar manner.

  • m.miller92

    Yes seeing Zac and Dave dating is some people wetdream but since this is a false headline that’s all that is “a wetdream”. It’s sad two friends can’t enjoy each other company without being labeled as a couple. Zac & Dave did a movie together and afterward they just wanted to stay in touch that’s it, I wonder is this why we’re not getting the support we’re begging for, it’s pathetic.

  • Lorrish

    Too bad it’s a fake, lol.
    Zac is flawless though ._.

    Oh, by the by, when you guys have a minute, would you kindly support and/or share my secret proposal scheme :D ?

  • eliasadc

    this article confused me. if zac really bisexual or it was a hoax?

  • tusgold

    its time Taylor and Zac open up thrir doors so we can officially masturbate to their pics

  • btrmale

    I love both those guys. It would sure be great news for all!!!!

    If it were only true!!

  • tusgold

    that is absolutely horrible. These are people to like you and I.

  • ptb2014

    I adore Dave Franco.
    If it were true I would be so jealous while at the same time wishing him the best.

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