Dave Franco Answers For Brother James’ Homoerotic Antics

Chris Meloni’s perfect butt wasn’t the only sexy celeb to stop by Conan last night, so did Dave Franco. The self-proclaimed well-endowed younger of the Franco bros stopped by to discuss his new film Neighbors, but Conan was much more interested in getting a brotherly take on some of James’ recent antics like that stoic nude selfie or his questionable paintings of a very naked Seth Rogen.

Here’s the clip:

But is Dave really the best person to ask for perspective on straight male public homoeroticism?

The younger (and arguably hotter) Franco is no stranger to blurring the lines of sexuality in the name of, what? shock value? entertainment? softcore porn?

Maybe a little of each.

Here’s a recap:

That time he fucked himself, for starters.


And who could forget that epic game of gay chicken?

So in closing, Conan may need to look outside the Franco family to unlock the mysteries that lie within.

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