Davey Wavey Conducts Highly Scientific “Gay Test” On Straight Friend

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.19.42 PMYour favorite YouTuber Davey Wavey is giving male fitness model Phil Fusco the “Straight Guy Gay Test” in a new teaser for their joint workout video this week. What those two things have to do with one another, we’re not sure, but we’ve learned not to question what Davey is up to so long as he leaves his shirt out of it.

This is the same guy Davey tried to “turn straight” by kissing back in December 2012, an experience Phil describes as “horrible.” They’re making this new video because nobody believed that Phil was straight the first time around — his “gayness” is determined here based on his answers to 10 stereotypical questions.

The bottom line? Davey Wavey needs a blowjob.

Check it out below, and make sure to buy that super erotic Bootcamp Workout over at

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  • hyhybt

    “This is the same guy Davey tried to “turn straight” by kissing…”—If the experience was that horrible, it must have worked.

  • Billy Budd

    I find Davey Wavey very unnatractive. I would never have sex with him.

  • Desert Boy

    Queerty is back to its old tricks.

    • hyhybt

      @Desert Boy: Tricks? Only thing tricky I see is putting the checkbox for “subscribe to our newsletter” next to the “Post comment” button but on the opposite side of the page from the text that says what it’s really for.

  • Mezaien

    @Desert Boy: Is that an old trick? or old shit.

  • James Hart

    IT MUST BE A SLOW NEWS DAY!!! Wavey again? I guess Davey compensates for his unattractive, very narrow, and emaciated face with a great body. At least he has one redeeming quality because his internet show stinks.

  • James Hart

    @Billy Budd: He’s a dork.

  • masc4masc

    Okay. I get the aversion. I really do. But if this guy had a totally different personality and didn’t sound like a total woman, you guys would think he’s hot.

  • Dxley

    Everything about this girl makes my body shiver with utter disgust. Her voice, face and body all just make me throw up in my mouth. (It) wants to be a woman but maintain the male body because it’s naturally more muscular. Eww >_<

  • Alan down in Florida

    @James Hart: Yes he’s a dork but he is so adorkable and such fun with it he makes me giggle.

  • Jinkx Monsoon

    Let’s get one thing straight Queerty, he’s your favourite youtuber not ours, how anyone can find that man attractive, is literally beyond me. he has a number of straight friends, that are surprisingly very, very camp.

  • masc4masc

    @Dxley: The last part of your comment could be construed as insensitive by our trans brothers and sisters….or sisters and brothers…or brother-sisters…

  • James Hart

    @masc4masc: Maybe if he got a face transplant.

  • James Hart

    @Dxley: Yup! I see a woman in there struggling to get out. I wonder if he ever contemplated having a sex change operation???

  • James Hart

    @masc4masc: LOL

  • lykeitiz

    Next up: Straight guy conducts highly scientific “Douche Test” on Davey Wavey. It’s settled in the first question!

  • Brendan

    “Hmm… Not as interesting when it speaks” – Beverley Leslie

  • MacAdvisor

    I am compelled to stand up for Davey. He is simply adorable and very sexy. I would go out with him in a New York minute. I think he has a great open, smiling face that I could stare at forever, his body is truly amazing. His eyes laugh and that is great. I would “motorboat” his nipples for hours.

    Beyond his looks, I actually like the guy. He works hard and does good work. I met him once when he interviewed me at the SF Gay Pride Parade last year and he was honest and real. At that time, I didn’t know him from Adam and he was not put off in the least be my complete lack of knowledge of his fame. He was just so conscientious in the interview, something very rare in those rushed situations. I wish I knew him better and I honestly would take him out to dinner just for the conversation.

    If you don’t like Davey, don’t read the Queerty articles on him.

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