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Davey Wavey Has Been Caught Without A Shirt, Underwear, Or Anything Else

Yesterday Davey Wavey asked if you can go without sex. The self-made YouTube fitness and lifestyle guru might answer the question “No,” given his once free-wheeling days on Manhunt.

Our inbox has previously been stuffed with folks claiming to have naked photos of Davey Wavey, which is hot and all, but this is a guy who practically puts himself on the web — naked — already. See: right.

But now photos purportedly from Davey’s Manhunt cruising sessions have leaked, and the oft nearly-naked vlogger keeps nothing buttoned up. Not that he’s ever been shy about his online cruising habits. And just this week he was blogging about how he wants people to “embrace your guilty pleasures. Celebrate them. Make them a little less guilty. After all, isn’t it better to be disliked for who you are than like for who you’re not? I’m always surprised by the number of guys that live secret lives online. Everyone has seen the innumerable headless torsos of guys on Manhunt or Grindr. Sure, some of those pictures are cropped for reasons of employment. And a good number of men may be married or in the closet. But I know a number of people that are out, proud, equally employed – and yet headless online.”

Not Davey.

Evidently, the 27-year-old has little to be embarrassed about, for he is both grower and shower. And you can see just how much on the (NSFW) Tabloid Prodigy. I guess this is what you get when you try to cheat Manhunt?

[Photos removed by request]