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Davey Wavey Has Been Caught Without A Shirt, Underwear, Or Anything Else

Yesterday Davey Wavey asked if you can go without sex. The self-made YouTube fitness and lifestyle guru might answer the question “No,” given his once free-wheeling days on Manhunt.

Our inbox has previously been stuffed with folks claiming to have naked photos of Davey Wavey, which is hot and all, but this is a guy who practically puts himself on the web — naked — already. See: right.

But now photos purportedly from Davey’s Manhunt cruising sessions have leaked, and the oft nearly-naked vlogger keeps nothing buttoned up. Not that he’s ever been shy about his online cruising habits. And just this week he was blogging about how he wants people to “embrace your guilty pleasures. Celebrate them. Make them a little less guilty. After all, isn’t it better to be disliked for who you are than like for who you’re not? I’m always surprised by the number of guys that live secret lives online. Everyone has seen the innumerable headless torsos of guys on Manhunt or Grindr. Sure, some of those pictures are cropped for reasons of employment. And a good number of men may be married or in the closet. But I know a number of people that are out, proud, equally employed – and yet headless online.”

Not Davey.

Evidently, the 27-year-old has little to be embarrassed about, for he is both grower and shower. And you can see just how much on the (NSFW) Tabloid Prodigy. I guess this is what you get when you try to cheat Manhunt?

[Photos removed by request]

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  • PopSnap

    Seriously? All censored except for one?

    Man, Davey Wavey really IS useless.

  • David

    Really, who hasn’t seen these pictures?

  • Dan

    Ummm, me? Where do I see the uncensored versions? I always assumed he was tiny.


    @Dan: Go to Tabloid Prodigy..

    Damm he is fucking huge!!!!! I am exactaly how I feel about this bit of news yet………..

  • RickyRicardo


  • Blaine Ward

    So now I suppose you’re all going to start liking/tolerating him now that you’ve seen his slightly above average dick? He’s nowhere near “big”, btw. John Holmes was big. This guy is just a bit above average.


    @Blaine Ward: Are we looking at the same picture??? There is no way that is considered “average”…………..

  • Yet Another

    Seriously? Is Queerty trying to fuck this guy or something? I really don’t understand why he keeps getting covered…..

  • Jeffree

    Other than his “intellectual” vlogs, does Wavey Diva have a real job?

    He’s cute but…….

  • TheRealDeal

    So THERE we have it, finally exposed. In spite of ALL the spiritual bs, the platitudes, the focus on the inner being and all this awful, narcissistic, self-serving crap, in the end, Davey Wavey is nothing but one big hypocrite, who has to resort no to his “Break the Illusion” website but to his dick to get men. It’s just like the celebrities in Hollywood or on Capitol Hill that pretend to be holier than thou, and in the end, they are all big sluts focused on only the physical. Yet they will never admit that because they want to appear as noble and superior. Davey, you’re such a phony. Your dick has finally broken the illusion.

  • Blaine Ward

    @TheRealDeal: Very well said!

  • Blaine Ward

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: You must have experienced only very small dicks in your life to think this guy is huge! And I said slightly above average, not average. Can’t you read properly???

  • Jones

    @TheRealDeal: And if I may add my two cents real deal: he is the kind of guy that would never date a less-than-perfect dude; who would not hang out with someone unless he was like Scott Herman. I will take any day a gorgeous muscle queen who will admit to not speaking to 3/4 of the human race because they are not up to his physical standards, than to this clown who says one thing and does another. I would love to see him hanging out with average guys, overweight, ugly, old, but with a good heart and mind. Ah but no, we know that’s what Davey really is not after. And yeap, being a Manhunt junkie confirms that. Thanks for revealing the truth Queerty!

  • Jimmy

    Wow, a lot of jealous guys on here rationalizing some goofy hate.

  • Rich

    Oh please.. i’d hit it .. and most of you would too!!!

  • Mike

    feeling cheated …. let’s see the other pics, uncensored


    @Blaine Ward: I know people like to hate on DW, I personally think he is harmless. Yet you have to give credit where due. In that pic he is not fully errect, so you gotta add some additional size to the finished product. That is well above average…………

  • Wonka

    Davey ,,was the Kinda guy that I found very attractive when I was young single and at the bar, until that fatel moment he opend his mouth.

  • Black Pegasus

    Ewww! he’s uncut?


  • christopher di spirito

    Davey Wavey nekkid? Quick Queerty, market this shit. You just discovered how to turn gay men in straight men.

  • wannabegay2

    photoshop, anyone?!

  • Sid

    @Black Pegasus: Although the picture is grainy and could be interpreted either way, he has said on his site that he is cut (or at least very strongly implied it, multiple times). Maybe if the pics weren’t so useless… or, uh, if I had anything better to do right now.

  • concernedcitizen

    @TheRealDeal: umm clearly you don’t pay attention to HIS videos outside of maybe the ones Queerty excoriates, he already admitted that he would’ve done porn but the only reason he didn’t was he didn’t want it to come back to hurt him later in his life.
    He’s not ashamed of his sexuality, he enjoys sex and has a high self esteem. Contrary to what it seems you believe, the two are not incompatible.

  • Devon

    Huh. I always figured it would be the size of a skittle, or a mini vanilla tootsie roll or something.

    So….Good for him, I guess.

  • Phil

    Is our fitness guru’s BF% always this high? I always figured that the gays would have more discerning tastes.

  • jj

    Dude is hot. Continued success, sir.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Jones: “he is the kind of guy that would never date a less-than-perfect dude” do you realize how jealous and spiteful you sound??? Just like you have the right to date whoever you’d want (and would be unfortunate enough to have you) so does he!
    If your interested in dating guys who are “muscle queens” as you refer to them why don’t you try taking care of your own body because guess what no one wants to pity fuck you when you look slovenly and don’t put time into your OWN health…
    You’re probably damn near 300 hundred pounds, sweaty, disgusting mass of jealous lazy crap… And you’ve got the temerity to hate on someone for treating their body with respect! Ugh jealous queens make me sick!!!! And I don’t give a shit how many thumbs down I get it just proves my point!!!

  • Jon

    What the hell is a Davey Wavey?

  • Jeff K.

    Hm, lucky him. He didn’t get his dick filleted as a baby.

  • Phil

    You completely missed the point. He -would- sleep with a vapid and shallow muscle queen as long as he was honest about it. Davey Wavey is, in his opinion, the type to be dishonest with himself, and those around him, about who he’d be willing to date appearence-wise. For example, you’re an arrogant ass, but you’re honest about it so I’ll totally knock bones with you.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Phil:I see what your saying but to me he wouldn’t even get a chance with the “gorgeous muscle queen” to begin with… Everyone acts as though its so shameful that appearance is a factor in mate selection but the reality is some people do it for you and some just don’t…
    I’ve seen tons of davey’s vids and just because he’s “spiritual” doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a carnal side or thinks he’s morally above anyone… We’re all sexual beings davey has posted TONS of videos about his libido and he’s not ashamed nor acts as if he is…
    So the whole idea of him acting as though he is pretending to be above the carnal fray is a misconception.

  • Ryan C

    Wai. Wait.

    So he actually told people to “embrace their guilty pleasures.”

    And rightly so,

    Did so himself sometime ago?

    …and we’re calling him out because?

  • gilber

    this guy is delicious

  • B

    In No. 10 · TheRealDeal wrote, “So THERE we have it, finally exposed. In spite of ALL the spiritual bs, the platitudes, the focus on the inner being and all this awful, narcissistic, self-serving crap, in the end, Davey Wavey is nothing but one big hypocrite,”

    …. there’s no evidence that he is a hypocrite – “spiritual” in “new age” lingo does not mean sexually uptight or even monogamous.
    If he said to be “spiritual” in the Catholic Church sense of the word, you could call him a hypocrite, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  • Wayne

    Actually, I really like Davey. Okay, so he’s sometimes too perky, probably has faults but – well anyone who has a retired greyhound (as do I) earns points in my book! :)

  • David

    DW reminds me of my first X. Cute, Perky, lots of fun, sociable.
    I wonder how he is on 1-on-1 conversation. I mean, away from the public spotlight; after driving cross-country and dealing with a flat tire, running out of gas, and then driving cross-country again. Would he still be interesting? Who knows?

  • Tofer David

    Love davey and I think he is great
    Don’t judge, don’t hate

  • Jimmy

    That’s a big dick, but it’s attached to a bigger dick.

  • B

    The real object of criticism should be Tabloid Prodigy. Davey Wavey is the copyright owner, assuming he took those pictures to post on Manhunt and did not transfer ownership to Manhunt. By putting Tabloid Prodigy’s name on the pictures, Tabloid Prodigy is giving the impression, whether intended or not, that Tabloid Prodigy is the copyright owner, and that is simply dishonest (unless Davey Wavey gave Tabloid Prodigy permission).

    It’s one thing to use the pictures (fair use, if you can make the case that the article is about a person and the pictures are used as proof of a statement), but quite another to give the impression that you somehow own the pictures.

    I think Tabloid Prodigy should pay Davey Wavey for the use of his pictures on that company’s web site, just as they would have to pay a paparazzi to sneak around and take some.

  • DCMetro

    How many times can this obnoxious queen hit the snooze button on his 15 minutes of fame? Cancel my subscription, I’m over his issues.

  • Rob

    He’s got a great body, but that is all about he has goin for him unfortunately…..

  • Shaun

    Some of you bitches on here are so bitter.

  • Michael

    What grade is Davey Wavey in, and you too, Queerty? The only reason I ask, is because my mom will want to know. “Tabloid Tragedy,” at best.

  • Bob R

    @Black Pegasus: Interesting comment. Davey Wavey is circumcised and has said so on his blog. He has a Jewish heritage and was circumcised, as he says “without his approval”. So, if he is uncircumcised in the photos, all but one of which are censored, then it’s obvious the pics were Photoshopped. It seems Davey is all about illusion.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    I dont care how large DW is….his voice irritates me…nice bod/masculine looking…but when he speaks..High heels come flyin out of his mouth…turn-off

  • sedneyliang

    Find good and nice place for all well millioniare sing’les, please che-ck: ****{tall}
    {loving}****, che-ck me out (Mary4U), More fun waiting for you…

  • Michael

    Now that there is nothing further to see, does this mean Queerty will be moving Davey Wavey to the back burner, for say, at least a week?

  • christopher di spirito

    You know what’s so great about this nonsense post?

    Everyone who failed to lick Davey Wavey’s anus was summarily scored negative. Coincidence? FOFLMAO!

  • L.

    Whatever one feels about DW, one thing is unarguable, and that’s both title and content of this post should be referred to a Truth In Advertising agency.

  • Christopher in VA

    @Disgusted Gay American — forget about the heterosexual homophobes, it’s the self-loathing assholes like you hating on femmes that keep body-image insecurity at its peak in the gay community. Shame on you! Like what you like and desire what you desire—everyone’s tastes vary, certainly—but CAN IT with the femiphobia! It’s utterly self-defeating!

  • Oh boy

    Seriously – this guy is good looking and looks even better completely naked…but he is soooo self-absorbed.

    I mean – does he ever get off his computer? It seems like the only time he gets off his computer is to work out. And that is so he can look good getting back on the computer…

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I agree that sexercise can help burn calories. What a stud Davey Wavey is.

    Steve Cruz –

  • Jeff K.

    @Bob R: Maybe he was circumcised but decided to restore? If so, good for him. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to that particular violation.

  • Endless Men

    how to unsubscribed Davey Wavey news on queerty.com ? seriously

  • Eric

    Where are the uncencorsed pics? Couldn’t find them on Tabloid Prodigy…

  • Jeff

    So he has a big dick. So do I, so do some of the guys here I imagine.

    But its a total waste since he seems like big ole bottom

  • frozen north

    @ Bob R, circumcision or lack there of, is often grey.

    I’ve known guys who were “cut” but the doctor took so little off that they still looked like they had all this foreskin.

    I’ve known guys that were “uncut” whose foreskin was too short for their erect cock that they appear cut for all intents and purposes.

    So, it could very well be that he’s cut, or it could well be a photoshopped picture. Just sayn’

  • Rick Brannon

    Hypocrite or no, he is still hot.

    I would fuck him if he agreed to bounce his pecs foe me.

  • Rick Brannon

    DAMN iPhone keyboard!

  • Franco

    I dislike his holier-than-thou assertion that his physique is a result of a desire to remain healthy when it’s cleary for vanity purpose only. He talks about loving your body the way it is when he obssesses over his own, because he wants to be attractive to other people. A lot of what he preaches doesn’t add up.

  • Jimmi

    Aren’t there gay men who have accomplished something of note without using their body to trade in on? I am so tired of the cavalcade of flesh being hawked like it is an accomplishment. Where are the Harvey Milks of tomorrow? Why doesn’t someone aspire to that?

  • Rick Brannon

    @Jimmi: Jimmi, honey…

    Get online, find a guy to fuck you till you can’t walk right and kindly shutup.


  • David

    Nevertheless, Davy Wavy seems to be cheerful, and there’s something to be said about that.

    What I’d like to know is, can he play the ukulele?

  • L.

    @David: I don’t know about that, but I understand he can blow a mean vuvuzela.


    I always find the Davey Drama created here in Queertyland to be fairly amusing. What has he done to harm any of the Gays? He is simply attempting to earn a living. Because guess what boys and girls??? You can actually earn a decent living on these here internets!!!

    If ya do some research you will discover that people are earning upwards of $6,000.00 per month simply by posting videos to YouTube…….Not bad coin for sitting in front of a $29.99 webcam…….. Add that to his subscription series and he is probably earning a decent living. Here is some news for you (I know some of you are going to find this difficult to take :-p), Davey is attractive, he does have a very good body, and we now learn that he does in fact have a big dick. It seems that some people like the dish Davey is servin up and he is somewhat successfull at it………..So go on tossin’ the hate of a fellow Gay person simply attempting to do the same thing most of you do in a 9-5 enviroment, earn a living…….

    Most likely he is laughing all the way to the bank………..

  • L.

    …in that cute, perky, head laugh he has.

    At any rate, I’d bet most people aren’t bothered by Davey per se (I actually think he’s sort of cute, if not my type) but by the relentless Davey-whoring Queerty does. At least that’s what irks me.

  • Jimmi

    @Rick Brannon: Have a man hunny, for 21 years and we have a great sex life. Now sit down and let the grown-ups talk.

  • Dominik

    Does Davey Wavey work here? If not, seems like by now he’d want to get his own website.

  • Nic

    No!!! The photos have been removed!!! Where else can I view it?

  • Jimmi

    @Nic: In hell.

  • dvd

    Clearly that’s a different guy. The round nipples are gone, and he doesn’t have that far around his guy.

  • Mountainword

    Please – he’s got a job, a nice body, a brain, and he can hold a decent conversation. That’s more than I can say for about 90 percent of gay men online that I’ve met.

    And yes, I’d hit that.

  • biatch

    @mountainword why would u hit dw?
    he seems like a nice boi & doesnt want 2 be beat up by the likes of u

  • TheRealDeal

    @concernedcitizen: Obviously you´re falling for Davey´s “Break the illusion” crap. Or is it his dick?

  • TheRealDeal

    @B: What you´re saying makes no sense.

  • B

    No. 63 · Jimmi wrote, “Aren’t there gay men who have accomplished something of note without using their body to trade in on?”

    There are. Just to name a few:

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)

    Alan Turing (mathematician – started the field of computer
    science, shortened World War II by quite a few months by
    breaking German cyphers)

    Rudolf Nuryev (ballet dancer)

    Dag Hammerskjold (former U.N. Secretary)

    Baron Justus von Liebig (chemist)

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer)

    Edvard Grieg (composer)

    Baron Alexander von Humboldt (scientist/explorer/geographer)

    Benedict IX (Pope, 1020-1055)

    http://christiangays.com/articles/famous.shtml has a list of them … having a former pope with the current one using the same name is pretty funny.

  • DavestahWavestah

    I have the pics if any guys wants to see them…Just doing my yearly gay community service…[img]http://tinypic.com/r/s2brra/3[/img]

  • Oscar

    @concernedcitizen: Sorry mate, but you are making no sense.

  • Ollie

    @DavestahWavestah: Oh! Can you send them to me too? Thanks!!

  • Shade

    so… why does everyone hate this guy so much? I didn’t see the naked pics but uh… why are people calling him a hypocrite? He said to embrace your guilty pleasures… he uses naked pics on a hookup site… what’s the disconnect? Is it because think you can’t be both spiritual and sexual? Because that’s a load of crap.

  • Yamimalik

    I would love to have those pictures too, thanks. [email protected]

  • hotdod

    @B: would love to see the pic too! [email protected] is my email!

  • ChrisDub

    Awww, PLEASE send them to me too. I’d love you forever… [email protected]

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  • anthonyp


    Count me in- please send them my way if you’ve got ’em!! I’d be really, really grateful. :-)

    [email protected]

  • Ms. Pink

    @B: How about the 21st Century?

  • shlong

    What I find hilarious is that thousands of camp guys follow “Davey Wavey” for intellectual and philosophical insights. The only reason people obsess about him is his looks. As soon as he puts his shirt on and spews his “intellectualism and philosophy” most of the guys will forget who he was. Wait till he hits his 40s and is forced to wear a shirt because man boobs will start to develop; I’ll wonder how many subscribers he will be left with then.

    Davey knows that if he doesn’t promote his physicality and sexuality, he’ll be out of youtube sponsors.

  • Jason

    Can someone email the uncensored pics to me? [email protected]

    Thank you so much!

  • Alex

    someone can send email the uncensored pics to me?

    [email protected] Thank you so much !

  • Richard


    Can you email the pics to me?

  • Xaavier

    @ DavestahWavestah defo send those pics this way please [email protected]
    and for the record he is hot but the voice is a turn off..lol!! He has a common shiny stereotypical gay guy look if tht is ur sort of thing i prefer my men a lot more masculine sounding and looking and yer hung.. lol…but u cant knock others for what they like b/c we all have our likes and dislikes…it is of no concern what he does as long as he isn’t hurting anyone & as it was said b4 if u dont like it piss off…if he is a bad person or hypocrite or anything else evil then the bitch called karma will deal with him not u or i or anyone else!

  • Johan

    Hey, would you send me the naked Davey Wavey pictures, i’ve been fantasizing way to long!
    [email protected]

  • priscilla queen of the jungle


    Please pass along the pics to me as well? Thanks! [email protected]

    @Jon Jon: :

    Those pics got me way hotter than any Morning Goods EVER did!

    **Right-click, SAVE in my naughty pics folder right next to Dustin Lance Black’s dick pics!**

  • Roger

    I think he is hot and hysterically wonderful. I would love to see those pics. Please can anyone send a copy? [email protected]

  • Roger

    Found copies,, thanks PopSnap. Oh hell yes I would not kick him out of bed!

  • Zach Pretorius

    It’d be great if someone could email these to me :) I cant find them anywhere
    [email protected]

  • EddieD

    @DavestahWavestah: I would love to see them too if they haven’t been removed.

  • EddieD

    @DavestahWavestah: Could you send then to me also? Where can I find them online? Nobody seems to have them.

  • Brett

    He hit up on me on grindr once and sent all his pics. I thought the same thing. Preaching equality and unprejudice. Yet clearly he only associated with the typical buff white good lucking pricks. I’m all those things but a prick. I’ve dated all colours and give guys a chance no matter how tall or not as attractive. In fact some of the mos amazing guys didn’t come with amazing biceps.

    I’m not one to cut a man down for stupid reasons. But he’s pretty hypocritical and racist if you ask me.

    Here’s hoping he changes his tune a bit and cuts the “love, flowers and equality” crap
    And just admits he’s as self centered sexually induced narcissist like most gays.


  • Joel J

    This conversation is enough to send me back into the closet. Get a life, girls.

  • Ryan

    He wasn’t underage in them. That’s just a bullshit story he cooked up to scare people into taking them down. Google Davey Wavey naked if you want to see the photos. His dick is very average, if not a hair below average. Davey’s YouTube channels typically portray this optimistic, air-headed, gymbunny, 20-something trying to hand out advice and bits of wisdom while clearly having no real idea about the world or how it functions beyond the walls of a Posh condo in gayville.

  • Ryan

    [Photos removed by request]

    Davey.. we ALL know you were well over 18 in those. Bitch please.

  • remh37

    @Jeff: I know, right? Honestly, he isn’t THAT big. All you have to do is google davey wavey nude and you can see his slightly above average dick (if you can call it that). What’s sad is that gay culture surrounds irrelevant crap like this.

  • eatitbitch

    Leave it to a gay men posting comments about a hot naked dude online to sound like a bunch of immature self hating crying little faggots. “His dick isnt that big” “eww hes uncut” “hes ugly” “hes narcissistic” blah blah blah. You pathetic faceless trolling faggots do not possess one molecule of this guys personality and courage. Thats why he has a successful Youtube channel with millions of fans and you dont. You dont have his killer physique, because he takes care of himself while you sit online posting asinine comments about a guy so attractive ans popular that youre not even on the same planet as this guy.

    Seriously, Ive only seen this kind of word diarrhea on D &D forums where one useless retard is trying to explain to his sweaty basement dweller friend why his dragon is stronger than a ogre wizard. Get lives faggots. Davey is a lovely specimen of man and you’d be taking his load up your assets at the drop of his pants if you had the chance. Faggots.

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