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Davey Wavey Helps The Man Kicked Out Of Church For Being Gay Deliver A Message

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Oft-shirtless and ab-tastic YouTuber Davey Wavey stays behind the camera for his latest video, an update on the man kicked out of church for being gay.

A few months back we told you about Arkansas man Dylan Settles, who got a nasty letter from his home church that accused him of “embracing the homosexual lifestyle” and told him not to return until he begs God for forgiveness.

Of course, that didn’t happen. However, Settles shared the letter and it went viral. Now, he’s got something to say to his former church and Davey Wavey is giving him a bit of help.

We must say — we’re digging the diversity of videos Davey is sharing lately. The shirtlessness and abs will always be there (as well they should), but it’s nice to see more vids with a positive message, too.

Watch Settles share and deliver his message to the church below.