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Davey Wavey Is Up To All Good

Davey Wavey, the gay Dalai Lama, got it in his head that spreading messages of positivity would be good for the world. So he’s handing out “You are beautiful” notes to strangers, some of whom he’s never met yet, and asking you to pass it on. You will probably interpret this as an opportunity to hand him back a “You are annoying” note. You shouldn’t.

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  • Spike

    But he is annoying. Curious that it never occurred to past out such notes the first time he went to a bath house. And who knew he ever put on a shirt, let alone a jacket?!!?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I really don’t understand all the hate for this man. When it’s not trashing his looks; his choice of clothing, or lack thereof; it’s his voice and mannerisms that are ridiculed.

    I have yet to see one cogent argument demonstrating why Davey should not be seen, nor heard.

  • IE

    Davey is entertaining, funny and kind. Also sexy. I just plain like the guy.

  • Soupy

    I guess he has about as much right to be heard as Britney Spears. But you can’t blame people for questioning taste.

  • Ro-Ro

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    It’s not that he says something invalid. It’s the manner in which it is presented.I would find him sexier if he put some clothes on. He’s intelligent enough to be sexy without being naked.

    He panders to gay audiences by parading around shirtless most of the time.

    It’s patronising and insulting. Doubly so because he does seem to be genuinely smart and caring. It’s difficult to listen to someone express something deep when they’re doing so through superficial means.

    I feel sad and worry Davey actually feels he has to do as such to gain peoples views and attention. He doesn’t. I also worry the message he sends to gay youth is that one has to be good looking, or use their looks, to be listened to.

  • alan brickman

    Put morning goods back on..so you direct your jealous frustrations elsewhere……

  • Danny

    Nice idea Davey.

  • Dali

    What’s a Davey-Wavey? Do you need Brylcreem to do it?

  • Kamikapse

    Ugh, he’s such a pretentious douchebag.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I like Davey Wavey. He is cute. I think we might be confused as to what he does (and he can do anything he wants).

    Butt…..is he an actor, model, porn,escort, personality or all the above? And why don’t we see him any where but Queerty.

  • thematics

    Watching Ms Wavey philosophise is like seeing a four year old attempt calculus: you admire the attempt but laugh at the results.
    ……And pray that whatever’s gone so terribly wrong with his voice, nipples and hairline isn’t contagious.

    Other than that, I’m sure he’s a very sweet and banal guy.

  • Robert

    @Jack E. Jett: He has said in earlier videos that he designs websites for a living and is very good at it so he can pretty much live anywhere in the world and long as he has an internet connection he can do his job. He also claims to have been some sort of child art prodigy, which, translated into a natural talent at graphic design as an adult.

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