Davey Wavey Looks Into The Weird, Watery Underworld Of Gay Mermaids


“I eat, sleep, breathe and sh*t mermaids. My family knew I was a mermaid for a very long time.”

That’s Blix, aka Eric, a self-identified “gay mermaid” who opens up to Davey Wavey in his latest video.

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Blix explains that he’s experienced lots of discrimination in his life, since most people aren’t used to seeing black gay mermaids milling around in their day-to-day lives.

“Every mermaid you see has got blonde hair and blue eyes,” Blix explains. “I’ve even had kids tell me, ‘My friends say I cant be a mermaid because I’m black,’ and I’m like, ‘No babydoll, that should make you want to be one!'”

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Later on, Davey Wavey puts on his own mermaid tail to learn more about these misunderstood creatures, which, after watching the video, we suspect we still misunderstand.