Davey Wavey Loves You. No, Really

Beacon of happiness Davey Wavey may annoy you because of his voice, his nipples, or the fact that he gets to travel the world while you sit in a cubicle, but he’s the Mother Theresa of YouTube, and you’ve gotta give him snaps for that. Well at least, bend and snaps.

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  • Lanjier

    What he said was very kind.

  • Jon


  • RomanHans

    Is the editorial policy here driven by dick? Honestly, I can’t figure out why your “health reporter” and Davey Wavey are featured day in and day out. Is it really something as shallow as being photographed in speedos? Are they doing an editor? Now you say DW deserves attention because he TRAVELS. WOW! Somebody call Letterman.

    Anyway, you’re approaching a record here. Twenty DW posts and I have yet to feel interested. Keep pushing that rock up the mountain, dudes.


    While I kinda like Davey, I would suspect that someone who has complained about his apartment being sub-par. And really has no regular employment nor source of income that one can see, may have certain “financial arrangments” which may provide him with said funds to “travel the world”. That being said, I think it is time for Queerty to request their own “special arrangment” in which unless his future posts are full frontal, he gets no more free publicity on these threads………..

    Or, maybe there is an arrangment!! *wondering,curious* :-O

  • Stevo

    @RomanHans: lmfao… will you marry me? :)

  • Qjersey

    Queerty features him because they probably get some ad revenue from all of us clicking through to post how much we can’t stand him. So if you want Davey Wavey to go away. DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK and DON’T bother to post a comment.

  • DTDA

    Oh, no. MORE Queenie Weenie? Enough already!


    “Davey Wavey may annoy you because of his voice, his nipples”

    It’s NOT his nipples that annoy me, its ONLY the voice. Duct tape anyone?

  • AxelDC

    Does he not own a t-shirt or polo?

  • Jose

    It’s not his voice that gets to me.

    It’s the ridiculous amounts of overflowing pretentiousness that comes with anyone setting up a camera and filming themselves dishing out life advice. Although I guess I hate anyone who would have a website called “breaktheillusion”.

    This video was sweet though. But that brings the next reason why he annoys me. Why is he always featured here? My sorta dislike for him is compounded every day building up to utter RAGE (=P) by you guys’s obsession with him.

    Oh well hating him everyday is fun.
    see you tomorrow Mr. David Wavey.

  • Jon

    Love the Davey Wavey! Love you all!

  • Rodrigo

    Well I’m not the biggest fan of dw but his message seemed genuine!

    I love you.

  • JonathanHasHasIt

    He is an absolute moron.

  • Dallas David

    I like him, he’s ok.
    Nothing wrong with a cheerful word of encouragement every now and then.

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