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Davey Wavey Responds To Hypocrisy Claims, Plans More Diversity To His Videos


Last week, Davey Wavey published a viral rant about the disrespect some young gay men show to older guys, and it struck a real chord with viewers.

Now, he wants to broaden the conversation about what the LGBT community consumes and why we should be opening up our minds a bit more.

Responding to an op-ed at Huffpost Queer Voices (yes, it’s “Queer Voices” now) which suggested there’s a disconnect between his previous videos and the message in his latest, Davey offers some interesting insights about what is valued in the LGBT community and what stories need to be explored a bit more.

He writes:

While celebrating the elders in our community — and the sacrifices that they’ve made — is something all of us can stand by, some of the responses have been negative. As someone who has created more than 800 videos over the last 8 years, folks have noted that my content has included a number of young, white, shirtless gay men.

This, they claim, undercuts my anti-ageism message with blatant hypocrisy. But what critics fail to mention is that my videos have also included, in the last year alone, 88 people who aren’t young, cis, white gay men.

Wavey’s videos are a business, and he also makes a pretty good point about what’s consumed the most:

I’m also a business person and creating video content is my job. I’m supported by the ad revenue that my videos generate, and I need to strike a balance. The reality is, my videos with shirtless, young gay guys get a disproportionate amount of views because that’s what our community consumes most.

He wraps up his response by saying he’d “love to hear more suggestions” in the spirit of “open and productive dialogue.” Frankly, we’d suggest he just keeps on doing what he’s doing.

Look, porn and gay magazine covers pretty much reinforce the idealized view of white masculinity and if you think it’s anything new for the LGBT community, it isn’t. If that’s who you are/what you’re all about, that’s fine.

The rest of us have to work a bit harder to seek representation, but lucky for us it’s 2016 and not 1986 and there’s a world of stuff out there just waiting to be discovered. Davey’s obviously trying to balance more important videos with the T&A that pays the bills, so good for him.

As for us, we stopped buying into the standards of attractiveness pushed by the mainstream gay community long ago. For your sanity, we suggest you do the same.