Davey Wavey Returns With A Colorful Tribute To Jamey Rodemeyer

The YouTube-lebrity you hate to love Davey Wavey has put together a heart-touching, helium-filled memorial for 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer and other victims of anti-gay bullycides… and it’s actually pretty sweet.

Wavey has long been a Queerty regular with his videos about badly debunking gay stereotypes, succeeding at long-distance relationships, and even an appearance on Morning Goods.

His moving tribute shows that he’s not just a pretty body and a high-pitched voice… he also has nice biceps and a loving heart.

PS. Wavey assures viewers that he used biodegradable balloons. Does that mean dolphins can safely eat them? Well…

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  • Michael

    Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.RIP all of our fallen LGBT brothers and sisters may you all have the peace you all deserved in life.Hate needs to end NOW.

  • fredo777

    That’s pretty sweet. I also like that the balloons are so vibrant, which sends a bit more of a hopeful message.

  • ewe

    Beautiful sentiment.

  • Spike

    Who knew that he owned a shirt and would ever be willing to cover his nipples?!!?

    FYI – releasing balloons is a serious hazard to many ocean species that ingest them.

    Davey Wavey HATES Flipper !!!!!!!

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Spike: Oh yeah, Davey made sure to mention in his video that the balloons were biodegradable. Whether that means that Flipper can eat them… well…

  • IzzyLuna

    Too bad he’s so self-defacating. The video is still all about HIM and how sweet HE’S being instead of the focus solely on the victims. Oh well. Small steps, Davey. I know it’s tough for you.

  • RickStrandlof

    He’s even hotter WITH a shirt on!

    The remembrance is very sweet.

    Did any of you bitches do anything as nice?


    Neither did I for the record.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with Izzy. He’s totally self defacating.

  • Michael


    He seems like he genuinely cares to me anyways.

  • fredo777

    Why not do something of a nice tribute yourself, Izzy, instead of just throwing shade on The Wave for his efforts?

  • Mais

    That was embarrassing. The sentiment was nice, but a true tribute would’ve more prominently featured the victim, not the fugly attention whore looking to capitalize on an unfortunate tragedy.

  • queertypie

    I thought the video was poignant. What struck me the most was the amount of balloons and when they were released, I had goose-bumps. For all the bad there may be, there is goodness and love.

  • fredo777

    @Mais: Do you think it’s a bit inappropriate to attack Davey as a “fugly attention whore” when he’s doing a tribute to a kid who took his own life because people were bullying/attacking him?

  • BubbasBack

    This poor child is dead, so what is Davey doing? Riding the gravy train! Getting publicity from the misery of others. Boy, get your priorities straight! Burp.

  • christopher di spirito

    Here we go again. The new Queerty slides back to its old habit of posting Davey Wavey threads. Didn’t the people who run Queerty learn anything the first time around?

  • Patrick

    Nice that he cares… but please don’t continue posting his shirtless antics… they were excruciating to watch the first time round

  • Kieren

    Ugh, I’ve been seeing this guy in Rosedale lately. I don’t even know what he’s doing in this area.

  • Cranston Cranium

    Although I am not a big fan of “Davey Wavey”, I support and think this act to remember those who have ended their young lives, that suffered overwhelming physical or verbal abuse… touching. So much for the negative comments that surfaced bashing his efforts. The phrase “It gets better” must come partially from the maturity level of those who are trying to make a difference, not the first ones to throw stones.
    Those who are overly critical, like @Mais , needs to find an outlet besides a computer and keyboard to vent their frustration.
    Nice work, Davey!

  • dave

    please dont start the davey wavey shit again

  • Peter

    As a closeted gay teen, who doesn’t cry or show emotion very often, that video made me cry my fucking eyes out.

  • Michael


    This SHIT as you call it was a very touching way to remember all those who we have lost in the LGBT community.I would think you could at least respect Daveys intentions despite your dislike for him.

  • JJ

    Could he not find a more open green space than releasing the balloons under a mass of trees? just saying.

  • meego

    And just when you thought it was safe to come back to queerty……he’s back!

  • An Ella Fan

    All I could wrap my head around is that there were entirely too many balloons.

    A nice piece and I’m sure families and friends of the fallen would have appreciated the sentiment – even if the snarkfest that is Queerty trolls don’t…….

  • Lefty

    @Peter: I started welling up a bit too. :'(

  • Joseph

    I’m not a fan of his but that was really nice :)

  • Ningko

    I just feel that he’s nice to do this.. I love reading his blog and not because he is not wearing a shirt or anything but he just puts a smile on your face everytime he talks about his life and he doesn’t charge any money for his blog.. I really don’t think he’s earning any money doing all these kind of stuff except maybe publicity but still I feel he’s a nice guy.. i hope he is a nice guy.. =)

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