Davey Wavey Takes A Wild Elephant Ride in Thailand—Wearing A Shirt!

Spotted: The infamous YouTuber like you’ve never seen him before—with his shirt on!

We ran into the oft-shirtless Davey Wavey at the most unlikely of places: the Golden Triangle region in Asia, where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet. Davey spent a couple of nights at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle reporting for GayTravel.com. The resort’s tents, or should we say safari-themed luxury condos, rest high in the mountain and are isolated by several feet of jungle: The only way guests can reach the Four Seasons is by cruising across a river in a speed boat.

The camp is home to four elephants, and guests get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the gentle giants by riding them through the terrain, feeding them tons of bananas and bathing them in the river. As Davey can probably attest, riding an elephant for over an hour can leave you sore in the most sensitive of areas. Thankfully the Four Seasons has a spa onsite with a special massage to relieve those butt and thigh muscles.

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Below, another view of Davey Wavey in Thailand. And, yes, he’s shirtless in this one.

Photo courtesy Davey Wavey