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Davey Wavey’s All-Natural Alternative To Botox

Davey Wavey is, what, 27? 29? And aside from the darkish circles I sometimes see under his eyes, he’s got nary a blemish on that body. Does that make him a qualified expert to talk about “embracing” growing older and refusing to succumb to the Botox generation? Um, not really — unless you consider that gay men in their 20s actually do fret about getting older, because ack, they’re leaving behind their twink years are will soon become the very men they used to lust after.

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  • cybernoelie

    Did he say ‘you have to fuck this and that’ or ‘you have to pluck this and that’?

    Doesn’t matter, I know what one I was thinking watching him LOL

    His DW logo looks a bit Al Jazeera-ish is he the prophet?

  • divkid

    props to davey for his effort in “we stop hate.org”… but irony much?

  • justiceontherocks

    One word: Rogaine.

  • jesus

    why do people talk about this guy? I don’t understand. what is he providing us?

  • divkid

    davey now that you’re hurtling towards the BIG 30 please say you’ll put on a shirt.
    what’s cute and endearing in a teen is somewhat unseemly in mature man.
    i made the fatal error of staring directly at his creepy nipples, now they’re following me around the room. i bet they’re cold, erect and rubbery like a cadavers. ewww!

    we stop hate.org. (when you put on some clothes.org)

  • Conrad Honicker


    Policing people much?

  • Eric

    For the love of gawd, put a shirt on, twatface. Sheesh.

  • rodrigo

    Davey Wavey seems to me a lot like Oprah. They give all this “great” advice, but we are sure as hell that they are not going to follow it..!

  • tony x

    Great point about whiney 20 something men = whining that they are turning into a MAN which is what a male in his 30’s is.

    Always thought it was pathetic…. and it is.

  • tony x

    @Conrad Honicker:

    agree with PUT A SHIRT ON

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