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Davey Wavey’s Fitness Tips: Tell Yourself ‘I’m Disgusting’ To Lose Weight

I’m pretty sure the secret to losing weight does not include sitting at your computer and repeating phrases like “I hate my body” and “I feel disgusting” and “I’m ashamed of myself,” but if this is what Davey Wavey did to get those pecs, well, I’m in. Even if it does sound like the L. Ron Hubbard version of fitness.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Davey Wavey is disgusting. Totally disgusting.

    But not as disgusting as Queerty for giving this street hustler a forum to post.

  • Ian

    That was pretty much my mantra, and it worked fantastically right up until I was hospitalized for anorexia.

  • MaxChupaJasonOlgaPeterJohn1

    His next one will be about the secret to losing hair.

  • David

    As if I don’t feel bad enough about my body, I now have to do affirmations to make myself feel worse?

    I just hope this doesn’t lead to depression which will then lead to depression eating.

  • David

    As if I don’t feel bad enough about my body, I now have to do affirmations to make myself feel worse in order to loose the poundage?

  • JeffreeSoupyHoupyJustice

    I want to eat his crap!

  • ~PR~

    Yea, and constantly repeating that mantra could result in binge eating because it will be easier to think “I’m disgusting already… what’s a whole pizza gonna do?” I believe a more positive approach will work better. Perhaps guilt for him works because he may have so many other things to feel guilty about.

  • Lefty

    I’ve never understood the animosity towards “Davey Wavey” – granted, I only watched one of his videos several months ago but he seemed nice enough then.
    Having said that, this really isn’t a good message is it?
    And it is a slippery slope to depression and anorexia.

  • Jeffree

    I want to piss on PR

  • tony x

    The last thing I am going to do is take life advice from this sad excuse for a man. Put a shirt on boy.

  • bobo

    Did any of you dipshits actually listen to what the man said? The first (negative) comments were meant to illustrate the constrictive feelings that those words generated in your body. the message (what you SHOULD have heard) was the positive, reaffirmation and relaxation.

    For a bunch a queers that are so sensitive about others judging you, you all sure jump to the front of the line when judging someone else. Grow the fuck up, use your head and LISTEN, dipshits!

  • Riker

    @bobo: no, they would rather just bash Davey Wavey without actually listening to the video. Yet another example of Queerty’s misleading summaries.

  • justiceontherocks

    @bobo: Yo, meathead. What gives you the idea anyone on here in sensitive about being judged? Most of us could care less what some anonymous person in cyberspace thinks.

    There is a time and a place for this Dr. Phil wannabe. The time is yesterday and the place is somewhere else. But if you want to build your life based on advice from someone with ZERO qualifications to give it, knock yourself out.

  • Ky

    @christopher di spirito: Totally. I don’t understand what his appeal is– his videos are obnoxious. This one takes the cake.

  • Marco

    The author of this post does not accurately represent the content of the video. The video shows how the body reacts differently to negative and positive self-appraisals and perceptions. It does not say to spout negative messages as a tool for weight loss. It says the opposite. Queerty is the National Enquirer/Fox News of blogs.

  • ~PR~

    @Marco: WOW! You are right! That is what I get for just reading and not watching (he annoys me, but still).

  • Lefty

    Yes, I hadn’t watched the video either.
    After having watched it, contrary to what I wrote, what he says in the video is extremely positive and valuable, I think.
    I still don’t get why people dislike him, he seems like a lovely guy.

    I’ll go and sit in the corner now…

  • Michael

    This is the most unhealthy “advice” I’ve ever heard from him. And he has said a lot of fucked up things.

    This is exactly what I told myself when I was a teenager and in college and I was miserable and bulimic for 7 years.

  • jeff4justice

    The guy in the vid doesn’t really want people to say “I hate my body” but it got people to click on the story for Queerty.

  • Josh

    Omg, people. How about you WATCH THE VIDEO before you spout off about how wrong he is? His message is actually the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the title of the article states. Queerty: you fail.

  • justanothergay

    I’m curently kind of doing this, and i really feel like shit but I can’t seem to stop. I’ve tried to fix it but I just don’t have much of an appetite anymore. I really don’t recommend it.

  • David

    A 28 year old ectomorph who couldn’t gain a pound if he ate pancakes for every meal – giving advice – Hysterical!

  • Hillers

    Given all the vitrolic posts on this site directed at Davey–who is as harmless as he is insubstantive, but certainly nice to look at and well-intentioned–I’m convinced that someone at Queerty was dumped and/or had their advances rebuffed by him.

  • Steff

    I can’t stand Davey Wavey considering I view him as hypocritical. However, this was misleading on the part of Queerty and distorted his message completely. Maybe, Queerty is trying to be cute and get everyone to watch it for themselves. Who knows, the gays are their own worst enemy.

  • Spike

    I’d go to the Black Party with the sole purpose of contracting multiple STD’s before I’d watch a Davey Wavey video.

  • B

    No. 24 · Steff wrote, “However, this was misleading on the part of Queerty and distorted his message completely. Maybe, Queerty is trying to be cute and get everyone to watch it for themselves.”

    My guess is that QUEERTY’s writer watched 15 seconds of it and then wrote the article, so he missed the part about trying the opposite behavior and comparing your reactions.

  • christopher di spirito

    Crack is much better than Jennifer Aniston’s ‘baby food’ diet if you want to keep your body fat below 6%. Right, Davey?

  • Michael

    JD should work for FOX news considering the lack of accuracy in describing the ENTIRE video.

  • Mother

    How does telling myself that Davey Wavey is disgusting help me lose weight?

  • K

    I love him!

  • Sue

    This is what leads to eating disorders. It doesn’t matter HOW the video and advice was supposed to be used and perceived as. If there are people in a fragile state if mind, they WILL go OTT with it. If someone has BDD, an ED, or an EDNOS then this will help them on the road to losing more weight and destroying themselves.

  • m

    You do all realize that if you actually watched the whole video, the entire thing is about not saying those negative things to yourself, and how if you do it will have a negative biosociological impact. I cant believe someone would be stupid enough to think that he really wanted you to say/think those things about yourself. You took the time to post this entire thing about this video, slamming him for something he did trying sincerely to help others out. He is a really good guy and whatever ignorance you are spewing in this site is pathetic. next time I suggest taking the time to derive the true intentions of someone before producing slander about them.

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