Davey Wavey’s Mom Learned The Truth About Her Missing Cucumbers When He Came Out To Her

What did your mother say when you finally told her you’re gay? She probably said she already knew, right? Weblebrity Davey Wavey and some of his vlogger pals donned ladies wigs and filmed impersonations of their mom’s reactions to learning their sons weren’t interested in their girlfriends in that way. Some mothers were in denial, while others were supportive. Some like Davey Wavey’s finally put it all the missing pieces together by exclaiming, “So that’s where my cucumbers went!”

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  • Sweet Boy

    It was pineapples, not cucumbers

  • glittercomments

    I really hate that I clicked on this. I have to say this guy is so self absorbed it’s painful to read/watch anything about him. Why is he “famous”, for WHAT exactly?

  • Captain proton


    You’re missing out. there’s an entire generation of web celebrities growing these days (mostly through youtube) whose fame is based on a stream of videos that go viral, often unintentionally (at first).

    Personally I’m still trying to figure out Tyler Oakley

  • Desert Boy

    Yuck. Just yuck.

  • LarsNtherealboy

    @Captain proton: As someone who follows a bit of these we celebs and know tons of people who do, he’s NOT missing out on anything at all

  • vive

    Really, only then? You mean she hadn’t already figured it out from the Prada purse falling out every time he opened his mouth?

  • Eldred

    I didn’t even click on this to read the article, I just wanted to read in the comments the sheer hate and vitriol you guys would slang at Davey Wavey.=

  • Aaron

    Yawn. Why is he famous? Queerty, Davey is not a gay icon. Davey is not going to happen.

  • Fang

    I really like Davey Wavey! What a fun personality. :P

  • mountii

    Did anyone see Davey on the Bravo tv show “Dating Patterns of the American Male” last week?

    OMG he was a complete asshole who was obsessed over sex and how people looked and how masculine they were — to sum it up he was basically a gay stereotype wrapped in an insult. But what really bugged me is he comes off so open and enlightened on Youtube — HYPOCRITE MUCH?

  • Thad1527

    Davey Wavey has some amazing friends. Sometimes it’s who you know.

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