Birthday Surprise

David Bowie’s “No Plan” released just one day before he would have turned 70

On the heels of the BBC’s documentary David Bowie: The Last Five Yearsthe video for Bowie’s “No Plan” has dropped — just one day before what would’ve been his 70th birthday.

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Directed by Tom Hingston, the cryptic vid features rows of television sets piled up in a shopfront window, alternately blinking out lyrics to the song or rolling footage of rocket ships soaring through space. Meanwhile, bedraggled pedestrians gather around in the rain to quizzically stare at the screens and puzzle out what it all could mean.

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“No Plan” is one of Bowie’s last three recordings, which also include “Killing A Little Time” and “When I Met You.” These songs have been newly packaged as the No Plan EP, now available for purchase or online streaming.