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  • GaryG

    I heart David Bromstad, and watch Color Splash for reasons that have nothing to do with interior design. He could splash me with anything he’d like…*sighing like a schoolgirl*

  • Dick

    He’s just so goofy cute

  • Dick

    He’s just so goofy cute, but I liked the show better when it was in SF.

  • Mike (@tazz602)

    I think that’s the most clothes I’ve ever seen on him in a picture (at least on this site) The girl on the right looks like she’s gonna plotz right there being that close to David. Why couldn’t that be me?

  • ewe

    He is not different than any religious charlatan who is going to the bank. Marketing to your clientele against your own best interests has been done by many. It takes a bigger person to live by ideals and he obviously is not even thinking along those lines. I cannot say if he is doing it deliberately or if he is just out to lunch when it comes to knowing what evil Christian leaders think of him.

  • ewe

    then again i always thought jesus was a gay man who was killed because of that fact and so might this David person

  • Viral

    @ewe: How is he doing anything “religious”? There isn’t an once of christian or Jewish iconography in the photo, just poorly decorated trees (which technically have a pagan origin). Besides that, Christmas is about as secular and commercial nowadays as St. Patrick’s Day, the religious aspects of the “holiday” has been damn near dead for years. So not seeing any christian pandering at all; not that your BS rant had any point at all.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with #7. There’s nothing remotely religious in this picture except for a dude who’d make me shout, “Oh, God!” if he took his shirt off.

  • Joe

    Okay irrelevant title…

    Who is the guy in front?

  • wtf

    @Joe: DUH, that’s Jesus. ;)


    Who is the guy that is sitting down?

  • D.R.A.

    Is David Bromstad the guy in the white shirt? ‘Cause dayum, he is foooine.

  • David in Houston

    His assistant in the foreground is incredibly cute. Oy!

  • Shen


    Nice way too generalize and demonize. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say anything about homosexuality. Zip. Nada. Are there people who call themselves who do evil against gays? Yes. Just as there people of most religions and no religion who do evil against gays and others.

    The atheist who run Cuba viciously persecuted gays for decades just as did the atheist who ran the Soviet Union.

    It’s 2010. Not all Christians are anti-gay.

  • PJ Smith

    @Shen: Really? because I’m pretty sure my partner and I can not marry and are lacking rights BECAUSE OF CHRISTIANS WHO QUOTE THE BIBLE!
    Don’t come on a gay blog and try to sell us on the idea that religious people love gays, and are gay supporters, and are soooo for our rights. The moments gay men stop kidding themselves, stop being the nice guy, stop PRETENDING religious roots are not the evil behind the demise, suicide, hatred and lack of rights we see is the day we will reverse those evils. You are just choosing to shut your eyes and put your fingers in your ears about it, you have that right…but any gay person who doesn’t realize that there is a PROMINENT correlation between their lack of equality and the MAN MADE crock known as religion is probably married….to a woman.

  • DC05

    Religion LOL. People still believe those fairy tale stories?
    That’s cute. Anyhow, Christmas today has nothing to do with religion, heck we don’t even say “Merry Christmas” anymore. For good reason. I’m celebrating the art of getting presents, not your fabricated religion.

  • Jazzlow

    This picture has NOTHING to do with Jesus. I’m so sick of the headlines on this blog NEVER matching up to the actual story. (Clearly the writers operate with a “Ha… I made you look” policy) Queerty you’ve lost me for good with this one. Have a nice life.

  • declanto

    @Jazzlow: Did you read the header about the pope’s erection?

  • BubbasBack

    David who? Burp. Pass the beer.

  • Helen Wheels

    David Bromstad, a woman trapped in a man’s body.

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