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David Burtka Is Going To Talk About His Sex Life

E! is calling its new sex-themed talker Foursome, because it makes you think of The Sex, and that is what the show will, vaguely, be about. You will tune in because one of the panelists, or co-hosts, or whatever people call themselves in this post-The View era, is David Burtka. He’s the Broadway star and gourmand who had babies with Neil Patrick Harris. And when it comes to his new in-development talk show, compared loosely to Loveline, Burtka promises tales from his pre-NPH days: “I have quite a past. I have lots of stories to talk about.” This is good, because I’m not certain America actually knows what two (or more) men do to each other after the door closes and the Flip cam turns on. And babies Gideon and Harper cannot wait to hear about them in 12 years when they’re GoogleBingTubeTorrenting the past!