David Burtka & Neil Patrick Harris Present Raising My Rainbow

It has been two weeks since I announced that I’ve penned a book inspired by my blog and that it will be released on September 3.  And, the responses, comments and emails of support have been overwhelming and much-needed.  I’m really good at brainstorming for worst-case scenarios.  I don’t even want to tell you the various things I imagined would happen after I came out as the author Lori Duron – mostly I don’t want to tell you because I’m afraid that the scenarios could still come true.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel so much love.  Sure I felt some hate, but I’ve gotten really good at ignoring it.  I also heard from the people who continue to believe that my blog and family are a work of fiction.  That, to me, is laughable.  I wish I had time to dream up fiction!  I could do that instead of making three square-ish meals a day, doing laundry, working full-time or shuttling kids to-and-fro and back again.  Fiction must be fun!  If this were all a game, it would be a very tedious one to play – and I don’t have time for games other than Candyland, Sight Word Bingo and “Mom, can you find my sock/shoe/homework/iPad/manners”.  Wish I did; but I don’t.

So, thanks to all of you who wrote to me and to those of you who found a way on your own to pre-order my book.  I want you, my readers, to be the first to know about two other important supporters of mine, because you are in very cool company.

I have received support from David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris – who have done me the enormous honor of writing the foreword for my book.  I still can’t believe it’s true.

I think that David and Neil, as parents and members of the LGBTQ community, are the perfect people to introduce my book and our family to readers and the world.  When you read their foreword, you’ll get a sense of them as the awesome parents I’ve seen them to be and you’ll learn a thing or two about the always captivating Harper and Gideon.  It’s a rare opportunity for readers to get a glimpse into the lives of this new nuclear family.

I’m beyond honored that David and Neil see the importance of this book for kids, parents, educators and the LGBTQ community.

C.J. doesn’t know David and Neil as celebrities; he knows them only as Harper and Gideon’s dads — the ones who don’t care how gender creative he chooses to be in their presence.  He sees the four of them and sees a family; a fun, normal family that has two dads who cook their own pizzas and sometimes randomly break out in song and dance.  He can be perfectly pink in their rainbow presence.  That’s all that matters to him.

I see David and Neil as a gracious couple that I will forever be indebted to.  When two guys have everything how do you thank them for doing a favor as massive as introducing you and your book to the world?  If you have any ideas, let me know.

* * *

Although my book’s pre-order pages are not totally complete aesthetically, they work functionally and you can now pre-order Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising A Fabulous, Gender Creative Son (Foreword by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka). 

How do you prefer it?


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