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  • Tallskin

    Garghhhhh, I am so fucking depressed.

    I only hope that the Liberal Democrats will keep the Tories’ more right wing rabidity in check

    Gloom, Gloom, Gloom

  • Jack

    This is a sad day :(

  • romeo

    Perk up guys. If you take a look at what we have to deal with in the US, I don’t think their influence is nearly as bad as here. They don’t have a majority, and from what I understand they’re more closeted and gayer than our Republican Party, which is pretty damned closeted and gay. LOL

  • delurker again

    Brit politics is skewed so far to the left anyways that the Tories are basically conservaDems.

  • Alex

    Yes thank you Queerty because being gay is a political orientation, obviously.

    As long we have our marriage rights and equality enshrined in legislation – I don’t care about the rest.

  • Sami

    When it comes to British politics, I am so willing to put aside my LGBT support for the good of the United Kingdom and British and European economic well being.

    Other than Tony Blair and Harold Wilson, with the possible exception of Ramsey Macdonald, Labour leaders and Prime Ministers have been an utter disaster.

    The socialist welfare state is dead.

    Do you not pay attention to what happened with Greece?

    Do you remember the worst leader of Labour (prior to Gordon Brown), Michael Foote who was seriously defeated by Thatcher in the 1983 election?

    I am very proud of the new British Government, and wish Mr. Cameron success.

    Conservatives are far better in government than the socialists; Clement Attlee and Jim Calaghan are the prime examples.

    Look at the mess Labour created by establishing the Scottish Parliament and Government and the Welsh Assembly and Executive! Granted, devolution should be granted to Northern Ireland!

    What about England and English residents? They have to pay for most of the devolved Legislatures; why is there no English Assembly or Parliament?

    No, Labour has always been a disaster for the United Kingdom.

    It’s about time Britain return to its proper political roots.

  • Nick


  • Robert, NYC

    Romeo No. 3, as a Brit living in NYC, you are wrong about the conservatives in the UK in regard to being more closeted. In fact, their party has more openly gay members of parliament than the Labour Party. I’m no supporter of the Conservatives, I’d never vote for them. Nick Clegg I’m disappointed in. He was the first British party leader (Liberal Democrats) to come out in support of full marriage equality. In a recent poll over there, 61% of the British public support it. My only hope is he will raise the issue with Cameron as a concession, but I doubt it. The conservative party is far more different than the GOP that has NEVER supported equality in any way shape or form and the British counterpart has none of those right wing religious wackos or tea party types calling the shots. Even though its far more gay friendlier than the GOP could ever be, I still would not vote for them.

  • Sam

    Hmm. The Conservatives have just announced that a woman who has voted consistently against gay rights is our new Minister for ‘Equality’.

  • Fitz

    It is a strange new situation. Stay hopeful; The last time Britten had to deal with this was post WWII, and look what they accomplished.

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 7, Sami, so Labour has always been a disaster for Britain, really?

    Which party was it that decriminalised homosexuality? It wasn’t yours! Your party was dead against it! And which party was it that introduced the infamous Section 28? Not Labour!

  • Tallskin

    Sami- you are a blithering idiot who cannot construct an argument that isn’t confused.

    I’ve never understood ditsy queens like you who support parties who hate gays. I bet you danced and whooped when Mrs Thatcher won the falklands war, eh? (Cameron’s govt may be an exception, but we will see)

    For the record, it has always been labour govts that have been progressive towards gays, NEVER the tories.

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