David Cameron Fumbles Answers About Tory Homophobia, Pleads to Keep His Disastrous Interview Private

Britain’s Conservative Party leader David Cameron is sorry for being a dick about school children and homosexuality. And now he’s sorry for forgetting his talking points in an interview with Gay Times.

After fumbling with some questions about The Gays and The Tories, Cameron asked the interviewer Martin Popplewell to start the Q&A session over. Popplewell refused. Cameron’s aides begged, They were denied.

Says Popplewell: “I’d just finished the most extraordinary interview of my career and David Cameron’s press team moved in. One pleaded, ‘You won’t show the bit where he asked to stop will you?’ Another added, ‘I don’t think it adds that much.’ We all knew David Cameron asking for an interview to be temporarily halted was the story. I’d been there before with politicians and senior public figures – but not with the man who could be Prime Minister in a few weeks time. The Tory leader had already left the room and I was eager to get out as quickly as possible. I knew what could be coming next. Pleas, arm-twisting and then possibly threats if we didn’t use the video material in a way which would put him in the best light.”

Tory activists yesterday described Mr Cameron’s interview as a disaster – and warned he faced humiliation in the coming TV debates with Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. One wrote on the website Conservative Home: “Cameron was absolutely appalling. He was made to look a bumbling fool, unable to answer the most basic questions and tried to terminate the interview. Viewers can only conclude he struggles to think on his feet and deal with unprepared questions. Brown and Clegg can’t wait for the TV debates. He has become a liability. Everyone I know cringes when he’s on screen.”

Oh that Mirror, always acting impartial.