David Geffen’s 21-Year-Old Ex-Boy Toy Admits To Stalking The Billionaire

Screen-shot-2014-12-29-at-10.25.19-AM-360x203It all started back in 2012, when 18-year-old Jamie Kuntz was kicked off his college football team after he was spotted making out with 69-year-old David Geffen in a press box, then lied and told his teammates the billionaire was his grandfather.

Kuntz and Geffen maintained a physical relationship for a brief while afterwards before the music mogul eventually called it quits. That should have been the end of things. Little did Geffen know, his teenaged boy toy, in addition to having a vaginally-suggestive last name, had a dark side.

Last fall, Kuntz, now 21, was accused of stalking Geffen. His behavior included trespassing onto Geffen’s property, harassing him, and making a “credible threat” against him. In October, he was arrested for violating the terms of a restraining order. He’s been in jail ever since, unable to afford his $150,000 bail.

This week, the ex-college footballer pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of stalking.

Kuntz’s lawyer, David Wohl, said he believed his client could have prevailed at trail, but he was sick of being in jail and didn’t want to wait any longer for his day in court. So he copped a plea deal.

“It’s celebrity justice in reverse,” Wohl said. “The victim is a celebrity, and judges are afraid of something happening to them.”

Geffen is worth an estimated $6 billion.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors reduced Kuntz’s stalking charge and dropped all other counts. Kuntz must attend psychiatric counseling twice a week for the next year as a condition of his two-year probation term and must stay 200 yards away from 71-year-old Geffen for the next 10 years.

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