David Geffen’s 21-Year-Old Ex-Boy Toy Admits To Stalking The Billionaire

Screen-shot-2014-12-29-at-10.25.19-AM-360x203It all started back in 2012, when 18-year-old Jamie Kuntz was kicked off his college football team after he was spotted making out with 69-year-old David Geffen in a press box, then lied and told his teammates the billionaire was his grandfather.

Kuntz and Geffen maintained a physical relationship for a brief while afterwards before the music mogul eventually called it quits. That should have been the end of things. Little did Geffen know, his teenaged boy toy, in addition to having a vaginally-suggestive last name, had a dark side.

Last fall, Kuntz, now 21, was accused of stalking Geffen. His behavior included trespassing onto Geffen’s property, harassing him, and making a “credible threat” against him. In October, he was arrested for violating the terms of a restraining order. He’s been in jail ever since, unable to afford his $150,000 bail.

This week, the ex-college footballer pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of stalking.

Kuntz’s lawyer, David Wohl, said he believed his client could have prevailed at trail, but he was sick of being in jail and didn’t want to wait any longer for his day in court. So he copped a plea deal.

“It’s celebrity justice in reverse,” Wohl said. “The victim is a celebrity, and judges are afraid of something happening to them.”

Geffen is worth an estimated $6 billion.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors reduced Kuntz’s stalking charge and dropped all other counts. Kuntz must attend psychiatric counseling twice a week for the next year as a condition of his two-year probation term and must stay 200 yards away from 71-year-old Geffen for the next 10 years.

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  • xzall

    Misleading headlines. He pled no contest. If Geffen didn’t date high schoolers he wouldn’t have to worry about stalking.

  • Cam

    So Geffen started dating a 17 year old, outted him, which pretty much ended his sports involvement in school, swept him away so he didn’t worry about things like school, then dumped him.

    I understand that technically Geffen didn’t do anything legally wrong, but I think that Dan Savages advice comes into play here, ESPECIALLY with such a massive age and power difference: “Try to leave people you date at least as good or better off (Emotionally) then they were when you got there.)

    Geffen dated a teenage who was not out of the closet, what did he expect?

  • MisterDemand

    I cant help but feel bad for this guy. Definitely taken advantage of.

  • Captain Obvious

    Lets ruin the life of a teenaged boy because some poor old man who basically is a pedophile is now being stalked.

    There’s a reason you don’t date children. Now the boy is attached to his “first love” and can’t understand why it’s over… Is anyone surprised here?

    This pervert was probably filling this boys head with a life of leisure and wealth after they were married and then dropped him like a hot potato the second he was “too old” to be appealing anymore. I mean the kid is about to be legal so Geffen is no longer interested.

    While Geffen is doing all this crying his pedo ass should be locked up for being with minors. I couldn’t care less about his being “stalked”, honestly I think he’s being a massive drama queen.

    You’re a grown man and you can’t talk it out with your underage “boyfriend”(rent a baby) to make him understand that it’s over. Hell pay him off, give him some money, and be on your way. That’s the tax of dating a baby.


    So is it established as fact that Geffen was the old geezer in the press box?

    Wow, that is fucked up making this poor (disturbed) kid languish in jail all that time.

    Geffen, you are scum. I eagerly await your downfall

  • Low Country Boy

    If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Queerty initially “report” this story and claim it was an injustice that Kuntz was kicked off of his team because of this? Now, you are vilifying him and making snarky comments about his last name? For Goddess’ sake, please be consistent.

  • AtticusBennett

    I have zero sympathy for Geffen. Here’s an idea, Mr. Wealthy Moneybags, maybe you should leave teenagers to figure things out with other teenagers. You bought a boy, treated him like a piece of meat, gave him a taste of power and luxury and then like a true creep acted all shocked and surprised when the immature non-worldly young person you were using ….well…ACTED LIKE A YOUNG PERSON.


  • stonrdude

    I bet as far as Geffen was concerned, he was just a hot lay. At 18 the kid prolly liked the old guy and was well taken care of for a while. But, then he fell out of favor as was tossed out with nothing. I blame the old fukker for using the kid and them dumping him. Geffin is scum and will do it again to another hot and easily impressed young dude. Money always rules. I can’t believe he left the poor dude in jail, asshole!

  • lykeitiz

    One can only hope that a LARGE amount of money has passed hands behind the scenes. Copping a plea deal because you’re sick of sitting in jail is definitely not keeping your eye on the bigger picture, and I can’t imagine any lawyer disagreeing. A trial is the LAST thing Geffen would want. It’s amazing this has avoided the mainstream press this long, but it would never make it through a trial, and with trials come even more details.
    If this kid really took a deal just to get out of jail when his “ex” is worth $6 billion, then that is the WORST legal advice ever given!

  • Merv

    I’m detecting some not-so-subtle ageism and homophobia in the comments by the stalking apologists here. Would you be saying the same thing if this kid’s 18 year old girlfriend led him on and then unceremoniously dumped him? Was Anna Nicole Smith characterized as a gold digger or a victim (she was 18 when she married her octogenarian husband). I may have been dumb as an 18 year old, but not so dumb that I wouldn’t realize that a 69 year old billionaire wasn’t interested in me for my mind.

  • throwslikeagirl

    It’s a lot of fun to speculate, but we really don’t know the entirety of this story, so I think judgement should be withheld. I agree with lykeitiz.

  • xzall

    @Merv: An over 60 year old man dated some underage kid still in high school and ruined his life. I have ZERO sympathy for Mr. Geffen. Instead of going after this guy, Geffen should concentrate on making sure that documentary about the Hollywood Pedophile ring never sees the light of day.

  • Cam


    18? Nice try, Geffen admitted it when the kid was 18. As for ageism? Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize that expecting an adult to act like an adult, and be aware of the shit-storm they were kicking up was “Ageism”.

    Nobody has said stalking is ok, but with Geffen’s money and power, he can get the lawyer to declare that the kid looking at his facebook profile was stalking.

    If Geffen wants to skirt the law, the bounds of good taste, and a possible molestation conviction by going after people who are relative children, then he shouldn’t whine like a child when it backfires on him.

    Frankly, he should be immensely grateful that the guy actually seems to want to be with him, because I can’t imagine many 18 year old’s would give him the time of day if he wasn’t worth billions.

  • wpewen

    The weirdness of David Geffen’s trip over the years is definitely there. In the 70’s he dated women in Hollywood, ultimately came out. He did spectacular stuff in the record business, helped a lot of people with creative contracts, and wound up in business with Spielberg and Katzenberg in Dreamworks.
    I feel he is a disgrace, and given the level of trust he has, doubly disgraced as a Jewish man. I am not a Jew, but I am familiar with Jewish ethics regarding treatment of the young. Essentially he abused a guy who he had total control over, a young person who might have even had some feelings of affection toward Geffen as a parental figure. No, not strange at all. Just disturbing on the part of David Geffen.

  • Ladbrook

    I’m not a billionaire and not yet approaching 60, but it does seem that some who fall into that category (both straight and gay) use that lofty status as a way of obtaining access to extremely young and often naïve flesh. If the kid was 17 when this started, then he’s not that different from the Epstein character in NY who has been accused of/admitted to taking advantage of underage girls (and sharing them with his wealthy friends). Had Kuntz been 24 or 32, I’d feel less sympathy for him, but this entire set-up seems extremely creepy… borderline abusive.

    As @Cam: pointed out, the Savage rule on leaving lovers better than you found them certainly applies here, especially when one considers the extreme power differential between Geffen and Kuntz.

  • AtticusBennett

    @Ladbrook: EXACTLY!

    “OMG, this young piece of teenage ass i was using for sex totally didn’t handle it like a full-grown and well-experienced adult!”

  • jaleoman

    That’s sad, that old man ruined that teenager’s life.

  • Merv


    OK, I’ve heard multiple people mention 17 years old. Where is this coming from? Has this been established, or is it just speculation?

    Assuming he was legally an adult, I fail to see the kid as a victim here. This was a transaction: youth and beauty in exchange for access to wealth and power. People are acting as if Geffen’s wealth made it more exploitative. It actually makes it less exploitative. It means the kid was probably actually getting something out of it while they were together, instead of it just being some old geezer with nothing to offer playing Jedi mind tricks on a stupid kid.

  • [email protected]

    SHAME on Paw-Paw Geffen! Instead of treating a teenager like a tissue to wipe his penis off with and then flushing it down the toilet, he should have provided enough support–financial and otherwise to get Kuntz on his feet and on his way to a happy life. Geffen is a total creep.

  • Ladbrook

    @Merv: Not sure how old you are, but teenagers, even “ADULT” teenagers can be very naïve and idealistic when it comes to love. Geffen should have known that and treated him accordingly, or better yet, not treated him at all. Geffen was using this young piece of easily obtained flesh for pleasure and nothing more. The kid’s emotions clearly went into overdrive, and Geffen is worldly enough to know the potential damage he might have caused.

    Look at Monica Lewinsky. She clearly wanted more from Clinton than he wanted from her. He used her and tossed her aside. If older men want to creep on someone for sex with no strings then they should be smart enough to get it from people who want the same thing and can handle it when it ends.

  • AtticusBennett

    @Ladbrook: merv sounds like one of those creeps hoping that one day a twink will fall for him.

    and yes, it’s exactly as you wrote. i recently found my teen diary – and all the CRAZY in it….wow. to be 18, 19, 20 – and have so many emotions without the life-experience and tools to know what to do with them. that’s what this is. old rich manipulator bought himself some boy flesh, boy flesh wasn’t able to handle it all.

    folks – there are some things teens should figure out with other teens.

  • Cam


    Ok Merv, you keep on defending Geffen all you want, but while you’re screaming that this teenager is an adult and should know better then wouldn’t it stand to reason that somebody of Geffen’s advanced age should know better…..even better?

    I love how you want to put all the responsibility on the child and none on the manipulative older person with the money who outted the kid.

    Oh, and by the way, Queerty, just a hint, stop getting his age information from his publicist. He graduated from high school 55 years ago so for him to be 69 that would mean he graduated at 14. He is actually around 74.

  • Merv


    “old rich manipulator bought himself some boy flesh, boy flesh wasn’t able to handle it all.”

    And? The good thing is that, now that he’s experienced his heart getting broken, he’s learned that very few relationships are permanent. I’m pretty sure he would have gotten his heart broken regardless of the age of his partner. The only difference here is that, since one of the parties is rich and famous, we get to read about it in the media. At least I hope he’s learned his lesson. A quick web search of stalker arrests online shows that most of them are much older than 18. Apparently age and life experience aren’t the magic keys to wisdom and maturity that you imply they are.

  • Merv

    @Cam: The kid was making out with another guy in full view at a football game. He outed himself.

    The kid got wined and dined (figurative wine) at fancy restaurants, probably taken to ritzy parties, put up in luxury hotels, flown first class or on a private jet. How many kids his age get to experience that? He made out fine on his end of the deal. He just took it too seriously. Any fool could see it wasn’t going to last.

  • Ladbrook

    @Merv: You said: “He just took it too seriously. Any fool could see it wasn’t going to last.”

    That’s actually everyone’s point. WE could see that it wasn’t going to last, and I feel pretty certain that Geffen knew it wasn’t going to last either. The kid, on the other hand, knew no such thing. In addition to “having his heart broken” he’s now forever linked online with this old creep. Imagine how ALL of his future employers, coworkers, neighbors, and love interests are going to view him, perhaps even before they actually get to know him.

  • onthemark

    @Merv: We’re so lucky there are so many legal experts posting here on Queerty. Apparently the age of adulthood has been raised to, like, 25! Who knew?

  • Billy Budd

    Yes, I feel sorry for the boy because he is a kind of a victim. Even LIBERACE gave a lot of money to his boy toys. Geffen should have been generous and at least ensured that the boy would have a good education and therefore a good future and success in life. I don’t believe Geffen is a pedophile because a 17 yo guy is not a kid, at least not for me. Here in Brazil it is perfectly legal to fuck a 15 yo.

  • Merv

    @Ladbrook: Yes, apparently the kid didn’t, although I’m not sure how not. Having a boyfriend his own age wouldn’t have changed that. He still would have gotten his heart broken. And if he has the personality for it, I suspect he still would have gone into stalking mode. We just wouldn’t have heard about it.

    As for Geffen’s culpability, we really have no idea if he led him on. He might have been surprised by the kid’s amorous reaction and broken it off abruptly precisely because of it. Once you realize the two of you have incompatible goals for the relationship, is it better to make a clean break, or try to let him down easy? There is no obvious answer.

  • dhmonarch89

    if you’re going to refer to the young man as a ‘boy toy’- you must refer to Geffen as ‘creppy old dude’

  • SportGuy

    So we have a kid and a creepy old pedo man and it didn’t turn out well! Imagine that!

  • DistingueTraces

    This is maybe the most egregious violation of the campsite rule I’ve ever heard of.

  • NoCagada

    @xzall: Because only high schoolers stalk? Asinine…

  • NoCagada

    @Captain Obvious: Do you know what a pedophile is?

    “Pedophilia is a mental health problem where an adult 16 years of age or older is mainly or only sexually attracted to children who have not begun puberty ”

    So, since you want to throw around big words, how does this fit into this picture?

  • spiffy

    Wrong punishment! After ten years Geffen will be at least 81, and he’ll be even more irresistible to this kid!

    (But seriously, whether this relationship was appropriate was a totally different issue. This wasn’t Geffen’s first tryst with a much younger man; his previous lovers didn’t go around stalking him or making threats. So if Geffen’s guilty of anything, is that he picked a bat s crazy guy.)

  • darian

    I think Geffen should have treated it how it looked and been upfront with guy and just paid him for his time and seeded and went about his way. This business of making the boy feel like they had something special is a fools mistake.

  • darian

    Oops met time and sex. Autocorrect got me.

  • Merv

    @darian: Hahaha… seeded turned out to be very appropriate!

    You bring up a very good point. Unfortunately, the backwards laws in the US regarding prostitution make it difficult for someone like Geffen to communicate the type of relationship he was obviously looking for without putting himself in legal jeopardy. You can blame that situation on the pearl clutcher types above.

  • enlightenone

    @Cam: “So Geffen started dating a 17 year old, outted him, which pretty much ended his sports involvement in school, swept him away so he didn’t worry about things like school, then dumped him.
    I understand that technically Geffen didn’t do anything legally wrong, but I think that Dan Savages advice comes into play here, ESPECIALLY with such a massive age and power difference: “Try to leave people you date at least as good or better off (Emotionally) then they were when you got there.)
    Geffen dated a teenage who was not out of the closet, what did he expect?”

    CAM, is this YOUR comment?

  • enlightenone

    @Low Country Boy: “For Goddess’ sake, please be consistent.”

    You are expecting too much.

  • wiseone88

    @AtticusBennett: It’s unfortunate. I think it was very sad that the kid was used. But, how else is anyone supposed to act after feeling used? It’s the worst thing in the world, irrelevant to age. Older guys need to explain themselves to younger guys when they dump them. It’s an emotional disaster for the younger one and the younger one begins to feel physical pain as a result. It should be relative to inflicting pain upon someone. Not right at all.

  • xzall

    @NoCagada: Ah no, I never said only high schoolers stalk. I’m saying you date a teenager and you get teenage angst. A teenager is more likely to mistake all your attention for real affection. Teenagers are not known for their maturity. So when you’re a 71 year old man and you’re shopping in the teen department, do not act stunned that you’re met with some instability.

  • Sansacro

    A lot of passionate sentiment here. Sounds like a lot of guys were violated when young. Guess what, it was a relationship gone bad. No excuse for stalking and making threats. We’ve all had our hearts broken, and gotten over it. Would be nice if Geffen paid the $175k as well as they guy’s counseling. No sympathy for either party.

  • Sansacro

    @Sansacro: 150K, a 175k. What’s 25k when you’re a zillionaire prick.

  • Saint Law

    @Merv: Are you a high school coach, choir master or scout leader?

    Coz, you know…

  • Cam


    And once aagin you go to desperate lengths to try to make this seem like the kid was the one who should have known better.

    If a 17 or 18 year old is supposed to know everything and behave as an adult, then why aren’t you expecting AT LEAST as much maturity out of a 74 year old?

  • Merv

    @Cam: It’s too much to expect someone not to engage in criminal stalking? I still don’t get why everyone is blaming Geffen. Is it just the ick factor? That’s not a good method.

  • onthemark

    @Cam: I’m wondering what you WANT here. I agree with you that sex between people with a 50+ year age difference is disgusting, downright icky, etc. etc. etc. but what if anything should the law do about it? At any rate, the “kid” didn’t see it that way.

    We can declare all we want that a septuagenarian *should* be more mature than a young adult, but what if he isn’t?

    Some here seem to want the age of legal adulthood raised to 25 or so. Wow. Some here are disappointed that Geffen didn’t pay the “kid” a lot of money. Debatable if that would be “mature” (despite being illegal).

    Or maybe some here are counting on Geffen reading these comments and being stung by all the righteous condemnation? Good luck with that!

  • Cam


    It’s weird that you would ask what I “Want”. My original comment basically stated that Geffen dated a child and shouldn’t be surprised when the kid behaved like one. Let’s look at it.

    Teenager, in school, newly outted, relationship with somebody with such an unbalanced power dynamic that it is completely outside his experience, then gets dumped.

    Hetro kids in high school who weren’t just outted or dating a billionaire freak out when they get dumped. I think Geffen should have known better, and feel bad for the kid. If Geffen can’t find anybody to date that is in any way comparable to him in influence or wealth and just wants somebody young who has nothing in common with him, maybe he should do what Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs did and just by a porn star for a year or two. The results wouldn’t be any different.

  • MisterDemand


    Because as thee much older, billionaire he was in a position if power and thus abuse of power in the relationship. He should of known better then to get involved, and string this kid along.

  • Merv

    @MisterDemand: The only power Geffen had was the power the kid gave to him. Geffen wasn’t his professor, coach, employer, or provider. If the kid had a thing for much older guys, then that would be extremely unusual, and there’s no reason for Geffen to assume that. Any reasonable person would assume the kid was something of a gold digger. When it turned out that he apparently had genuine feelings for Geffen, Geffen severed the relationship. That’s the opposite of stringing him along.

  • Billy Budd

    If I were Geffen, I would have paid college tuition in full, and benefits. This would have prevented all the bad things and harrassment.

  • Billy Budd

    If I were a billionnaire, I would probably hire porn stars. Money can bring out real love, it is a scientific fact.

  • Cam


    Anybody notice that when you hear peodos talk they always kind of put all the responsibility on the kids? You are doing that here, why?

  • onthemark

    @Cam: @Billy Budd: aha… an interesting fix to the problem that I didn’t anticipate. You guys are saying Geffen should have just hired an 18 year old porn star instead of a real person? :)

  • Merv

    @Cam: In this case, use of the word “kid” is a colloquialism. He’s not a child, either legally or in fact. What he was participating in wasn’t rocket science or brain surgery, it was an easy to understand money for sex transaction. Your attempt at blurring lines that weren’t crossed are fooling no one.

  • Cam


    And once again, you place complete blame on the teenager. Look, we all get your angle, we all were forced to read “Lolita” in school where the older guy was just trying to prevent it, but it was that damn little seductresses fault.

    Again, if you even put PART of the blame on Geffen maybe it would make more sense, but the fact that you label this as all the teens fault is ridiculous and very telling.

  • Merv

    @Cam: Blame for what? Only one party is accused of criminality. Do we blame women who are stalked by their male exes? Caught without his bodyguards, Geffen would be at as much of a physical disadvantage against this young man as any woman against her male ex. I’m sure there are many cases where those women treated those men poorly, but we try to refrain from speculating about that when the relationship has degenerated into criminal stalking.

  • Cam

    @Merv: said…”Do we blame women who are stalked by their male exes?”

    If the Male ex had a history of stalking? Or was a teenager and she was in her 70’s? or the ex had some other red flags? Yeah.

    You seem desperate to avoid the topic here.
    1. Nobody is talking about whatever happened that sent the guy to jail, people are saying that Geffen should have known better, or that he behaved stupidly in this.

    The fact that you keep trying over and over and over to avoid mentioning Geffen or his part in this speaks volumes.

  • Merv

    @Cam: I don’t condemn the relationship, because I don’t have a problem with prostitution, which is basically what this relationship was a mild form of. Obviously, the relationship went wrong, but I don’t think that was Geffen’s fault. How could this college student not know what it was about? I’m dumbfounded. It was really really obvious.

  • Cam

    @Merv: said… “but I don’t think that was Geffen’s fault. How could this college student not know what it was about?”

    How could Geffen not know what could happen? This was a closeted teenager, his first relationship etc…

  • skatedude

    Whats really sad here is the Geffen is a billionaire many times over and give big chunks of money to causes that of course put his name on a sign as a benefactor, and he has to behave like an immature spoiled brat. It should cause embarrassment and discomfort for these non-profits to realize they’ve accepted money from this sleazebag. He’s one of the 1% that control most of the wealth in this country and to be a gay man with such power you’d think he’d feel a certain responsibility to himself and his community to enrich it rather than to detracting from it.
    Shame on you Mr. Geffen for thinking you are better than everyone else, that you can “own” the malibu beachfront in front of your home and then block it off from the public, that you can meet 17 year old boys on gay chat sites and romance them and them spit them out when you want. Here’s how this might have ended has Geffen had any class about him, “Jamie, I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve enjoyed our time together but I don’t have romantic feeling toward you anymore, but I know you are a great guy and I think getting your education is the most important thing you should be focusing on right now so I’m going to pay for your tuition as long as you agree to go. Don’t worry about me, I’ll get along OK and maybe we can hang out sometime when my schedule allows. It’s been great and I’ll always remember the good times we’ve shared. Kiss and hug. Instead I bet Geffen just stopped returning his phone calls. By the way, Geffen is rumored to be a sexual sadist, so who knows what harm he did to this kid.

  • skatedude

    Merv, you have the emotional IQ of a turnip.

  • spiffy

    From reading all these comments, the sense I get is that people should just date within their own socioeconomic class… People place so much emphasis on the fact that Geffen has money, hence more powerful than Kuntz, and therefore should “compensate” this kid when the relationship ended. Will you all still be saying the same thing if Geffen is just some retired old man living on social security? Why does he owe the boy anything financially? He certainly didn’t ask Kuntz to stalk and harass him — we don’t even know if money is the reason Kuntz is harassing him, since Kuntz has admitted to a penchant for (much) older men. And what makes you think the problem will go away by throwing money at it?

    • skatedude

      Geffen owes Kuntz because he:

      1. At 69 years old he seduced Kuntz (17) on gay chat site. He flew his private jet up to Kuntz’ small town and was seen kissing Kuntz in the stands during a football game, which led to Kuntz embarrassed public outing, and consequent intense press scrutiny. At no time did the press state that Kuntz older lover was billionaire Mr. Geffen, only stating that it was a 69 year old man, old enough to be his grandfather. Kuntz lost his football scholarship as a result and covered for Geffen never outing Geffen as the older man. To this day, most people don’t even know that Geffen was the older man in that story.

      2. Geffen has been fucking around with Kuntz for an extended period of time and then dropped him and subsequently went to the police and pressed stalking charges when Kuntz, who was probably looking for some sort of resolution from Geffen. As a result Kuntz has legal fees and is facing a long probation period, and twice weekly psychiatric visits.

      Kuntz lost his father at a very young age, has participated in a documentary about his relationship with the older man and his schools reaction to it and it was never stated that Geffen was that man. Shame on Outsports.com and the reporter Amy Nelson for doing such a crappy piece of journalism and leaving out such an important detail as Geffen’s hand in it.

      Geffen to this day, states there never was any kind of physical relationship between himself and Kuntz!

      To those who say that Geffen doesn’t owe Kuntz for taking away his innocence is such a cold, calculating and manipulative way…I feel sorry that your sympathies, however slight, lay with the wrong man.

  • SteveDenver

    Kuntz probably had fantasies of marrying his future fortune, like Anna Nicole… without the overdose.

  • lykeitiz

    @Cam: You’re arguing with people who obviously have no concept of abuse of power and no understanding of innocence. That’s the best case scenario. The worst case is that they know and they too enjoy corrupting it.

    Cut your losses with this conversation and be glad you live with your perception of things, and leave them to theirs (and the police, most likely).

  • jockjack5

    Geffen has apparently exhibited troll-ish behaviors for years…

    He is the very embodiment of creepy.

  • SportGuy

    This guy is a creepy rich pedo, but he gets away with it because he has money.

  • onthemark

    @spiffy: We don’t even know that Geffen has not ALREADY given him a lot of money, which seems very likely. But I love how that’s everyone’s solution: “oh he should pay for the kid’s college tuition.” Maybe he already has, but… elderly professor dudes, watch out!

  • enlightenone

    @skatedude: Your avatar name doesn’t do you justice, perhaps intentional?

    Appreciate your detailed account (would like your resources to read?). Frankly as odd as it was that the OLD MAN was never named, even in the documentary, I assumed that the “old man” was just someone this young man knew from an internet dating site, not Geffen!

    News isn’t for facts, but not revealing the adult’s names is absurd. Outsports.com and Wade Davis is a joke!

  • enlightenone

    Sorry for the grammar errors!

  • martinbakman

    @xzall: Geffen flew to North Dakota to make out with an 18 year old kid? Lot of holes in the story.

  • xzall

    @martinbakman: Which part are you doubting? It was a well documented story and it made headlines because the boy was kicked off the team for kissing a man who was identified as 65 at the time. Someone saw them making out and reported it. The boy met him online. The mom hadn’t even known her son was gay. She said she had no problem with that but thought the man who was old enough to be his grandfather had taken advantage of her son. The story was reported in 2012 and Outsports did a story on it and an interview with the kid at the time. They and most of the media however, kept the identity of the man hidden.

  • Cam

    @xzall: said… “They and most of the media however, kept the identity of the man hidden.

    Which shows right there the level of influence that Geffen has, he was actually able to keep most of the media from reporting on him.

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