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David Hyde Pierce Is Married! And California Didn’t Take It Away!

Alas, this isn’t actually news! Though David Hyde Pierce revealed publicly for the first time yesterday on The View that he and TV writer-producer Brian Hargrove got married last October, he never told the media. WHICH IS RESPONSIBILITY AS A CELEBRITY! Of course, the Fraiser star did go public with his sexuality and the relationship in 2007. Having wed in California under “the window,” Pierce and Hargrove remain married. “Great, we made the cut. … Sitting in front of my television wondering, ‘Gee, I hope the Supreme Court thinks it’s okay for us to be married’ — excuse me, it’s none of your business.”

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  • Geoff

    I like his attitude, and am glad he’s speaking out, but the whole ‘gay celebrity living a closeted life’ is still hard to swallow. Better late than never though….especially now.

  • Dave

    It’s not ANYONE’s responsibility to announce their marriage, whether it is gay or straight. There seems to be some deluded idea that gay people need to claim anyone and anything that could be gay. Let people live their lives. If they choose to become part of a cause then so be it but sites like this should not think it is expected for people to do what they think others should be doing.

  • Marc

    He most certainly does NOT have to announce anything!

    Why does he have to?
    It’s his life, not yours!

  • sal(the original)

    I CANT SEE IT!!!!:(

  • Inukumaru

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  • james ii

    what happened with his hair?

  • Geoff

    You’re right Marc, he DOESNT have to announce anything…but that doesnt change the fact closeted public figures who enjoy their relationships or fooling around w/tricks hurt us all. Kids are still getting murdered in school because they’re gay, because they refuse to pretend to be something they’re not. I actually love David Hyde Pierce, but when someone of influence could make a better life for us all by not hiding/lying…by having the integrity of a 7th grade kid…I’ll applaud them. Until then, it’s better late than never.

  • schlukitz

    I’m a little confused by the issue of whether one does or doesn’t have to “announce” anything?

    Isn’t the very act of getting married, straight or same-sex, an

    “announcement” in and of itself?

    I mean, unless, you choose to elope……but then, only kids do that to get around their parents objections.

  • Nathan

    Anyone who thinks a prominent gay must declare himself for the good of all possesses no more than a presumptive, mistaken, co-dependant opinion. It’s nobody’s business who loves whom or does whatever else with whomever else no matter how well known or obscure the individual. On the other hand, the only reason we gays have to go hat-in-hand to the electorate is because too many people are not aware of the prominent, high profile gays and the good they do for us all around us. Were each and every gay to step forward and declare themselves, countless hard-hearted people who claim they’re not affected by laws governing gay life and rights will necessarily come to terms. Sure, David Hyde Pierce’s announcement about his October nuptials has more zing and I-told-you-so gossip appeal. But, his announcement is no more crucial in the long run than that of the butcher at the corner or the third son afraid he’ll be disinherited or that talented athletic sophomore afraid she’ll be thrown off the team and out of parochial school. Each one counts, but each one is solely the business of s/he who owns the choice.

    All you who criticise DHP for being better late than never, butt out. Who asked you?

  • schlukitz


    “All you who criticise DHP for being better late than never, butt out. Who asked you?”

    Excuse us, Teach.

    We should have put our hand up and asked for permission from you before speaking.

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