David Koch, King Of The 1 Percenters, Supports Marriage Equality

He might be a staunch Republican funneling some $400 million to conservative causes and candidates, but David Koch—one-half of the billionaire Koch Brothers who—told Politico, “I believe in gay marriage.”

When reporter Kenneth Vogel reminded Koch that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party want to ban same-sex nationwide with a federal amendment, Koch bluntly replied, “Well, I disagree with that.”

One of the biggest philanthropists in America, Koch–a former Libertarian–also supports stem-cell research and is a huge patron of the arts..

This is one of the great ironies of the Republican Party: It’s powered by two factions that seem content to ignore each other—educated, wealthy businessmen with some moderate-to-liberal social values and lower-to-middle evangelical Christians rallying behind God and guns.

The former is a lot easier to win over than the latter.