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David Letterman Shreds Mike Pence Over His Home State’s Discrimination Of Gays And Lesbians

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.38.09 PMIt’s almost become sad to watch all the abuse heaped at walking punchline Indiana Gov. Mike Pence over his “religious freedom” bill. OK, not really. It’s still a lot of fun to witness and the scorn is well-deserved. Last night comedy icon David Letterman, a Hoosier native, got in on the mockery. The veteran funnyman addressed his Late Show audience and blasted Pence for his archaic viewpoint. Letterman told the studio crowd and television viewers that the state Pence governs isn’t the Indiana he grew up in.

“I lived there for 27 years. Folks were folks and that’s all there was to it,” Letterman states with visible irritation and lists ways straights and gays are exactly alike. “Now this guy throws a monkey wrench into the works.”

Watch Letterman blast Pence with a Top 10 list below.