David Mixner Is Feeling a Helluva Lot Better


After spending a week in critical condition, activist David Mixner is feeling better enough to blog: “Yes, I am still in the hospital but out of intensive care and off the critical list. Thank God. Won’t bore my readers with the details of my illness, my diva moments and instances of real pure drama. The prognosis is very good for a full and remarkable recovery.” Glad to hear it, David! It’s just too bad millions of Americans probably wouldn’t have received the same treatment.

MORE: “Around the country, as we engage in this vigorous health care debate, I can honestly say that my experience so far has been amazing and filled with love. Thanks to my dear friend Leo Hindery I have a good health insurance policy that not only will cover most of the bills but also played a major role in having access to the intricate and complicated care that I required. The difference between having insurance and not having insurance honestly might have saved my life. All week, as I got the needed attention, I couldn’t imagine what the journey must be like for millions of Americans – hard workers – who don’t have access to health insurance. There is no question in my mind that many of our neighbors are truly suffering because of the inequities of the American healthcare system.”