David Yost Calls Bryan Cranston A “Homophobe” Because Of Comments From 2009

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Paste-eating nerds everywhere are celebrating the fact that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston is set to star in the new (and much darker) reboot of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but one former cast member is far from pleased.

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David Yost, who played the role of Blue Power Ranger Billy, recently took to Twitter to call comments Cranston made seven years ago “not cool,” adding, “I’m not a fan of homophobes.” (The June 22 tweet has since been taken down.)

What’s all the upset about? Well, in 2009, Cranston was interviewed by IGN, discussing his past work as a voice actor for the series and having the Blue Ranger named after him.

In that interview, he cracked a joke about being named after the Blue Ranger, saying it was a “problem” because Billy was the “fey” one.

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In the past, Yost has claimed he was harassed on set for being gay, and says he quit because he was called “faggot” one too many times. Nevertheless, we think he’s reading way too much into Cranston’s joke here. The actor has been a very vocal advocate for marriage equality, telling GLAAD that those who oppose same-sex marriage are “absurd” and must “end this silliness.”

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Here’s the section of the IGN interview that has Yost so upset:

Cranston: They actually named one of the Power Rangers after me.

Gilligan: Yeah?!

Cranston: The Blue Power Ranger’s last name is Cranston.

IGN: [Laughs] Wow, that’s pretty funny.

Gilligan: That’s an awesome story!

Cranston: He’s the fey one, that’s the problem.

Do you think too much is being made of Cranston’s quote? Weigh in in the comments below.

In the meantime, watch Cranston’s segment for HRC’s Americans For Marriage Equality: