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Dawn Henderson’s ‘Some Kids Are Gay’ Tee Is Too Distracting For Middle School Principal

Dawn Henderson, an eighth grader at De Soto Middle School south of Dallas, dumped her school uniform for a t-shirt — which was perfectly fine with administrators, since she earned the privilege of going casual for a day. But the message on her shirt wasn’t so welcome: “Some kids are gay and that’s o-k,” read the tee. The principal “basically told me he thought it was a distraction,” says Dawn. “My opinion is any shirt can be distracting.” So distracting that she covered her shirt with a zip-up hoodie after administrators got wind. Her mom Emily Wooters, who says she’s likely going to transfer Dawn to her sister’s school after this incident, says, “And with the schools now and how they have to wear their uniforms, [students] need to express their individuality.” They also need to express the fact that being gay is o-k, since it’s clear the principal isn’t helping send that message. (It’s unclear from the news story where Dawn got the tee, but a shirt with that design is available from FCKH8, that dirty word gay apparel outlet. The shirt features a small “FCKH8.com” footer. Update: The video news report makes it clear, the tee is from FCKH8.)